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Adam Gill

Always been an inquisitive soul, I want to learn the know-how of everything that happens in this world. An avid book reader, my interest in writing came naturally. Through blogging and micro-blogging websites, I love to share my passion. Gemstone Jewelry and fashion being my first love, I love to share information and as well as the on-going trends in the industry through my writing.

Gemstone Red Topaz, Jewelry Information, Meaning, Value. Topaz is from the Greek word "topazion " which stems from the Sanskrit "tapas" meaning fire.

Gemstone Red Topaz, Jewelry Information, Meaning, Value

This blazing gem has long been associated with the Egyptian island of Topazios now known as St. John's Island found in the Red Sea. Gemstone London Blue Topaz, Jewelry Information. Topaz is from the Greek word "topazion " which stems from the Sanskrit "tapas" meaning fire.

Gemstone London Blue Topaz, Jewelry Information

This blazing gem has long been associated with the Egyptian island of Topazios now known as St. John's Island found in the Red Sea. Gemstone Mystic Fire Topaz, Jewelry Information, Meaning, Value. Topaz is derived from the Greek word "topazion " which stems from the Sanskrit "tapas" meaning fire.

Gemstone Mystic Fire Topaz, Jewelry Information, Meaning, Value

This blazing gem has long been associated with the Egyptian island of Topazios now known as St. John's Island found in the Red Sea. While the Old Testament had biblical scriptures referring to topaz their true discovery is pre-historic and without definite dates or places. The first modern-day topaz gems were yellow crystals discovered in 1737 in Germany. Topaz has a clear luster and perfect cleavage a quality it shares with diamond. Liquidation Channel. A piece of topaz jewelry makes the ultimate addition to your jewelry collection.

Liquidation Channel

From spangled neckwear and bracelets to spectacular rings and earrings, find an exquisite piece to boost your beautiful jewelry collection at Liquidation Channel. You can discover fabulous blue and rainbow hues in this stunning gem every time to buy topaz. Topaz Rings Searching for a ring that creates a statement? Liquidation Channel. Liquidation Channel. Liquidation Channel. Liquidation Channel. Are you looking for the latest in women's Fall fashion?

Liquidation Channel

Then you've come to the right place! With our exclusive Fall into Savings event, you'll have all of your seasonal needs met with our enticing fall collections. Fall Jewelry Trends Add some unexpected twists to your autumn wardrobe as you embrace trendy Fall fashion styles. Statement earrings provide incredible ways to make yourself noticed, and they can be paired with stud earrings to provide an asymmetrical, on point look. Also making a big appearance are butterflies.

Fall jewelry trends have never been easier to follow! New Fall Fashion. Aaa-premium-tanzanite. Bring out your regal side with the purplish-blue color of AAA tanzanite jewelry.


Create a gorgeous evening look with drop earrings. Allow the flair to close in on your neckline, or draw eyes up with the flicker of AAA tanzanite stud earrings. Go with the sophistication of a single stone or sanction the brilliance of diamonds to mount the blue. Catch AAA tanzanite necklaces that reflect a similar elegant styling as the earrings.

Liquidation Channel. Sapphire-blue-kanchanaburi. Liquidation Channel. Liquidation Channel. Liquidation Channel Site. Liquidation Channel Site. With summer in full swing, it's harder than ever to stay cool.

Liquidation Channel Site

Our solution? Christmas in July! Join us for this incredible eight-day event and get the hottest summer styles at holiday savings. Liquidation Channel Site. Summer Vault Clearance 2016. Are you a good negotiator?

Summer Vault Clearance 2016

Then, you're at the right place. LC brings the most awaited, once a year Summer Vault Clearance. Every season calls for a wardrobe revamp. Liquidation Channel Site. Independence Day, otherwise known as the 4th of July, is the day to celebrate the birth of the United States of America itself!

Liquidation Channel Site

Whether it be a parade, cookout, fireworks show, or something else, the celebrations wouldn't be complete without some explosive 4th of July Sales! And there's not a better place to start than with Liquidation Channel. Browse our bursting assortment of jewelry, including your favorite rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. But be sure that you don't miss our great selection of accessories, such as scarves, watches, and handbags! Memorial Day Weekend Sale 2016. No doubt that Memorial Day is a thoughtful event.

Memorial Day Weekend Sale 2016

This day is celebrated in many ways all over the country, from marches and parades to rejoicing this day with Memorial Day deals. May 30th i.e. the last Monday of May 2016 is the time to celebrate the memoirs of patriots who have sacrificed their lives for independence, and it's a day when we can enjoy full leverage of the freedom we share. 2016 Memorial Day is a perfect occasion to get together with your family, friends, and neighbors and celebrate! And, by all means, it wouldn't be an occasion without a sale on your favorite jewelry and lifestyle products.

Gemstone Emerald Quartz, Mariposite Jewelry. Emerald Quartz is a trade name for quartz samples pulled larger deposit of the mineral mariposite, a chromium-rich variety of mica. Gemstone Uruguayan Amethyst, Purple Jewelry. Known for its rich color, amethyst is one of the most precious stones within the quartz family. This purple variety of quartz forms within large, crystal geodes in volcanic rocks.

Found inside the hollow of agate rocks, Uruguayan Amethyst is a breathtaking natural beauty. Liquidation Channel Uruguayan amethyst is of some of the finest quality amethyst available. These stones were mined in the prestigious Artigas Department in Northern Uruguay, where the most desired amethysts are found today. Prized for their deep purple hues, Uruguayan amethyst stones are untreated and 100 percent natural. Tips For Wearing Cocktail Engagement Rings.

Help. Pure And Flawless: Aquamarine Gemstone. One of the most popular gemstones, aquamarine, derives its name from the Latin word "aqua" meaning water and "mare" that means sea. The popularity of the gem across centuries can be gauged from the fact there are many legends attached to this brilliant stone. Turquoise a gemstone with psychic abilities. Citrine an Alluring Yellow Gemstone. Tips to Wear Turquoise Jewelry at Office by Eric Johnson. Reasons to Buy Tanzanite Jewelry. How to Care for Brazilian Citrine Jewelry. TANZANITE - An Extraordinary Gemstone. How to Clean Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Gold Jewelry: 7 Steps. How to Buy Turquoise Jewelry: 5 Steps. Citrine - healing and magical properties. Benefits of Citrine Astrologers have recommended Citrine widely as this golden yellow gemstone is believed with monetary gain from ages. This stone is often kept in a cash drawer in all types of sales business as it is also called “Merchants Stone".

Some other visible benefits of citrine a wearer have noticed life altering effects: Enhances body's healing property and helps on boost physical, emotional, mental energy.Protects from the negative energy.Brings monetary gains and wealth in abundance.Symbolize hope and beliefAstrologers recommend it to someone who has suffered financial loss or who has lost job recently.Increase the concentration power. Citrine healing properties This shiny and alluring gemstone boost physical stamina and energy also maintains the endocrine system and helps in metabolism. Citrine helps in emotional healing Citrine Spiritual Energy Citrine opens the doors to inner thoughts and helps the positive life energy to flow in and helps in relaxing the inner self. Citrine - The Synonym of Prosperity. Citrine is one of the most preferred gemstones when it comes to out-of-box jewelry items.

This gemstone is known for radiating colorful sparkles, fluctuating from pale yellow to reddish tint. Availability of natural Citrine is quite rare in comparison to amethyst, which is often heated to convert its natural color into that of citrine. It is mainly found in Brazil. It also occurs in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Madagascar and at some places in Bolivia and the United States. Also known as "November Birthstone", the gemstone offers a wide variety of accent stones and seamlessly harmonizes with anything from amethyst to diamond. The December's Story of Blue Gemstone - Royal, Stylish and Timeless. Turquoise: A December Birthstone. Tanzanite - 24th Anniversary Gemstone. How to benefit from the four minerals of Table Mountain shadowkite. Shadowkite, a fairly new addition in the world of gemstones, has been discovered in the Table Mountain region of South Africa.

The enchanting color matrix that is seen throughout the stone wins hearts with ease. This stone is available in blue and green hues in the shades of powder blue, baby blue, royal blue, light emerald green and pine green. The baby blue variety of this opaque gemstone is the most popular. Citrine: The Golden Child of Gemstones. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise: Gem of an Offering from Mother Nature! Tanzanite: Adding a Sparkling Effect to December Birthdays. If cold December gave you birth, The month of snow and ice and mirth, Place on your hand a tanzanite blue; Success will bless whatever you do. Citrine Gemstone - A Short Bibliography. LC Education Center.