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Carp flies

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Instagram. This River is Wild: Carp Flies 2. Adam's Fly Box: Out of pure respect, all my flies are barbless...

This River is Wild: Carp Flies 2

This fly is my go-to pattern. Over the years it has proved to be my top producer. Everyone has their “confidence fly", and this is mine. It’s a weightless rendition of a damsel or dragon fly nymph. I’m able to target feeding, cruising, and laid up fish with this pattern, making it very versatile. Assorted Damsels "Hover Damsel" This pattern is just a modified damsel. This River is Wild: April Showers Bring May Flowers. During the month of April my stubborn ass decided to fish my favorite spots over and over again.

This River is Wild: April Showers Bring May Flowers

The fish had become wary to say the least, any tippet size greater than 4x was easily identified. Trying to haul fish out of the weeds using 4-5x gets old after awhile...It became clear that I needed a change of scenery. Choosing the Right Carp Fly. Choosing the right carp fly is very important.

Choosing the Right Carp Fly

I prefer to choose Carp Flies based on the conditions and not how the fly looks or it’s appearance. Many fly fishers choose a fly based on looks and not by the properties the fly has. Every fly acts different in the water, sinks at a different rate and moves differently depending on the material. Carp Flies - Catch Fly FishingCatch Fly Fishing. Adam Hopes Carp Dragon (Olive)SKU: CFCP-1001Sizes: 6-8 Adam Hopes Damsel (Yellow)SKU: CFCP-1002Sizes: 6-8.

Carp Flies - Catch Fly FishingCatch Fly Fishing

Grass Carp Fly Fishing Information. Catching a Grass Carp On A Fly is the most amazing freshwater experience on a fly rod.

Grass Carp Fly Fishing Information

Grass Carp are wary and picky creatures and will often refuse a fly. Grass Carp are originally from Asia, more specifically Malaysia. Here in the United States, Grass Carp are most often sterilized by cooling, heating and pressurizing the eggs. Carp time! - Warmwater Species - Fly Tying. Salty fly, on 15 Apr 2013 - 16:12, said: The carp have been on fire, tear it up. those will rip some lips. Popped the first of the year here in Ohio on Saturday. Fun story, I spotted a feeder earlier in the day and lined it on the 4th or 5th cast his way, spooking him. I came back a few hours later and spotted either the same or another feeder in the same spot. This time I got the cast on the money and he ate, 1st cast. 26" on the button, put a good flex in the 5wt.

Carp Fly Fishing Denver South Platte River Information. Denver Carp Fly Fishing Date: September 23, 2012South Platte River Flows: 15 CFS at ChatfieldDenver Carp Flies: #04-06 Common Craw, #06-08 Thinmint, #08 Egan’s Headstand Rust, #06 Near Nuff Crayfish, #06 Black Backstabber, #06 Rust Backstabber, #08-10 Clouser Swimming Nymph Rust, #06 Swimming Carp Fly Tan The South Platte River in Denver is in great shape again.

Carp Fly Fishing Denver South Platte River Information

The rain from a couple weeks ago gave the river a good flush and cleaned out all the algae and off colored water. The river is as clear as I have seen it since this spring. This makes it easy to spot and see fish. » Carping. There was a storm brewing… had been all day.

» Carping

Night before, we had stopped and spent the night in a motel rather than risk running through what we knew could be a twister-maker of a thunderstorm. You gotta know when to push your luck. Listened on the radio as a … Continue reading It was too damn cold for anyone to be out here. Fly Patterns. The classic Swimming Nymph finds utility in just about any water and any situation you put it in to.

Fly Patterns

Clouser hit one out of the park with his original design. My younger cockier self, manipulated the pattern years back to come up with something of my own, like the Men In Black nymph. Perhaps foolish at the time to think I could tweak a proven pattern and somehow make it mine but subbing a few ingredients and adding some flair. Naïveté. While the MIB has been effective over the years, it's not really mine per se, as it was just a bastardized ripoff of an idea that was never mine to begin with. As useful and effective as the Swimming Nymph is, there's always been a few things missing in order to make it the perfect carp fly. I've tinkered with a few variations and finally came up with something that I feel will work best for carp.

Now it's only a matter of time to see what the carp think. 2nd Annual International Fly Carpin' Carp Swap. I'm really excited that this is happening again.

2nd Annual International Fly Carpin' Carp Swap

McTage at Fly Carpin' is graciously hosting this amazing and completely unique swap once again. Last years was pretty incredible and I got flies from Barry Reynolds, John Montana, Pat Cohen, JP Lipton aka the roughfisher, Gregg Martin, the host with the most Trevor Tanner, and several other talented and creative tyers. Last years wrap up is here. I got a head start on my flies because my wife's due date is rapidly approaching, and since we live 45 minutes from the hospital, on curvy mountain roads, it's nearly guaranteed that the next significant low pressure system(blizzard) we get will send us slipping and sliding to the baby factory at 3am....Although it's 70 today, so I'm drinking beer and tying flies.

I started tying these a few weeks ago after I finally got some Clear Cure Goo, thanks to my good bud, Kyle. That fulfills my swap requirement of 10 flies per tyer, but I'd like to contribute more, so I'm tying 2 more sets of 10. Fly Fishing Colorado Carp. Podcasts. CarpPro FlyCast - Episode 6 Saturday, June 22, 2013 - 12:43am In this episode of the flycast Dan talks with Kirk Deeter, editor of Field and Stream and Trout Magazine, fishing write and journalist, and author of The Orvis Guide to FlyFishing for Carp, released last month by StoneFly press.


Kirk talks about... CarpPro FlyCast - Episode 5. Denver fires up anglers with, yes, carp. By Scott Willoughby The Denver Post Posted: 04/20/2011 01:00:00 AM MDT|Updated: 3 years ago Barry Reynolds works his favorite carp fishing hole on the South Platte River last weekend. (Scott Willoughby, The Denver Post ) Carp spot to try. South Platte River Gauging Stations. The carp fly box for the post-graduate generation? The Bikini-Clad Fly-Fishing Girls Mayan calendar is almost out of pages to flip, and I have been somewhat…choke, cough, choke, cough…inconsistent in my fly-fishing endeavors this year. Kind of like the BLS’s labor reports, only fly-fishing isn’t particularly laborious.

Albert Einstein once said “the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” The truly learned and wise just blame it on the flies. The Beaver Island Carp Box. Those that follow T.F.M. on the various streams of social media have already been watching as the Meat Locker has been coming together in preparation for the trip to Beaver Island off the coast of Michigan for Carp School later this week. I'm getting excited about taking off on Thursday morning and having this fly box squared away is the first step in getting packed up and prepped for the trip. As the contents of the fly box were taking shape I realized that all but a few patterns have come from the stateside vises of specialty fly tiers.

How cool is that? Carp Flies for Sale Carp Fly Pattern Store. Welcome to Missouriflies’ Online Fly Store! Click on fly images below to access that fly’s description and purchase page. Currently, when purchasing flies there are many options provided, take advantage of that while it last. Some changes to the website are coming soon… Common sense dictates that I somewhat separate my commercial and custom fly tying services.

Long story short, there will be fewer available flies and options for the price offered. Custom tying services will cover special requests such as I-balz eyes or different hooks, body colors, weed guards etc. Carp Fly Store Gold Ribbed Creeper Nymph Carp Fly (4) – Carp Flies from South Platte Downtown Denver Carp Fly Fishing Report. Grass Carp Fly Fishing Information. South Platte Spring Carp Fishing. South Platte River Carp fishing has been nothing short of phenomenal all Spring on both guided trips & on our own time. With warmer days, the windows of opportunity has really opened up and the warmer water temps have fish fighting hard! Fish are still not out on the shallow flats feeding like they would in summer, so most of our fish have come by the way of the nymph rig.

Colorado Carp Fishing. Carp patterns denver. Carp on the Fly. The Carrot Nymph, Awesome for carp! An "Adventures In Fly Tying" Presentation from Fly Fish Ohio!

Carp fly video

Flies « - Fly fishing in Michigan on the Pere Marquette River and Lake Michigan. Carp flies. Fly-Carpin: 2012 Carp Fly Swap. Carp fly patterns. How to tie Ted's Swimming Hex Nymph Fly Pattern - Current Works. Carp fly patterns. Fly-Carpin. Crackpackalt. Barry_Reynolds_Flies. South Platte River - Denver. Want to catch really big fish!? Fly Fishing Carp South Platte River Denver. In Denver, there exists a river where you can sight fish for enormous carp. Fly Fishing For Carp (Directory)

Colorado Springs Report - Prospect Lake - CO - Carp Anglers Group Forums.