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Fab cstp6pak 1112. 10 Apps That Every Teacher Needs to Use. Access to Computers and Internet has become a basic need for education in our society”- Kent Conrad.

10 Apps That Every Teacher Needs to Use

Internet has brought a revolution in the Education System. With the introduction of more and more technology the scope and dimensions of education system are also widening. Lately, everyone is getting equipped with cell phones and internet accessibility. Top 10 Free Content Curation Tools For Teachers - eLearning Industry. 5 Great Google Sheets Add-ons for Teachers. Google Sheets Add-ons make it possible for those of us who would otherwise struggle with spreadsheet scripting to get a lot of utility out of Google Sheets.

5 Great Google Sheets Add-ons for Teachers

From things like sending personalized emails to a list of students to creating rubrics to tracking attendance, the following five Google Sheets Add-ons can streamline processes for almost every teacher. Flubaroo is a popular Google Sheets Add-on that enables me to grade all at once all of my students' responses to a quiz created in Google Forms. The autograde option in Flubaroo allows you to have students automatically receive their scores after submitting their responses to a quiz you created in Google Forms. The autograde feature will send students an email with their scores and the answer key (you can exclude the answer key). With autograding enabled students do not have to wait for you to run the grading process or wait for you to send emails. Helping Students Develop Personal Learning Networks. I had a great time this week connecting with people around the world at the Global Education Conference.

Helping Students Develop Personal Learning Networks

This free and open online conference is one of best that I’ve seen, including participants and presenters from seemingly every continent. As part of the event, I had a chance to present on a couple of topics: one about global perspectives on grading and assessment and a second on helping students development personal learning networks. Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips.