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Boat Building

Facebook Twitter PEDAL - POWER AFLOAT. Atkin & Co. - River Rat. Since the publication of the design of Unsanctioned, a 22-foot lightweight outboard cruiser, a number of inquiries have turned up in the mail asking for designs of a typical shallow draft river cruiser; one to match the type of craft associated with the great and small rivers of the middle west.

Atkin & Co. - River Rat

River Rat, whose design appears this month, one might call a fresh water sister to Unsanctioned. Her over-all length is 22 feet; the waterline length is 18 feet 6 inches; the breadth 8 feet; and the draft, 1 foot 2 1/4 inches. The freeboard at the bow is 2 feet 5 1/2 inches, and at the stern, 2 feet 4 inches. The sheer is a straight line. The speed with a 25 horsepower outboard motor will be very close to 17.5 miles an hour. The cabin is laid out for a party of four. A helmsman's seat is forward at the steering wheel and similar seat is on the opposite hand. The construction is as light as possible consistent with strength. Oselvar - trebåter fra Hordaland - Vikingskip og norske trebåter - Viking ships. Oselvar - smekre og lettrodde Oselvaren er tradisjonelt bygd i Hordaland, spesielt i området sør for Bergen.

Oselvar - trebåter fra Hordaland - Vikingskip og norske trebåter - Viking ships

Boatbuilding Methods: Fiberglass. One-off Fiberglass From time to time new boatbuilding methods are touted as a breakthrough in boat construction.

Boatbuilding Methods: Fiberglass

We have by-passed many of these "breakthroughs" because we don't believe in experimenting with your time and money. There have been several such methods of fiberglass construction that have proven to be less than advertised or not suited to the production of one boat. Factory made fiberglass boats utilize a female mold with laminates made of sprayed resin and chopped glass fibers or, in more expensive boats, hand laid fiberglass and polyester resin. These methods are only suitable for volume production due to the high cost of the mold. Newly perfected methods make it practical to produce a single boat using fiberglass materials. Chinese Sampan. Construction glue for boatbuilding? Often it would be nice to be able to use a one component glue directly from a caulking gun in a boatbuilding project.

Construction glue for boatbuilding?

The so called "construction glues" would seem to offer this possibility. Usually they are claimed very strong, waterproof, suitable for exterior use and, to some extent, solvent tolerant. The following is a simple "semi scientific" test I've carried out on several brands of these glues. If a brand of glue passes this first phase, I'll subject it to the boiling test described in Dave Gerr's book "The Elements of Boat Strength". First the specimen is boiled for four hours.

Frank's Weekender Project - Mast Tabernacle Design. Hannu's Boatyard. Please do understand, that if You build or use any of the boats described on these pages, You, and You alone, are responsible for any direct or indirect damage or harm that may follow.

Hannu's Boatyard

I have no responsibility whatsoever. You must also understand, that boatbuilding can be dangerous: -You may get a wood splinter in the finger. -Several tools are sharp. -Epoxy may be allergenic and definitely is very messy. -All possible chemicals may be harmful in one way or another. So don't build a boat, unless You know how to use tools and chemicals, and unless You use all protective equipment necessary. Wooden Boat Ring. Do-It-Yourself/Wooden boat. By David Moss (April 22, 2006) Selecting a design[edit] The design (layout) involved for this project might just be the most difficult part of the whole process.

Do-It-Yourself/Wooden boat

Your first boatbuilding project should be simple and inexpensive, yet the boat needs to be useful when it is finished. The balance between these criteria is an individual decision. Duckworks Magazine - Semi Automatic Leeboards. Canoe sailors often deride sails like the Lateen or the Chinese Junk for having one tack less efficient than the other but they are quite happy to sail with the leeboard on one side only – creating far greater efficiency losses.

Duckworks Magazine - Semi Automatic Leeboards

The Niblett Semi-Automatic Leeboard system is designed to make tacking easier and reduce leeway when compared to the throw-over type, while retaining the efficiency of always having the leeboard on the lee side rather than bolted permanently to one side of the boat. Although this was designed with a canoe in mind it would work just as well on a Dory or Dinghy etc. and the shape of the foil does not affect its operation. The Origins of the Niblett Semi-Automatic Leeboard System Named after John Niblett who gave us the original idea and his son Roy Niblett who built the original prototypes for his sailing canoes Zahir and Elfwyn. How the Semi Automatic System Works How to Make Them Materials. HouseBoats BayouBelle. How to Scull , Yuloh a Boat. How to Scull a Boat Article taken from WOODEN BOAT #100, June 1991.

How to Scull , Yuloh a Boat

Many such articles are in each publication and provide a wealth of information to the Boating Industry. Please purchase and support this magazine. Reprints can be obtained at the Wooden Boat web site or by calling or writting WoodenBoat Publications Inc PO Box 78, Naskeag Road Brooklin, Maine 04616 USA ........Tel: 207-359-4651 Fax: 207-359-8920 Text and illustrations by S.F. Click on each image to make bigger. "Notch" snorted Robbie Weatherford as he swept up an oar from the float. Happily, I'd remembered my mother's admonition that you never tell it cowboy that you can ride a horse.

The fact is that I too, have been sculling boats all my life , starting on a farm pond way back during the Depression. What is sculling? Allied to Sculling, and Sometimes described as sculling, are two types of stern propulsion that most boatmen have done at one time or another.

Junk Sail

Ding1. The Micro Folding Dinghy is based on one of Matt Layden's early folding dinghies; however it incorporates some of Matt's ideas as well as a few of our own to create a cheap and sturdy boat.


The Micro Folding Dinghy is best suited to smaller people or for children, but it can be enlarged to fit larger folks by increasing the beam and the freeboard by around 2 inches. The MFD is made up of 3 pieces of 1/4" exterior grade fir plywood- two side pieces and one bottom piece. The ends (bow and stern) of our boat are white vinyl, but canvas may work better. Wooden Boat Tips: Painting Your Wooden Boat. Whether used for fishing or just pleasure, a wooden boat brings back the nostalgia of the open sea.

Wooden Boat Tips: Painting Your Wooden Boat

The first boats used to discover the world were wooden. Though many boats today are made of metal and fiberglass, wooden boats have stood the test of time. Simplicity Sail Rig... This sail making approach was inspired by the impressive way my experimental crab claw rig has held up. This is partly instructions on how to make a sail for the Mini-Sharpie, and also a report on an approach to sail making. At first I did this to refine a sail design before I made one of "the good stuff" (White heavy duty Poly from Dave's sail making site) but it might be a viable way to make small sails in any case.

Time will tell. I decided to use this same clip approach to make a more traditional sail, but with very un-traditional materials and fasteners. Simplicity Boats - simple boatbuilding, home made skiffs, sailboats, row boats, kids boats.


Sampan 36. Stitch-and-Glue Boat Building - An Illustrated Tutorial - Assembling a Boat Kit. Stitch-and-glue boat building, along with the development of epoxy and modern mahogany marine plywood, has revolutionized and revitalized wooden boat building. This method of boat building is not only stronger, lighter, and faster than traditional wooden boat building, but it also takes far less skill.

Here's how a CLC stitch-and-glue kayak is assembled. Of course each model is a little different, but you'll get the idea... These drawings, by John Harris, show a Chesapeake 16. You can watch a video of this kayak kit being built from start to finish here. Relatively few tools are required to build a stitch-and-glue boat. Tools you must have; Tape Measure This is the most often used tool in your shop.

-Stitch and Glue Boat Construction- Stevenson Projects.