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How Grocery Retailers can Grow after the World Reopens. A One-Stop Destination For Your Store. Top Keys to Choosing the Best CBD Distributor. How Grocery Store Supply Chains Are Responding To Coronavirus. We’ve all seen how COVID-19 has disrupted what we consider “normal,” especially when it comes to shopping at local grocery stores.

How Grocery Store Supply Chains Are Responding To Coronavirus

Trends Shaping The Future of Supermarkets And Convenience Stores. The food service landscape of grocery and convenience stores has undergone some rapid changes recently, mostly because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trends Shaping The Future of Supermarkets And Convenience Stores

Necessitated by the need for consumer health and safety, a number of new ideas are creating ways for consumers to get what they want without sacrificing overall convenience. Here are some of the latest trends that are shaping the future of supermarkets and convenience stores: Online shopping. How To Add Curbside Service To Your Convenience Store Operations. The global pandemic has changed many things about the way people work, shop, and carry on their daily lives.

How To Add Curbside Service To Your Convenience Store Operations

Even if COVID-19 mysteriously vanished overnight, it has created a paradigm shift in the way people think. While the virus has had a huge negative impact on sales for stores that offer direct customer service, there are ways to move with consumer thinking to offer them a safer, more convenient experience when it comes to shopping at your store. Get An Grocery Items at Wholesale Price. How Leading Grocery Store Distributors Are Responding To Covid-19 To Keep Customers Safe And Shelves Stocked – Atlantic Dominion Distributors.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers went on a rampage, panic-buying and stocking up on items that would improve their chances of not contracting the virus.

How Leading Grocery Store Distributors Are Responding To Covid-19 To Keep Customers Safe And Shelves Stocked – Atlantic Dominion Distributors

Grocery and convenience stores quickly ran out of items such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and antibacterial soap, in addition to personal protection equipment such as facemasks, disposable gloves, and face shields. In addition, shoppers hoarded items such as toilet paper, bottled water, paper towels, and food items that have a long shelf life, such as rice and canned goods that could be eaten as meals like soup and prepared pasta (spaghetti, ravioli, etc.), as well as frozen meals and fresh meats that could easily be frozen. Retailers responded by putting a number of different measures into place to not only reduce how quickly items were flying off the shelves by limiting the number of items per customers per visit, but also to protect themselves, their employees, and their customers from the deadly virus. Energy Drink: Beverage Distributors At North Carolina.

Why Convenience Stores Sell CBD Products. CBD products continue to rise in popularity, due to the many positive health benefits they reportedly provide.

Why Convenience Stores Sell CBD Products

With no major side effects to speak of, people are now enjoying a more natural way to feel better, physically and mentally, without having to use traditional over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes from the cannabis plant, but does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH), the substance in the plant that makes people “high.” How to Invest During an Election Year. Robin: Hi Robin Tull with Tull Financial Group for this Financial Friday.

How to Invest During an Election Year

I’m here with Ellen Anderson, our Director of Investments and we just want to talk a little bit about some of the questions that we’re getting. The first topic we want to discuss is about a recent piece I wrote about disruption. When you think of disruptors in the world you think of things that we’ve gone through like 9/11, the Great Recession, things like that that you didn’t expect. One of the questions that we’re getting now is “Is the election coming up a disruptor?” Really it isn’t because we know that it comes every four years, but the questions are coming in so a few weeks ago I went into Ellen’s office and I said hey, let’s do some research on past elections and see what other sources are saying. The Challenges of Wholesale Food Distribution During The World-Wide Pandemic.

COVID-19 has presented a whole new set of challenges for pretty much every industry across the globe.

The Challenges of Wholesale Food Distribution During The World-Wide Pandemic

For wholesale food distributors and their clients, there has been a growth in demand at a time when food manufacturers were scaling back their production efforts. Reducing exposure to the virus has been the primary concern for everyone involved. In order to keep raw material suppliers, factory workers, delivery drivers, and other employees at all levels safe, many companies switched to a virtual environment that allows employees to work from home or other safe locations. Obviously, this just doesn’t work for some industries. For wholesale foods manufacturers and distributors, the trick has been how to keep production lines open and product moving while still trying to implement safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus to the hundreds of people in their factories.

Like this: Like Loading... Get in Contact with food distribution companies at north carolina. Convenience stores are getting a lift from evolving technologies in the fight against COVID-19. Staying operational and profitable as a business owner during a world-wide pandemic is no easy feat.

Convenience stores are getting a lift from evolving technologies in the fight against COVID-19

The “New Normal” has created a shift in consumer purchasing decisions, leading to alternative ways of doing business across all channels and industries. Natural and Organic Food Distributors in Your Neighborhood. Consumers are demanding healthier food options these days, even from convenience stores.

Natural and Organic Food Distributors in Your Neighborhood

In order for a store owner to ensure they are getting the freshest natural and organic foods, they could shop at local stores and establish contacts with them. However, that would require a significant amount of time trying to make all of those individual connections, then keeping up with inventory, tracking what’s selling and what isn’t, making restock orders, then establishing delivery of products from each of the different vendors. Another option would be to make connections with distributors who have established contacts with natural and organic food product manufacturers for packaged goods. Unfortunately, many of these distributors deal with niche markets, so a store owner would again need to make a number of different contacts and establish a routine for ordering and delivery.

Communication would be critical to success. Like this: The Benefits And Uses Of CBD Oil. As scientific studies continue to confirm the many benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), it has gained massive popularity with people who are looking for natural remedies to ease various kinds of ailments.

The Benefits And Uses Of CBD Oil

CBD is generally well-tolerated by most people and can be taken with other medications, although you should consult with your physician before adding CBD to prescription medications, especially if any of your medications or other supplements come with a “grapefruit warning.” If you are concerned about taking something that is made from marijuana, you may be comforted in knowing that CBD is completely different from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the ingredient in marijuana that gets people “high.” The reason that many CBD supplements are available over the counter is that they do not contain THC and will not cause psychoactive results. – Anxiety and Depression: Depression is the largest contributor to disability in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). How to Choose The Right Beverage Distributors in Virginia? How Wholesale Distributors Can Benefit to Your Company. As a convenience store owner, you dedicate a lot of energy to making sure you have the right products to meet a wide variety of demands from consumers.

Without a wholesale distribution partner, that would require a lot of relationship-building effort to establish different contacts for many different items—from general merchandise to packaged and dispensed beverages, food and groceries, and even tobacco products. You could opt for the “cash and carry” distribution option, but that would mean visiting a variety of buying clubs (Sam’s, BJ’s, Costco), mass merchandisers (Walmart), and/or supermarkets (Food Lion, Kroger) to find everything you need to keep your own product mix fresh and viable. A wholesale distributor like Atlantic Dominion Distributors can make the process so much simpler for you. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from us: – Contacts: We already have established relationships with top manufacturers from all over the country.

How To Find A Good Quality Wholesale Beverage Distributor. The Future of Food and Grocery Distribution: Things to Look Out For. Many people are predicting that artificial intelligence (AI) will be the future of every retail experience. An Increased Demand For Energy Drinks in 2020. The demand for energy drinks has continued to climb since 1987 when Red Bull was first introduced as an “energy drink.” Boasting 111 milligrams of caffeine and high doses of B vitamins, which are the building blocks of healthy body and have a direct impact on energy levels, Red Bull provided a new alternative to coffee and sugary soft drinks that were the previous “go-tos” for people looking for a little boost to start their day, to make it through the afternoon, or to get pumped up before an intense workout. Today, there are a number of different manufacturers offering energy drinks.

As the demand continues to be high, others will most likely follow. How Technology Helps Convenience Stores Stay Competitive. They’re called “convenience” stores for a reason. People who shop there want value, a wide variety of products, and they want to be able to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. In fact, on average, most convenience store shoppers take only three to four minutes from the time they enter the store to the time they purchase what they need and leave. Consumers are even willing to pay a premium for the convenience they receive, knowing full well they could probably get a slightly better price for what they are shopping for at the grocery or hardware store down the road. How To Choose The Best Food and Beverage Distributor in South Carolina.

As a convenience store owner, the relationship you form with your food and beverage distributor is crucial to the success of your business. When you have a good connection with a quality distributor, they will help you maximize your product mix to help you get the best return on your investment. How To Improve Your Distribution Channels For Your Beverage Portfolio. Convenience Store Trends To Watch For In 2020. Cashing In On America’s Taste For Sweet Treats. The United States is the largest consumer of candy in the world (although we fall second to Sweden in consumption per capita). The average American eats almost 25 pounds of candy per year, half of which comes from chocolate bars. To put that in economic terms, Americans spend an average of $8 billion every year on treats.

Some will argue that a bulk of those purchases are made during Halloween, Easter, and Christmas (holiday purchases do make up about 51% of the market), but the truth of the matter is that people are eating candy every day. Perhaps surprisingly, the top two best selling candy products in the world—M&Ms and Snickers bars—are manufactured by an American company: Mars, Incorporated. And while other countries around the world may consume more chocolate than the U.S., we certainly make up the difference by consuming more gum, mints, hard candies, licorice, caramels, and more. Boost Their Energy - Boost Your Sales. Caffeine is the fuel that gets most people going in the morning and keeps them running throughout the day.

In fact, Americans drink approximately 400 million cups of coffee each day, which equates to 146 billion cups of coffee consumed per year in the United States. And while coffee is the preferred choice of caffeine drinkers, warmer weather might make it difficult for some coffee achievers to enjoy a steaming hot cup of java on an equally hot spring or summer day. Top Beverage Distributors Near South Carolina. Sport Beverage Brands That are on The Rise. For decades, the sport beverage market didn’t even really exist, with only one real contender filling the niche beginning as far back as 1965. However, as competitors started learning about the potential of the market and how big a share of it they could capture with very little effort, more and more “copycat” drink makers joined in, offering very little in the way of diversification. Eventually, the sport beverage market became oversaturated and the leaders of the industry started to lose their ability to extend their profits.

Why Transparency Is Important In The Food Distribution Industry. Food and grocery retail suppliers in VA, NC, and SC - Atlantic Dominion.