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250+ Free, Vintage Graphics: Flourish Vector Ornaments. Wow, if you're looking for high quality free vector graphics, then you've landed on the right article.

250+ Free, Vintage Graphics: Flourish Vector Ornaments

We've roundup up a massive collection of free vector flourishes. These graphics are composed of a wonderful mix of vintage elements, floral ornaments, swirly design mixes, and are all made of beautifully curved vector art. These retro designs are great for adding a classic feel and to separate areas of information in your work. These lovely vector flourishes are available in EPS, SVG, AI and other vector formats for free download. Whether you're an Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or prefer another vector software package, you can download these sets and use them in your next design. Many of these graphics are available for commercial use, as well as personal use. Architecture - Paper Craft. Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Out Models - Free at Index of /assignments/physical_computing/images/mechanisms/cams/plans. Index of /assignments/physical_computing/2008/mechanisms. Simple Mechanics. Cams The basic principle of the cam is to turn a circular motion into a linear one.

Simple Mechanics

This is referred to as reciprocating movement. In it's simplest form you turn a handle to make something move up and down. The cam-follower is connected to, and part off, a shaft known as the Push-Rod. The push-rod controls the direction of motion and transfers the cam's movement. Cardboard_Automata.pdf. Â Paper Automata Free Downloads & Templates. Roundup of How-Tos & Free Downloads Paper automata are mechanical models which are powered by human input - usually in the form of a crank - and this leads to a range of movements from simple back and forth actions to multiple types of movement at once.

â Paper Automata Free Downloads & Templates

Automata are usually either wood or paper, with paper obviously being much easier, quicker and more versatile to use, and wood being more long-lasting and hard wearing. Lasercut pendulum clock prototype. The last few times I’ve been geeking about at Nottinghack I’ve been playing around with the idea of making a pendulum clock.

Lasercut pendulum clock prototype

This came about because I once started, but never finished making a clock out of paper. The paper clock is a really nice project, but there is a lot of very fiddly cutting out of card with a craft knife and gluing together which is very fiddly and time consuming. To my mind, the obvious solution to this tedious labour was to spend five times as much time and effort adapting the paper clock design so that it could be constructed from ply wood using the laser cutter at the space. Anyways. Pictures. That’s as far as I’ve got so far. Too much friction in pendulum & escapement rockerNo enough force delivered to escapement wheel. There remain a few challenges before I have a working prototype – refinement of the escapement, devising an hour hand mechanism.

Free Animated Mechanical Paper Models. Paper Modeling With The Toy Shop. The Toy Shop was a wonderful computer program from the ’80s which allowed you to decorate and print twenty different paper models which actually move!

Paper Modeling With The Toy Shop

It included all the dowels, wires, balloons, and so on which were required to create the models. I’ve enjoyed using this program on my Commodore 64 for many years, and now I am able to share these models with the paper modeling community so you can download and build your very own Toy Shop creations with any PC or Mac! For more paper modeling with computers of yore, see my Paper Models – The Christmas Kit page! (Skip the chatter! Take me to the models!) Enigma/Paper Enigma - Franklin Heath Ltd Wiki. Although the Enigma cipher as a whole is quite complex (it's complexity is comparable to modern cryptographic algorithms) the individual transformations within it are relatively simple.

Enigma/Paper Enigma - Franklin Heath Ltd Wiki

In fact, they are simple enough that you can decipher an Enigma message with just a paper model. Our model is three-dimensional, to illustrate the wiring of a real Enigma machine. Multiplication machine. This is definitely one of the nerdier projects I have pursued.

Multiplication machine

A multiplication machine made from paper, powered by marbles running through the machine. Here is it in action: You can build one yourself, if are so inclined – you will find the template at the end of this post. Here it performs a 4×3 multiplication: This is where you set the first factor, by adding the corresponding number of marbles: This is the reservoir, from which the marbles are moved to the output: And this is the core of the machine, the ‘adding unit’.

Admittedly, this project got a little bit out of hand. Before I go into the details on how to build the machine, here is a more detailed explanation of how it works and what happens during the multiplication:

Paper Cutting

Printable Paper. How to make Paper Clay. I fell in love with sculpting with paper mache during my first project five years ago.

How to make Paper Clay

However, I never really found a recipe that was worth the time and effort and mess that it took to get what I wanted. As a result, I used Celluclay for most projects. However, I recently stumbled upon an incredible blog called, Ultimate Paper Mache where Jonni (the artist and blogger) shares all sorts of tips, tutorials and recipes to help anyone on their way to successfully paper mache-ing. I am blown away by what Jonni can create, but I was especially grateful for the recipe she shared on how to make your own paper mache clay. Hot dog! For my purposes, I ended up altering the recipe just slightly so that I could get the thicker consistency that I like.