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Reasons to Get Routine Orthodontic Checkups - orthodontist broomfield. In order to stabilize orthodontic treatment results, the dentist uses a so-called retention phase. This means that after the active phase of treatment is finished, the treatment result is stabilized. First, during the retention phase, a removable brace must be worn at night. The orthodontist Broomfield then attaches a stabilizing wire to the inside of the lower jaw teeth.

In the active phase, the treatment result is controlled every four weeks and further treatment steps are initiated; in the retention phase, appointments are needed every couple of months. This isn’t the case with invisalign. Clear aligners, changed out every two weeks, are used to obtain a healthy smile. Correctly arranged teeth ensure a good bite With each orthodontic treatment, the teeth are moved to their corresponding position. Protection against tooth and gum diseases During the treatment, the patient’s dental care is indeed difficult. They cannot be adequately cleaned with a toothbrush or floss.