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KCD Is Hiring A Finance Manager New  York. The Role The KCD Finance Department is looking for a dynamic individual who has a strong understanding of Finance, AP/AR, General Ledger, GL Reconciliations and the impact of these on overall Agency accounting. They will work efficiently to ensure that AP/AR are handled in a timely and accurate manner to meet the needs of the Agency, its Clients and vendors. The ideal candidate will be able to work in a fast paced environment, be a strong communicator and self manager. They will have the appropriate style and taste to serve as an exceptional ambassador for KCD. Responsibilities: Qualifications: This role has the opportunity for growth in responsibilities and may include building and maintaining department budgets, GL analysis and assisting in additional areas of Finance management.

To apply, please send your resume to Melissa Shakal at, subject line Finance Manager. Intraday trading strategies by Geojit BNP Paribas. HDFC BANK (Rs 1007.20) Support at Rs 994 below Rs 989. Resistance is at Rs 1015 above Rs 1030. (Buy for intraday with a stoploss below Rs989) SUVEN LIFE SCIENCES (Rs 201.90) Support at Rs198.70 below Rs 196.20. SAREGAMA INDIA (Rs 266.45) Support at Rs 260 below Rs 259.10. Support at Rs 68.10 below Rs 67.20. TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES (Rs 2318.85) Support at Rs 2305 below Rs 2285. Disclaimer: This report has been prepared by Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Limited (GBNPP), here in after referred to as GBNPP. Small Business Insurance | Where Is The Industry Now In Terms Of Algorithmic Trading? Talking about the 21st Century of Trading, we can say that Algorithmic Trading has become a must know or most implemented element of market now. It is unimaginable now that a broker in the market is unaware of algorithms.

If he does, then it is sure that he is digging his own grave for his career. Algorithmic trading has become such an important element of market now. It is time now to understand how many firms have adopted algorithmic trading and where is the industry moving towards. State of Industry It is quite sure that the industry is in the middle phase of adopting the strategy. And on the other side, it was very clear to everyone in the industry that the algorithmic trading strategy is the most cost effective method of trading in terms of the maintenance and also in terms of the head counts. A broker who doesn’t have an algorithm with him in the market will not be given much importance now in the industry. How Can Someone Enter Into The Industry? Automated Trading in Python: From Idea to Execution. By Jacques Joubert Recently I had the privilege to attend the Python for Quants conference in London via live streaming.

Each time I attend this series of lectures I try to capture one of the presentations in writing, this time I will be writing on a lecture given by Dr James Munro titled “Quant Strategies: from idea to execution”. Note that while I have used his lecture for the majority of the information here, I do make changes and add my own experiences. What is written here is not endorsed by Man AHL and use your imagination to add all other disclosures you see fit.

I really enjoyed his lecture as it spoke to me as a professional that spends a lot time backtesting different strategies. In this article we cover a rather basic trading strategy, which starts off looking attractive but as we slowly add more realistic factors, you will note how the performance decays. The strategy is a simple 20 day moving average cross over strategy. The ToyStrategy will be run on the natural gas futures. Gold Trading Explodes to Record in Shanghai, Peak 2011 Level in Comex Call Options | Gold News. GOLD TRADING held wholesale prices above $1230 per ounce in Asia and London on Thursday morning, with volumes in China's bullion market setting a new record as the Shanghai stock market closed sharply lower but European equities rallied. With gold prices trading 16% higher against both the US Dollar and Chinese Yuan since 1st January, China's main share index tday sank 6.4%, its worst 1-day in a month, while commodity prices gave back a third of Wednesday's late recovery.

Gold trading volumes in Shanghai today jumped to a new all-time record, with Dollar-equivalent prices in the world's largest mining producer and importer moving above London quotes for the first time this week, offering a gross margin of $1.30 per ounce on new shipments – barely half the 18-month average. Some CNY18 billion-worth of the Shanghai Gold Exchange's main Au(T+D) contract changed hands on Thursday, trading some 70 tonnes of bullion.

Expansion of Algorithmic Trading. Algorithmic trading is basically an implementation of stock exchange trades that is based on already defined standards or principles and does not involve any human interference, making a use of computer software and programs. High-frequency trading (HFT), which is a subset within algorithmic trading, is all about buying as well as selling approximately thousands of shares in microseconds. Accounts of Algorithmic trading and HFT approximated 70% of market share equities in the United States and some other well-established markets. The Bombay Stock Exchange showed a rise of almost 12% in such a high-speed trading form, which accounted for around 30% of all the trades, in total. In the NSE, it has a higher share, with about 46% of all trades taking place on the grounds, as said by the latest reports. 2008: The Beginning Amid the recession all over the world, this declaration by India’s regulators was welcomed by the whole of securities and banking market change.

Contribution from The NSE. Truly analyze the PhD. Ways to get quant jobs after PhD, a question which I have seen many times on articles about quant jobs, is the subject of discussion in this article. It is a subject surrounded by contradictions as some individuals who presently work in a scholarly world, wish that the mass believes that to “move into” where they get high-package in some financial position is direct and logical. This was probably a fact some years ago; nowadays it is a truth that quant positions are difficult to sustain and require strong holders due to the huge competition and present system of the market. First, this article describes the kinds of candidates one will compete with in an interview. Next, we tell ways how one can do a true analysis of one’s PhD and of the result one obtained from it which may be in association with quantitative jobs. Lastly, the article shows if returning to school for training in a qualification that is quant-specific is needed or unnecessary.

The Struggle Truly analyze the PhD. What To Read For A Quantitative Finance Career | Education Blog. Here are the names of books on quantitative finance that will help you understand the field. Almost every aspect and area including general quant finance, careers guides, interview prep, quant trading, mathematics, numerical methods and programming in C++, Python, Excel, MatLab and R comes in the list.

Of course there are many others. These can be a part of all of your collection. General Quant Finance Reading If you do not have the common basic knowledge of financial markets, you are at chances to get neglected at the interview. Here are some texts which are very good readings compared to graduate books on stochastic calsulus: • The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine – Michael Lewis • When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management – Roger Lowenstein • More Money Than God: Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite (Council on Foreign Relations Books (Penguin Press)) – Sebastian Mallaby • My Life as a Quant: Reflections on Physics and Finance – Emanuel Derman Python.

Commodity Trading - Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Made History by Going Online. The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has started to trade through online from last Monday with the help of Automated Trading System (ATS). This is the first time in the history that the Zimbabwe stock exchange is trading through online. Marketers say that the exchange has created a history by going online this Monday. They have also told that this is a very new experience for them and they really find it extraordinary to work in an automated environment.

Before this automated system was being established in the ZSE, it was using the call over system which makes use of paper for trading which is also known as paper based trading platform. On the day of online trading The Zimbabwe stock exchange has gone online on 6th July 2015. The bids and the offers are made in the open market and thus it has given equal opportunities to every marketer to compete with the best price they can offer. Alban chirume commented about the introduction of ATS. BIS Warns The Fed Rate Hike May Unleash The Biggest Dollar Margin Call In History. Over the past several months, one of the biggest conundrums stumping the financial community has been the record negative swap spread which we profiled first in September, and which as Goldman most recently concluded, "has been driven by funding and balance sheet strains, especially since August.

" Today, in its latest quarterly report, the Bank of International Settlement focused precisely on this latest market dislocation. According to the central banks' central bank, "recent quarters have witnessed unusual price relationships in fixed income markets. US dollar swap spreads (ie the difference between the rate on the fixed leg of a swap and the corresponding Treasury yield) have turned negative, moving in the opposite direction from euro swap spreads (Graph A, left-hand panel). " Given that counterparties in derivatives markets, typically banks, are less creditworthy than the government, swap rates are normally higher than Treasury yields because of the additional risk premium.