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Passing the HSC takes one Tablet. Screen test … Harry Sanderson, 14, Reggie Ridlen, 15, Claire Darwell, 15, and Helena Salomon, 14, with their iPad yesterday.

Passing the HSC takes one Tablet

Photo: Kate Geraghty NO CHILD will live without an iPad by the year 2013. And no parent will be spared the expense of buying that iPad ... or, if their child is prone to losing things, insuring it. This, at least, is the new edict at St Andrew's Cathedral School in central Sydney, which informed parents this week that it would require all students in years 7 to 10 to own an iPad from next year. While that will set parents back $597 per iPad, the school expects hard-copy text books will be redundant within a few years, replaced by e-books that will offset the cost - and spare their children's backs. How A Classroom Of iPads Changed My Approach To Learning. Recently, my wife and I had the opportunity to take our kids on an overseas family holiday.

About a third of the way through our trip as I tiredly walked to yet another airport terminal, I found myself thinking, “I know how check-in works. Someone at a counter will tell me what to do, so I can turn off and just go with it.” On entering the terminal, we found self check-in kiosks and one distinctly disinterested attendant hiding behind a counter at the far end of the hall. iPad Launch to all staff- INSET: How it worked (Resources Included) « A photo taken just before the INSET began.

iPad Launch to all staff- INSET: How it worked (Resources Included) «

Follow @mattbritland On Friday 28th of September we finally launched our iPad trial to all staff. There was only about 3 weeks to organise the event, but the whole thing went very well. NEOMAD Interactive Comic for iPad. Description NEOMAD is an epic 3 episode sci fi adventure series, a futuristic fantasy based on real characters, places and stories.

NEOMAD Interactive Comic for iPad

This groundbreaking interactive comic combines animation, live action film, music and voice overs. I. D. PHILLIPS. The iPad as a Tool For Education - a case study. In the first two terms of implementing an iPad programme, Longfield Academy in Kent have noticed a great impact on teaching and learning.

The iPad as a Tool For Education - a case study

Research carried out on behalf of Naace and supported by 9ine consulting is published here. It’s really exciting to be able to announce our research into the use of iPads. Study Finds Benefits In Use of iPad As Educational Tool. Thanks to Simon Thomas of 9ine Consulting, who reached out last week to share this exciting report. 9ine Consulting worked with NAACE (a.k.a.

Study Finds Benefits In Use of iPad As Educational Tool

“the ICT Association”) to produce this study. The study looks at the use of iPads at the Longfield Academy, where a large scale 1 to 1 iPad program was implemented last year. A brief overview of this groundbreaking study is provided below. Some Background Longfield Academy in Kent, England is a recently built school covering years 7 through 13 (ages 11 to 18). At Longfield, they strive to provide a cutting edge learning experience incorporating a high level of technology integration in the curriculum.