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Equity research outsourcing. Volatility in financial markets across the globe and ever changing trends in industry make it essential for corporates and investors to conduct adequate investment research before their decision making.

equity research outsourcing

The extent of investment research done determines the success of your business venture. Hence, outsourcing this task to a global outsourcing partner like Pie Multilingual is sure to ensure good growth amidst volatile market conditions. The extensive research done by the in-house teams of our organization will help you provide a customer centric solutions. The customized services offered are mainly focused on easing the complex investment decision making processes and bringing future success for the business ventures. Social media analysis outsourcing services, Social media analytics service. Almost every commodity or service is available online for the global customers and this has made the world a small place to live in.

Social media analysis outsourcing services, Social media analytics service

As a result, consumers across the whole world are getting increasingly net savvy and choosy while buying any product online. Due to social media revolution, customer feedbacks are no longer a one-to-one situation as all customer feedbacks are now available online. As the social media continues to grow, it has now become absolutely important for organizations to consider this while working on their online marketing strategies. Social Media Analysis and Monitoring is a very important as it will help your brand to become loyal. In an ever increasing situation of customer generated content, it has become very important for you to monitor your customer comments, complaints or reviews and take any marketing decision accordingly to meet potential customer expectations through proper planning and execution.

TELEPHONE SURVEY EXPERT. Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is a high-end technology often used for marketing and telephonic surveys by many organizations. CATI serves as a vital tool to gather rich and valuable information about customers, competitors, retailers, physicians, and industry executives. We at Pie Multilingual provide groundbreaking CATI solutions for B2B as well as B2C industrial segments. Our multilingual expertise, native resource, quality centric approach, delivery speed help us deliver flawless CATI services. What is business analytics? Our International Business Analytics Services help you re-define the customer experience by recommending solutions to provide valuable services to your stakeholders. We help you precisely define the challenges of your business and prioritize your activities accordingly.

We propose solutions that are well-aligned with your corporate strategies. We derive valuable insights on the basis of real-time and historical data. Outsource customized business research. Do you need quick, customized research that can answer your international business queries?

Outsource customized business research

Customized marketing research is the most personal level of engagement offered by Multilingual Business Research Company. Get in touch with Customized Business Research Company to get a better understanding of unparalleled global reach, free independent research, and exclusive access to information, forward-thinking methods and effective, focused approach that can help your organization to grow rapidly. Our customized market research solution is backed up by our wide network of industry associations, government agencies, manufacturers, importers, exporters and end-users to provide you with information that is critical to your international business success.

Secondary market research services provider in India. Are you planning to launch a new venture for which you need to search information at internet? A business enterprise must understand the industry, its competitors, and customer preferences before leveraging a new business opportunity. Do you need customized data for taking actionable decision for your business? Secondary research helps you in making better decisions on the basis of multi-lingual multi-geography data collection.

In simpler words, secondary research helps you find most relevant information from huge private and public data. Outsource secondary research services, Secondary research outsourcing. Multi business research services. In today’s world of cut-throat competition businesses cannot afford to take decisions based on intuition or estimated figures.

Multi business research services

All opportunities; whether evident or hidden have to be pursued and executed to maintain a high growth chart for your business. Outsourcing business research services enables companies to widen their business reach and remain ahead all the time. At Pie Multilingual, we believe in following a systematic approach for business research of the organizations. This methodology is followed through the different stages of the business. Anti-piracy protection outsourcing. Are you worried about piracy?

Anti-piracy protection outsourcing

Is your content being copied on cyber lockers, peer to peer networks and other offending sites? We have an end-to-end Multilingual Antipiracy research service that discovers and validates pirated contents to keep your business secure and safe. We propose a package of online brand protection solutions fabricated for considerable outcomes. Survey analytics - online survey software. Are you searching for a company who can gather information directly from consumer or companies?

Survey analytics - online survey software

Are you willing to compile gathered information to take some matured business decision? We are here to bring your search to a halt as we have skilled and experienced research team to meet your primary research service requirements. Irrespective of geographies & languages we would be your preferred choice for a strategic partner to make our association fruitful. Outsource market survey services, Market survey outsourcing services. Outsourced product development solutions & services. In today’s highly competitive market; keeping a pulse on the consumer preferences and incorporating them into your product offerings can become a game-changer for businesses.

Outsourced product development solutions & services

With ever increasing demands of customers and fast changing global trends, developing and delivering product launches at regular intervals is challenging for every organization. Outsourcing product development research is the key to offering innovative products to customers. Since many years, we have offered a thorough industrial, brand and product research to our clients ensuring that the launch of the new product meets the needs of the customers and will be able to establish well in the market. The deep industry knowledge and research expertise of the in house professionals offer reliable and trustable marketing strategies targeting both the national and international markets, advancing a 100% path to success.

The final product, of any kind, are known to be developed to meet the needs of the customers. Outsource investment research services. Staying ahead of competition at all times is the mainstay for every business. This is possible only if you have the requisite financial information at hand. Financial research services provide an insight into the financial behaviour and risk profile of your company and that of your competitors. Therefore, analysis of finances is imperative to generate the proper reports on financial statements. The return on investment followed by this analysis helps companies to know where they actually stand in the market for its customers and the investors. Quickly hire healthcare research expert. Whether you need a healthcare research expert for building campaign awareness or assisting in an ongoing research; we multilingual healthcare Research Company help you hire skillful market research experts.

Our proficient healthcare research experts can assist in pharmaceutical, healthcare, device and diagnostics domain. An in-depth knowledge of healthcare domain and expertise in Business Process Management (BPM) helps our healthcare research experts in partnering with healthcare organizations to assist them in capitalizing disruptive trends to increase their market share. We help you hire healthcare research experts who can assist in balancing costs, delivering superior customer experience, as well as improving process efficiencies.

Pharma marketing analytics and forecasting. Fast strides in technology coupled with increased globalization have led many pharmaceutical companies doing R&D in-house to outsource much of their research and development work.

Pharma marketing analytics and forecasting

Besides core R&D activities a lot of pharmaceutical market research is required for taking their drug discovery projects to completion. Pharmaceutical companies outsourcing this activity are on the rise as this helps them to spearhead their research projects getting huge cost advantages along the way. Equity researcher from India. We Multilingual Financial research company help you hire proficient, dedicated, result-oriented and highly efficient Financial Research Analysts and professional consultants. Our proficient equity research specialists are highly organized, focused, and capable of effectively managing large assignments to solve all your critical finance challenges.

Financial researchers play a crucial role in effective decision making for any business organization. We at Pie Multilingual have been providing immaculate hiring services for our clients from different industry verticals who require a financial research analyst to be a part of their team. Our clients include investment bankers, venture capitalists, private equity professionals, government agencies, academic professionals, and investment trusts. Quickly hire business development expert. In order to grow business, organizations require the assistance of a business development expert who can identify profitable prospects, create effective presentations, prepare proposals, and assist in negotiation and closure of the deal within stipulated time frame.

Quickly hire business development expert

In addition, a business development experts also helps organizations in acquiring new customers and achieving agreed sales targets. We help you hire excellent business development experts to assist you in development, negotiation, and other assistive services. Our multilingual business development experts help you manage multiple accounts of potential as well as established customers. Effectively execute marketing sales activities or identify new potential customers in a specific targeted zone with our proficient business development experts.

Outsource sales assistant services, Sales assistant outsource 2 india. Sales form the backbone of every business; without sales businesses cannot sustain and grow.

Outsource sales assistant services, Sales assistant outsource 2 india

The sales process goes through different stages and varied challenges are posed at each and every stage of the process. Maintaining a dedicated in-house sales team for the entire process can be tedious and expensive. Multilingual research outsourcing company. Businesses irrespective of their size need to do web research for several purposes such as collecting competitor data, searching for new markets, collecting statistics for devising effective marketing strategies etc.

Primary research outsourcing 2 India. Virtual Receptionist & Telephone Call Answering Services. Outsource business support services, International business outsourcing. Businesses are meant to grow; however, business growth leads to increase in workloads and this can make management of routine organisational tasks quite tedious.

At such times, it is wiser to outsource a dependable virtual assistant from a third party expert like Pie Multilingual. Outsourcing appointment scheduling services. Lead generation is the first step of any organization’s sales strategy and in order to put your best sales foot forward, it is crucial to get an appointment scheduled with your prospective clients. Quickly hire bilingual call center support expert. We at Pie Multilingual help globally located business organizations in hiring extensive dedicated call center agents. Our global customers come from varied industries, such as real estate, travel, airlines, and banking.

We provide assistance in hiring experienced dedicated call center experts. Outsource international sales support services. Globalization has imposed various challenges to many organizations planning to gain their foothold in the international market. Many times organizations generate the required lead but still lose their clients because of the inefficiency in communicating the sales and visible revenue. Outsourcing lead generation services. Good leads are crucial for almost every organization to step up the success ladder. International invoice collection services. Unpredictable economic climate often creates financial pressure and leads to a rising amount of debt for many people and organizations. Debt collection is a time-consuming process. Multichannel Ecommerce Support Services. The advent of the 21st century has seen people transiting from traditional method to e-commerce for the purchase of goods and services.

E-commerce companies are driving head over heels to match the needs of their customers. Winning customers is a big game for the online organizations, a reliable brand name and the one offering best services is chosen among all, therefore, outsourcing e-commerce customer support services has become an indispensable option. Pie Multilingual has been a seamless provider of customer support for its e-commerce clients. Telesales & customer acquisition. Telemarketing outsourcing solutions. Hire live chat agent sales teams.

E-mail and voice blasting services. Multi-channel Support. Outsource inbound call center services.