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Alex Jones Divorce Gives ex Wife Over a Million in Assets. Many of you have read here about my disdain for the fearmonger Alex jones and his particular tradcon brand of “real man” invective, if you remember this previous post where Jones literally stated that men are meant to “serve and die for women”, and that men aren’t even technically fully human, it should be no surprise to you why I regard him as the latest iteration of a flatulent stream of gynocentric, chivalrous alt-right morons that need to be just as ridiculed and mocked as the most hardcore feminists and sjw’s. But it appears that Jones has failed to pass his own litmus test for manhood, since his wife has filed for divorce, and is gunning for a huge divorce settlement.

First I will reiterate my policy on the sharing of private information. With that said I will now share with you the Travis county Texas clerks copy of the deed of trust detailing the divorce settlement as well as an image of the deed of trust itself: Now, why am I sharing this information? Call of Duty -- Creator's Wife Files for Mega-Divorce.

Call of Duty creator Vincent Zampella apparently has his own conflicts ... his wife just filed for divorce. Brigitte Zampella cites irreconcilable differences as the reason she's ending their 18 year marriage, and the stakes are high. The wildly successful video game, launched in 2003, has grossed $11 BILLION in retail sales. Vincent sued Activision in 2010 over ownership rights to the game and the case settled 2 years later. We're told Activision owns the game but Vincent got a whopping payout. There's no evidence of a prenup -- nothing in the divorce docs -- which means under California law assets acquired during the marriage are split 50/50. The couple has 3 minor children, and Brigitte wants primary physical custody. Brigitte is asking for spousal support.

Our sources say the divorce is friendly ... not a real-life war game. 20 Women in Hollywood Who are Considered Gold Diggers. Jermaine Jackson's Wife Arrested for Domestic Violence. Cat Cora: Divorcing Wife ... Custody War Brewing. Iron Chef Cat Cora's marriage to wife Jennifer Cora has disintegrated and all signs point to a bitter custody struggle over their 4 kids. TMZ has obtained the dueling divorce docs ... both women filed on the same day, with Jennifer requesting full physical custody of their kids. Cat is asking for joint physical custody. The two have been married since 2013 and have four sons together -- 3 of whom Jennifer gave birth to and 1 who was carried by Cat. Cat's been the breadwinner, which is probably why Jennifer's asking for spousal support.

Cat's had her share of problems, most notably getting busted for DUI in June 2012. Cat's been a food force for a long time ... she's one of the original American Iron Chefs, and she operates 4 restaurants. Cat was most recently a guest judge on "Cutthroat Kitchen. " Master P Forced to Support Estranged Wife with Big Money. Master P's estranged wife is finally getting a BIG FAT check from the rap mogul -- a judge is forcing him to fork over child and spousal support in their nasty divorce war. Sonya Miller will get $27,047 each month from Master P. Here's the breakdown -- $16,574 in spousal support, and $10,473 in child support. In addition, P has to pay Sonya's attorney fees ... another $200k.

The judge also settled an ongoing battle over the family home in Calabasas ... ruling that Sonya has the exclusive right to live there. These terms are temporary -- both sides are still identifying and adding up the marital assets, and the amount of support will likely be adjusted once that's done. TAKE IT The Battle Over Lamar: How Baby Mama Liza Morales Is Fighting To Push Out Estranged Wife Khloe Kardashian- Will She Take Legal Action? - Radar Online. Khloe Kardashian has been calling the shots while Lamar Odom remains in critical condition in a Las Vegas hospital, even making medical decisions on behalf of her estranged husband. But Odom’s high school sweetheart Liza Morales, the mother of his two devastated children, isn’t pleased with the reality star’s position of power, can exclusively reveal. “Khloe and Lamar are in the middle of a divorce, so Liza and her circle don’t understand why she should be able to make life-or-death decisions on his behalf,” an insider explains to Radar.

“It doesn’t seem right.” According to sources, the mother of Destiny, 17, and Lamar Jr., 13, is looking into ways she can expedite the divorce process, therefore ending Kardashian’s six-year stint as Odom’s legal wife— and therefore role as power of attorney. PHOTOS: Kris Jenner & Khloe Kardashian At War Over Lamar’s Treatment However, Sacks adds, Odom’s father Joe could challenge Kardashian’s position. Red Hot Chili Peppers Ex-Guitarist Has To Give It Away, Give It Away Now To Wife. Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante will have to pay his estranged wife Nicole more money, but it's a light year away from what she wanted.

John will have to fork over $53k a month. He was only paying her $20k so it sounds like he lost, but that's not the case for several reasons: -- John was paying Nicole $20k, TAX FREE, meaning he had to pay Uncle Sam, which is almost another $20k. Now she gets $53k a month, but she has to foot the tax bill. -- Nicole was asking for $75k a month, TAX FREE, which is in the vicinity of $150k a month.

She only got a third of that. John also has to pay $71k for her legal expenses. As we previously reported, Nicole argued the original $20k a month didn't cut it, especially since John's got about $14 mil in his bank account. Comedian Ralphie May's Wife Files for Divorce. Stevie Wonder -- I Just Called to Say I Dumped You ... Divorce Final. Red Hot Chili Peppers -- Ex-Guitarist's Wife Wants $75k In Divorce ... Per Month!!

The estranged wife of ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante says she needs $75k a month to keep the luxury train rollin' down the tracks. Nicole Frusciante says in divorce docs the initial $20,000 payment she got from John doesn't cut it. She says it would be an enormous step down from their life as a married couple, with 3 homes, personal assistants and a private music studio. Nicole says John has closed the vault on their fortune, leaving her with a bank account of under $30k. She wants access to his loot, which she claims hovers around $14 million. TMZ broke the story ... the couple filed for divorce in May after being married for nearly 4 years. 'Black-ish' Star Anthony Anderson -- Wife Files for Divorce. Anthony Anderson is about to be married only on television ... because the "Black-ish" star's wife has filed for divorce.

Anderson's wife Alvina filed the document, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple was married in 1995 (they were high school sweethearts), and have two children together, ages 19 and 15. She's asking for joint legal custody of the minor and primary physical custody, with Anthony getting "reasonable visitation. " Alvina is asking for spousal support. This is a little odd ... Alvina lists the date of separation as April 1, 2014 ... that's before "Black-ish" even premiered. In addition to the hit ABC show, Anderson also hosts a show on the Food Network, "Carnival Cravings with Anthony Anderson. " NOTHING SEEMED Billionaire Ken Griffin's wife wants $1 million a month in divorce.

Those are just a few of the expenses detailed in recent court filings related to the divorce proceedings of hedge fund billionaire Kenneth Griffin and his wife Anne Dias Griffin. The ongoing contentious split has provided a peek into the private life of the wealthy couple. Dias Griffin has claimed expenses of nearly $1 million per month, saying that's how much she needs to support the couple's three young children, who are all under 10 and have four nannies.

The couple has been married since 2003. Her husband contends that the budget includes "exorbitant expenses" that aren't for the children, but rather to fund his wife's extravagant lifestyle. Related: How Ken Griffin made his billions The budget includes $300,000 a month for a private jet, $160,000 for vacation accommodations, $60,000 for an office space and professional staff, as well as $14,000 per month for groceries and dining out, according to court filings. Related: The ex-wife who cashed a $1 billion check still wants more. Ronda Rousey rumored to be dating UFC star under investigation for domestic violence. Life outside the Octagon isn’t all smiles for Ronda Rousey right now. (Jae C. Hong/Associated Press) Ronda Rousey’s life outside the Octagon is under scrutiny amid accusations fired at her, saying she’s dating UFC heavyweight Travis Browne, who is being investigated for alleged domestic violence against his wife. That estranged wife, Jenna Webb, fanned the flames of the rumor after a photo of Browne and Rousey made the rounds on the Internet.

The photo (seen here) seems less than conclusive, but Webb is convinced that her husband is seeing the woman who is UFC’s biggest star. @noochsig I'm pretty disgusted…more so in her. But I've known this for a while. — Jenna Renee (@JennaReneeFit) August 24, 2015 @jenfoucheris I expected more from her. @noochsig honestly it's only a matter of time that she sees his true colors. — Jenna Renee (@JennaReneeFit) August 24, 2015 @noochsig let's hope it doesn't go there but if it does she chose to be w/ a married man undergoing investigation for DV. Sports. Robin Williams' children accuse wife of seeking more income from his estate. Talks over Robin Williams' estate are at a stalemate, with his widow and adult children unable to reach an agreement, court records show. Cody, Zelda and Zachary Williams assert in court documents that Susan Schneider Williams is trying to negotiate more money and is seeking a guaranteed income stream.

Under contention is the value of Williams' Tiburon, Calif., property, where he wanted his wife to live after his death. She will never own the property, which will later be inherited by his children. According to the documents, Schneider Williams says that trustees overseeing the estate have calculated the value of the property and its associated expenses — which she would be responsible for — but have not explained how they came up with those numbers. She is asking the court to rule on the issue. The Williams children say she is seeking more than what was discussed as part of the trustee agreement. At a hearing in June, a judge allowed until July 29 to come to a resolution. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith Are Divorcing (REPORT) Marine goes home to surprise wife and finds her with another man.

A Marine went home early to surprise his wife and daughter but found his partner with another manHe has camera on mobile phone recording as he walks through the home catching the moment on videoThe video was posted to Facebook on July 28 and has since gone viral By Reporter Published: 19:31 GMT, 1 August 2015 | Updated: 10:21 GMT, 2 August 2015 A Marine who came home early from duty to surprise his wife and daughter ended up catching his partner while she was with another man. The Marine has the camera rolling on his mobile phone as he walks through his house, recording the moment he allegedly sees his wife cheating on him with another veteran. When the husband approaches the doorway of a bathroom in the home, he sees the other man, clothed, leaning over the doorway while his wife appears to be naked as she is sat on the toilet. Military vet catches wife cheating on him with marine Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% MinimizeExpandClose The Marine says to his wife: 'Hey what's going on?

Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo Battered His Wife for 28 Years. She Shot Him the Day He Turned on Their Son. Daniel Crespo Jr. was in class last fall when his mother, Lyvette, called. He let it go to voice mail. She texted him: "Please come home. It's your dad. " Daniel Jr. was 19, small and shy — as he would later admit to the prosecutor, the meekest of the family.

When Daniel Jr. arrived home, Lyvette seemed jumpy, anxious. "What's going on? " "Just go to your room," she answered. The front door blew open at around 2:30 p.m. "Please don't do this," Lyvette pleaded, as she later told detectives. " She says he punched her, first in the back.

According to testimony and documents presented to a grand jury that indicted Lyvette Crespo, and upon which this story is based, Daniel Jr. darted out of his room and pounded on the office door. "Open the door! " The door swung open. "Don't fuck with me, son," he growled. According to Daniel Jr.' Daniel Jr. stumbled backward, down the stairs toward the living room. "Let's go! " "Don't fuck with me, son," Crespo said, following. "Let's go! " "Don't fuck with me, son. " Timbaland's Wife Files for Divorce, Wants a Piece of His Empire.

Timbaland's wife, Monique Mosley, has filed for divorce from the hit maker for a second time, Bossip reports. After a failed attempt at reconciliation, Mosley petitioned for divorce on June 22 in Florida, but Timb has yet to respond. Part of the hesitation may have to do with the rapper-producer's fortune, worth a reported $85 million counting his lucrative gig as the music producer for Empire. When Mosley initially filed for divorce in 2013, she demanded Timb pay for child support for their daughter as well as for a child she had from a previous relationship. She also demanded permanent alimony, life insurance, private school costs, vacations and summer camp, among other expenses. She called off the divorce in October 2014, when the couple announced on Instagram they were trying to work things out. Sounds like they're back where they started, and now Timbo is worth even more money.

(Photo: Brian To/ Sinead O’Connor Slams Rolling Stone for Kim Kardashian Cover: ‘Music Has Officially Died’ Sinead O’Connor probably isn’t renewing her Rolling Stone subscription anytime soon. The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer took major exception to the music magazine putting reality star Kim Kardashian on its cover (pictured above) for the mid-late July issue. Calling Kanye West’s wife a “c-nt,” O’Connor decided that “music has officially died” and that Rolling Stone was the one who murdered it. But don’t worry, Simon Cowell, she isn’t taking anything away from your contributions to the effort. Also Read: Caitlyn Jenner's Debut Draws Transgender Backlash: It's 'Kardashian 2.0' “Bob Dylan must be f–king horrified,” she concluded on the newsstand decision, later calling for a boycott of the popular periodical via a hashtag. O’Connor is no stranger to strong opinions and controversy. In 1992, she was famously banned from “Saturday Night Live” for ripping up a photograph of Pope John Paul II in front of the camera live on NBC.

Read O’Connor’s full Facebook rant about the reality star below. Wife killed in head-on crash while pursuing her husband in another vehicle in northeast Houston. Troubled Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton files for divorce in Texas. Derek Fisher -- Files for Divorce. 'Shark Tank' Star Robert Herjavec Is 100% Single ... Headed for Divorce. Husband Turns Life Savings Into Gold, Then Dumps It So His Wife Can't Have It During Divorce. Ryan Phillippe Engaged To 24-Year-Old Girlfriend Paulina Slagter - X17 Online - X17 Online. Admit it: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' stinks--and here's why. WHAT THE HELL: Islamic Opening Prayer to Allah in the House of Reps. Step-Dad Pulls Out Of Funding Daughter’s Wedding At Last Minute. But His Reasoning Is Heartbreaking. Columbia House — 12 albums for a penny! — files for bankruptcy.