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The Barista Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a stargate: sg-1 fanfic. Title: The BaristaAuthor: dietcokechicEmail: dietcokechic@hotmail.comSeason: We're going through time here folks.

The Barista Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a stargate: sg-1 fanfic

Right now we're firmly back in the first season. Spoilers: None. Takes place after Children of the Gods.Summary: Life as seen through the eyes of Daniel's barista. Notes: These are going to be a series of vignettes from the local Barista's point of view. For those unfamiliar with the term, a Barista is the person who works in those specialty coffee shops. Hard to believe, but these stories will be ship-free. 01- First Impressions The first time he came in I scarcely noticed the guy.

"Why are we here Jack? " The Long Jeroma, a startrek: voyager fanfic. The Long Jeroma Title: The Long Jeroma Command Team Author: Stephen Series: VOY.

The Long Jeroma, a startrek: voyager fanfic

The Rule of Two Chapter 1: Discovery, a star wars fanfic. A/n : I had the genesis of this story floating around in my head for a long while – since I read Matthew Stover's novelization of Revenge of the Sith and was impressed with his writing style and the idea of the Jedi.

The Rule of Two Chapter 1: Discovery, a star wars fanfic

I'd never been the biggest Star Wars fan, but the character of Obi-Wan in the prequels was really appealing to me. In addition, friends had written Star Wars pieces and so I was inspired. The chronology of Star Wars is very complex, and relies on expanded universe information. Dishonorable Discharge Chapter 1, a final fantasy vii fanfic. This was written to cheer myself up. there wasn't some deep thinking behind it (just look at the chapter titles) so don't take it seriously. like at all. it's set in a canon-divergent au where nibelheim didn't happen in the year 0007 or so (basically, og's time). it's also set in the same verse as 'Access Denied' but you don't have to read that to understand this. just a heads up that the fic might get referenced in one of these shots.

Dishonorable Discharge Chapter 1, a final fantasy vii fanfic

Dishonorable Discharge Making Coffee There were few things Cloud learned in the seven years he worked for ShinRa Inc. One of them was that, upon signing a contract the day of enrolling, an individual couldn't simply quit from ShinRa, and those who tried sneaking away had to spend the rest of their lives sleeping with one eye open. Which sucked because Cloud really fucking hated being an infantryman. He was long since past dreaming of being better, special, among the ranks of SOLDIER. Chocobo racing. Mills looked up when he approached. The Last Terminator, a terminator: sarah connor chronicles fanfic. Disclaimer & Notices Copyright: The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles characters and concept belong to James Cameron and Josh Friedman.

The Last Terminator, a terminator: sarah connor chronicles fanfic

However, I own the plot and other characters. Notices: This story contains violence and explicit sexual content. Additionally, this story will contain grammatical or other errors. If you're feverish over the errors, feel free to privately message me about what you find otherwise, just enjoy. Drive You Mild Chapter 1: part 1, a star wars fanfic. Title: Drive You MildSummary: How do two powerful, individualistic people who were formerly enemies unite?

Drive You Mild Chapter 1: part 1, a star wars fanfic

Emperor Luke Skywalker, meet Jedi Knight Mara Jade.Genre(s): Romance, political intrigue, drama.Author's Note: Many thanks to Gabri for encouraging, thwacking, and threatening to chain me to my computer throughout the writing of this fic, as well as getting me to write it in the first place. The original idea of 'how does arranged marriage work, anyway? ' really spawned out of control, but your glorious feedback kept me going. :p You then topped it off by beta'ing the whole thing in less than a week. huggles You seriously rock, and this fic would not exist without you. ;) The title - well. :p Drive You Mild is the title it started off with, and I can't imagine calling it anything else. I spent a year writing this story, and I personally consider it to be my masterpiece - the absolute best fanfiction I have ever written. Symbols Chapter 1 - Padawan Skywalker, a star wars fanfic. Title: SymbolsGenre: Romance, AngstCharacters: Luke/Mara, Anakin/Padma, Leia/Han, Rogue Squadron, OCsTimeframe: The original movies didn't happen, as you will see from the first chapter, but this starts, date wise, about when Endor would have happened and then goes on a few years after.

Symbols Chapter 1 - Padawan Skywalker, a star wars fanfic

Summary: In a universe split in two, a peace treaty is made, but what is a treaty without visible support to show the galaxy? The two governments decide to give the galaxy a tangible symbol of peace... NOTE: This story was originally published on the Jedi Council Forums in March 2010 by my alter-ego, RedGold. It sits there in shambles due to the coding error which truncated the chapters, it is also without a final chapter. I will be posting an updated/edited version here every few days… completely completed. Fool's Gold Chapter 1, an a song of ice and fire fanfic. Fool's Gold AU: I'm not sure where I'm headed with this.

Fool's Gold Chapter 1, an a song of ice and fire fanfic

Probably a series of short interwoven scenes spanning several years. Cersei marries Eddard stark. War happens, anyway. Sibling Revelry Chapter 8, a star wars fanfic. A/N: Sadly, all, this is the end.

Sibling Revelry Chapter 8, a star wars fanfic

If it's any consolation this chapter is one of the longer ones. It's been a fun ride! Thank you very much to all my readers, and especially to my reviewers; you make the writing and revising worth it. :) One more shoutout to my longsuffering beta Mathematica. Strife-Sensei Chapter 1, a Final Fantasy VII + Naruto Crossover fanfic. There were two jounin left after every other team had been assigned their sensei, and only one team left.

Strife-Sensei Chapter 1, a Final Fantasy VII + Naruto Crossover fanfic

Team Seven. No one wanted to take Team Seven. The Path of a Jedi Chapter 1: Prologue, a star wars fanfic. I corrected a few mistakes. Thanks to phantom-jedi1 for the beta :) The path of a Jedi Book I: A new life, Part I: From the beginning Time period: Jedi Apprentice to TPM and after itRating: T, to be secureSpoilers: Definitely, all moviesDisclaimer: Own nothing. Everything belongs to George Lucas.

The Force's Negotiator Chapter 1, a star wars fanfic. Disclaimer: NOT MINE! Now that that's out of the way, This was a homework assignment for my media writing class. The writing prompt was: Take a popular story and change something, be it character death, or time travel, or era shifting. Then follow the story line to a new ending. I chose to parody the very popular story type: Obi-Wan get killed only to wake up back in time. I love this story type but I think it really needs to be aped just a bit.

Obi-Wan ignited his old but trusted lightsaber for what he hoped would be the last time. "I've been waiting for you Obi-Wan, we meet again at last. "Only a master of evil Darth. " "Your powers are weak old man. " Family Business, a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer + Ghostbusters Crossover fanfic. TITLE: Family Business DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS belong Joss Whedon, Egon Spengler, The Ghostbusters, and the Extreme Ghostbusters universe all belong to different people, but were originally created by the legendary Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis… Nothing is mine, only the extremely twisted idea...

"I can't believe this. We have to get dressed up and the whole deal? " Xander complained as he walked into the hallway alongside Buffy and Willow, still reeling from being roped into the Halloween Volunteer Safety program Principal Snyder had set up for the children. "Snyder said costumes were mandatory. " Hail and Farewell Chapter 1: Hail and Farewell, a doctor who fanfic. Hail and FarewellFor Nicholas(Set in my RRAU) It was a stereotypical day for this sort of thing, minus the rain. Even though it was midday, the clouds were heavy and thick. Hardly any sunlight was able to get through. One would think that it was dusk instead of nearly three in the afternoon. Per instructions from the will, two services were rendered. Sarah Jane Smith stood in between two of the unlikely fellows. Black Dawn, a sleeping beauty fanfic.

I Do Not Own Sleeping Beauty The dark fairy Maleficent sat on her throne, contemplating how to proceed. King Stefan and his wife Leah had broken their agreement with her. In exchange for not causing harm to them or their Kingdom, they were to show her the respect she was due. This included inviting her to various important functions. True, she never went, but that was not point. But to not be invited to Princess Aurora's christening, to not be invited to met the heir apparent to the throne... Now that was different. This was the one event she wanted to attend. But she supposed she should have foreseen this.

Stefan's mother had never trusted her. Unfortunately, Stefan had not been fully prepared to assume the throne. He didn't see why, since he had three fairies he trusted in his court, he needed one fairy he didn't trust. Strife-Sensei Chapter 1, a Final Fantasy VII + Naruto Crossover fanfic. The Unknown Chapter 1: Walking into the Unknown, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic. A/N: So I got a lot of inspiration for this from all the stories I have been reading with Pertemis and I came up with this. Please give me your opinions. A/U: Annabeth and Percy never loved each other; it was a childhood crush that was not acted on. In the end of TLO Annabeth tells Luke that she loved him. Walking into the Unknown Looking back on it now Percy can tell that this was the ending all along, he could tell you that it would play out to end like this.

Yoda's Shadow Chapter 1: And they are there, a star wars fanfic. I DID NOT WRITE THIS. Silverpenlight did, as my Christmas present, because SHE IS MY FAVORITE. She no longer uses a writing journal and didn't want to put it in a public post on her own journal, so I have her permission to post it here so that I can brag about its amazingness to people. It is fan fiction. Based on We've Got Work to Do from Threadless. Love Is Blind Chapter 1, a frozen fanfic. Her Last mission Chapter 1, a halo fanfic. I don't own Halo. This story takes place after the end of Halo 3 with some brief references to some of the halo novels and to the episode in Halo Legends with Cortana.

Authors notes at the end of the chapter. Her Last Mission. Elite: The Dark Wheel. The Prisoner Chapter 1, a sleeping beauty fanfic. Lucinda's Weekend, a St. Trinian's + Sofia the First Crossover fanfic. Lucinda's Weekend Notes: this is a story that is technically part of the Sofia and Lucinda as teens series I have written, but can also stand on it's own as well. Does the Doctor Know Where His Towel Is? by AstroGirl. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, as has frequently been noted, has a great deal to say on the subject of towels.

It has significantly less to say, however, on the subject of Time Lords. What information it does offer is vague, self-contradictory, and subject to significant revision with each new edition. In more recent versions, the entire entry consists of the words "Probably extinct," with references to a very large number of footnotes that appear no longer to exist in our reality.

Sunnydale Lost - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Biblical Mythology, Nightside Series - Simon R. Green. Chapter Text. Take My Hand Chapter 1: Prologue, a star wars fanfic. Red In Tooth And Claw Chapter 1: Dead Metal, a Halo + Battlestar Galactica: 2003 Crossover fanfic. Missing the Knight, a knight rider fanfic. For Those We Love Chapter 1, a knight rider fanfic. Beautiful, an Airwolf + Knight Rider Crossover fanfic. Knight Wolf Chapter 1: Knight Wolf, Part 1:1, an Airwolf + Knight Rider Crossover fanfic.