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White privilege

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Jose Antonio Vargas Addresses 'White People' Criticism in New 'Medium' Editorial. Jose Antonio Vargas has always been, if nothing else, deliberately provocative.

Jose Antonio Vargas Addresses 'White People' Criticism in New 'Medium' Editorial

In his new MTV documentary "White People" (which you can see in full below), the filmmaker and journalist takes on the ever-relevant topic of white privilege and sets out to have a provocative, if only partially-inclusive, conversation about how white privilege is tied to structural racism. The documentary, which premiered Wednesday night, was almost immediately controversial. Criticism and praise toward the film lead to #WhitePeople becoming a trending topic on social media. La fragilité blanche : pourquoi est-ce si dur de parler aux Blancs de racisme ? Je suis blanche.

La fragilité blanche : pourquoi est-ce si dur de parler aux Blancs de racisme ?

J’ai passé des années à étudier ce que cela signifie d’être Blanc dans une société qui proclame l’insignifiance de la race, alors que celle-ci structure profondément la société. Voilà ce que j’ai appris : toute personne blanche vivant aux Etats-Unis va développer des opinions sur la race simplement en baignant dans notre culture. Mais les sources traditionnelles – écoles, manuels scolaires, médias – ne nous fournissent pas les multiples points de vue dont nous avons besoin.

Oui, nous allons développer des opinions chargées d’émotions fortes, mais ce ne seront pas des opinions bien informées. Notre socialisation nous rend racialement analphabètes. Les définitions courantes du dictionnaire réduisent le racisme à des préjugés raciaux individuels et aux actions intentionnelles qui en résultent.

Des Africaines lancent une campagne contre le Poverty-porn sur les réseaux sociaux. Loving White People Won't Fix Racism. It should be good news that more public figures—including Oscar-winning rap artist and actor Common and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz—are suggesting ways to address the problem of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

Loving White People Won't Fix Racism

With so much post-racial noise and faux dreams of colorblindness, efforts to simply acknowledge the pernicious problem of racism is as refreshing as a six-dollar ice coffee on a warm March day. It is better than nothing, isn’t it? At least it ain’t the status quo, right? The problem is that these two household names, while presumably well-intentioned, are dangerously off the mark in their approaches. They’re not the only ones, but because of the size of their platforms, it makes sense to start with them.

Why Vaccination Refusal Is a White Privilege Problem. Vaccines work.

Why Vaccination Refusal Is a White Privilege Problem

Anti-vaxxers will argue otherwise, but if they’re given airtime, this will degenerate — like most vaccine discourse — into comparative science, misinformation, name-calling, and finally heated charges of baby-killing. Someone will say all anti-vaxxers should be locked up, and someone else will invoke Hitler. So we’re skipping that part. If you’re interested in reading it, see the comment sections of every vaccine article ever. Instead, let’s look at the parents who refuse routine childhood vaccinations — and what that means. Votre argument de l'esclavage des irlandais est merdique. Wondering What 'Privilege' Is? This Video Has Some Answers For You.

An open letter to everyone who thinks having a black family member exempts them from racism - It was a Thursday night after 8, and just like every Thursday night after 8, we sat in the presence of poetry.

An open letter to everyone who thinks having a black family member exempts them from racism -

That week, there was soap, hand-crafted by one of our members and passed from hand to hand to hand, grazed by fingertips, absorbed. This was our writing prompt. The bar of soap fell into my palm. On it read the words “They washed their hands of us.” I immediately thought of the repeating history of oppressors washing their hands of marginalized peoples. I thought about how here, in America, the justice system has left the faucet running. As Jews, we have said never again. The most important part of my life is family. I believe that families are the people you choose to surround yourself with. It is in these moments that I remind myself to not remain quiet. For all my Black sisters and brothers who share in the struggle to make ourselves heard in communities we are expected to claim as our own. Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person... Years ago, some feminist on the internet told me I was "Privileged.

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person...

" "THE FUCK!?!? " I said. I came from the kind of Poor that people don't want to believe still exists in this country. Have you ever spent a frigid northern Illinois winter without heat or running water? I have. I Don't Feel Sorry for Stupid White People on the Internet. Shit White Feminists Need To Stop Doing. I’m a white feminist, and let me tell you something: white feminism* is pretty bullshit.

Shit White Feminists Need To Stop Doing

It’s exclusive, oppressive, and serves to further marginalize the people who are most impacted by misogyny. Unfortunately, white feminism is also the western status quo of feminism, meaning that white feminists have the biggest platforms, have increased access to resources and media, and are generally considered to be The Voice of Feminism. In theory, someone truly interested in equality would use these assets to amplify the voices of women of colour. Gradient Lair. There’s nothing wrong with being happy.

Gradient Lair

There’s nothing wrong with being positive about life. There is plenty wrong with using “positivity-only” stances to further marginalize oppressed people, deny the interpersonal hardships and structural oppression that people face and belittle their circumstances while blaming the repercussions of abuse and violence that they experience on them.

[The four tweets above read as: ”Positivity culture” is so trite and immature to me. I like to be around people who recognize nuanced emotions, reality, and structural issues. La honte ? C’est quoi la honte, demanda le féminisme blanc ? Comment cela peut-il être perçu, autrement que comme une provocation, quand on connaît la manière dont la question des femmes, de l’injonction à se dévoiler notamment à Alger en 1958, ont joué un rôle central dans la stratégie du pouvoir colonial contre les nationalistes algé ?

La honte ? C’est quoi la honte, demanda le féminisme blanc ?

Dans La bataille du voile, voici ce que Fanon, qui a vécu de près la lutte contre le colonialisme français en Algérie, déclare : « L’administration coloniale peut alors définir une doctrine politique précise : « Si nous voulons frapper la société algérienne dans sa contexture, dans ses facultés de résistance, il nous faut d’abord conquérir les femmes, il faut que nous allions les chercher derrière le voile où elles se dissimulent et dans les maisons où les hommes les cachent. ». L'antiracisme commence avec la déconstruction du privilège blanc. Lors des récentes manifestations au TGP de Saint-Denis, qui mettaient en cause le racisme d’Exhibit B –performance revendiquant une réflexion sur le rapport noirs/blancs et la colonisation– la rappeuse Casey a abordé un paradoxe encore tabou en France, tant de le monde artistique que dans la société civile:

L'antiracisme commence avec la déconstruction du privilège blanc

This... is White Privilege. I Don't Know What to Do With Good White People. Ten Things Everyone Should Know About White Privilege Today. Thinking about privilege — the unearned benefits that we enjoy in society as a result of being White or male or Christian — may not seem crucial, but the potential payoff is the ability to make sense of our relationships, connect across differences, and make the world better in the process. Whether you're brand new to this subject or have been exploring it for some time, these ten observations about White privilege should feed your growing awareness.

This knapsack is visible but many of us carry an invisible one around 1. The Invisible Knapsack is still the place to start. 7 Things Your Colorblind Racist Friend Might Say to You and How to Respond. Sure, There’s a Thing Called “Reverse Racism” The Top 10 Most Racist/Privileged Things White Feminists Did in 2013. In honor of the #stopblamingwhitewomenweneedunity hashtag (started via this Huffington Post article penned by the delightfully clueless Adele Wilde-Blavatsky) I’ve decided to put together a top ten honoring the many interesting methods white feminists employed this year to promote unity between themselves and feminists of color.

From refusing to defend feminists of color against attacks from the patriarchy (or from other white feminists for that matter), to deriding feminists of color for not being feminist enough, to blaming feminists of color’s oppressions on their own cultures (instead of, you know, patriarchy) white feminists sure have a funny way of expressing their desire for unity with feminists of color. 10. 9. 5 Ways White Feminists Can Address Our Own Racism. Last month, the hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen erupted on Twitter. Started by Mikki Kendall, it immediately became a channel for women of color to call out how implicit racial bias, double standards for women of different races and overt racism are all baked into mainstream white feminism. If you've been following feminism for the past 150 years, you probably weren't surprised by the range of grievances. But if you're a white feminist and you were surprised or you felt defensive or you think you're not part of the problem, then now is the time to woman up, rethink your own role and help reshape feminism.

While there are many reasons white feminists have to do this work, Kendall's hashtag highlighted an important one: we cannot credibly or successfully seek societal change when we ourselves create the same injustices we rail against. In other words, the problems we face as women are often the problems we create as white people. 1. 2. Here's a personal example. 3. 4. 5. Practical Ways We Can Stop Centering Everything Around White People’s Feelings. Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre Fun fact: white people’s feelings are magic. They can bring any conversation, meeting or movement to a halt.

In a debate, they can outweigh even the most credible, concrete evidence. They can threaten someone’s job. They can even kill. Because of all this, any conversation about social justice, power, or history is going to naturally settle into orbit around white people’s feelings. When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege. It happens all the time that white people claim not to be racist because they didn’t intend to be racist; they weren’t thinking about that at all. But there are many situations in which it is precisely your job to think about that. Nothing induces more rage in others than your taking what you do not deserve and not even noticing.

A small example: Sometimes I am waiting in line, killing time on my phone, when the cashier, ticket-taker, or receptionist summons me forward. (I am fairly certain that I read as a Fancy White Lady. Now that I have a wedding ring, I may have reached the very peak of privilege in my lifetime.) In situations in which it’s not clear which way the line is supposed to form, or in which multiple lines ultimately lead to the same service point, it has absolutely happened that I was being invited to jump ahead of someone.

Plenty of positive thinking literature would encourage me to see this as manifesting abundance or drawing positive energy my way. Quand le féminisme radical est profondément raciste. De l’expression "racisme anti-blancs". Vous savez que vous ne trouverez pas cette expression validée sur ce blog. Femmes blanches et privilège blanc : leur dire NON. Aujourd’hui, je suis extrêmement heureuse de vous présenter une traduction d’un texte du fameux blog Gradient Lair, un blog personnel tenu par Trudy, une femme afro-américaine avec une vision womanist et intersectionnelle sur les oppressions.

Je vous avoue que Trudy – dont vous pouvez retrouvez la bio riche ici – était un peu incertaine à me laisser traduire son texte. Des explications très intéressantes et importantes sont présentes dans sa politique de contenu, pour expliquer ses appréhensions. Si vous lisez l’anglais, je vous conseille d’aller consulter, et de manière générale, de suivre le blog entier. Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person... Years ago, some feminist on the internet told me I was “Privileged.” “THE FUCK!?!?” I said. I came from the kind of Poor that people don’t want to believe still exists in this country. Pour comprendre les discriminations racistes. A Complete Guide to 'Hipster Racism'. 5 Things We Learned From MTV's 'White People' Documentary - Clutch Magazine. On the surface, a documentary about White people sounds absurd. Given the way most American schools are set up, a synonym for a project like this could easily be history class.

Le privilège masculin et le “privilège blanc” Understanding the System (White priviledge) L'invention de la « race blanche »