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Handicap, Mental health, Neurodiversity

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Obtenir la levée d'une mesure d'hospitalisation psychiatrique sans consentement à la demande d'un tiers (ASPDT ex HDT) De février à juin 2014 Mme XXXXXXX , infirmière puéricultrice, âgée de 27 ans, a été hospitalisée en soins psychiatriques libres au Centre hospitalier STE ANNE à Paris (14eme) pour anorexie mentale sévère puis le 10juillet 2014 en hospitalisation sans consentement à l'hôpital RAYMOND POINCARE de Garches (92).

Obtenir la levée d'une mesure d'hospitalisation psychiatrique sans consentement à la demande d'un tiers (ASPDT ex HDT)

A partir du 8 août 2014, sur demande de M YYYYYYYYYY accompagnée d'un certificat du Dr Dorian RINGUENET, médecin à l'hôpital PAUL BROUSSE à Villejuif (94) et d'un certificat du Dr Hélène KOURIO, psychiatre au Centre hospitalier STE ANNE, l'hospitalisation sans consentement a été poursuivie sous contrainte dans ce dernier établissement. Le certificat médical des 24 h a été établi le 8 août 2014 par le Dr Jeanne LAURENCE, psychiatre du Centre hospitalier STE ANNE. Le certificat médical des 72 h a été établi le 11 août 2014 par le même praticien. Le 4 septembre 2014, Mme XXXXXXXX, a demandé la mainlevée de la mesure d'hospitalisation concernant sa fille. Contention : la dérive sécuritaire. Évreux : quand le patient conteste son hospitalisation en psychiatrie. Quelques chaises sont installées sur une moquette rouge.

Évreux : quand le patient conteste son hospitalisation en psychiatrie

Des feuilles sont fixées sur un mur blanc. Deux tables font face à un large bureau. Usagers de la psychiatrie: Demander de mettre la mise en chambre d isolement hors contrôle des médecins mais celui de la justice comme partout dans les pays développés. Nous ne sommes pas des exceptions. « Tu es une exception. » Combien de fois n’ai-je pas entendu cette phrase?

Nous ne sommes pas des exceptions

Voire « Très calée, Lana, pour une psychotique » de la part d’un infirmier. Quelques idées pour construire un espace safe et inclusif en thérapie. Ce texte s’adresse autant aux psys1 qu’à leurs patient/es, ex-patient/es ou futur/es patient/es, client/es thérapeuté/es analysant/es.2 Il a été rédigé par un groupe de personnes ayant pu occuper l’un des rôles ou les deux.

Quelques idées pour construire un espace safe et inclusif en thérapie

Deaf identity

TDA. Race and mental health. Autism. Depression. Anxiety. Sociopathy and psychopathy. Dyslexia. Schizophrenia. Alzheimer. Bipolarity. Big Pharma. Gut bacteria and mental health. Medications pdf to avoid re dementia. I Happily Took Anti-Depressants During My Pregnancy. I was introduced to the field of reproductive psychiatry three years ago when, at age 37, I told my psychiatrist I was going to try to get pregnant.

I Happily Took Anti-Depressants During My Pregnancy

She reached behind her for her drug guide, paged through it briefly, then tossed it back. "I don't know enough about this," she said. "I'm going to send you to an expert. " Reproductive psychiatry is, to put it briefly, the treatment of women with psychological conditions before, during, and after pregnancy. ‘I Don’t Believe in God, but I Believe in Lithium’ The manila folder is full of faded faxes.

‘I Don’t Believe in God, but I Believe in Lithium’

The top sheet contains a brief description of my first medically confirmed manic episode, more than 20 years ago, when I was admitted as a teenager to U.C.L.A.’s Neuropsychiatric Institute: “Increased psychomotor rate, decreased need for sleep (about two to three hours a night), racing thoughts and paranoid ideation regarding her parents following her and watching her, as well as taping the phone calls that she was making.”

Interview avec Craig DeLarge.


Crimes against people with disabilities or mental illness. Ableist Constructs of Mental Health (part 2/3) The Geek’s Guide to Disability. Disability issues have become a hot topic amongst science fiction and fantasy fans.

The Geek’s Guide to Disability

Last November, Lynne Thomas, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Michael Damian Thomas published the SF/F Con Accessibility Pledge, and more than 300 folks signed on to attend only those conventions that publish specific statements about disability access, along with contact information for a trained accessibility coordinator, and commit to making accommodations for members as they work to improve access. The pledge was inspired by a series of accessibility fails at high-profile conventions, including several recent World Fantasy Cons. Ces neurotypiques qui nous diminuent – trolldejardin. [Point vocabulaire avant de commencer.

Ces neurotypiques qui nous diminuent – trolldejardin

Santé mentale globale : au-delà du scientisme et du scepticisme. UPIAS-fundamental-principles. Schizonormale: Nou-e-s les "toxiques" Je me suis questionnée ces derniers mois.

Schizonormale: Nou-e-s les "toxiques"

Ces dernières années même. J'ai appris que les gen-te-s normauxles pouvaient mettre fin à une relation amoureuse alors qu'ils sont amoureuxses encore mais avec des projets incompatibles. Et ce dans le calme, malgré le chagrin. Handicap et les inadaptations. L'année qui vient (2010) sera celle d'un des plus grands défis de ce 21ème siècle : inclure, ou pas, les personnes handicapées et les personnes âgées dans les choix politiques décidés nationalement et régionalement.

Handicap et les inadaptations

Schizonormale: Pourquoi dis-je "psychophobie" Desiring Disability Differently: Neoliberalism, Heterotopic Imagination and Intracorporeal Reconfigurations. Schizonormale: Les réalités et le politique. J'avoue très humblement n'avoir fait aucune recherche avant d'écrire ce billet, pas même taper "réalité" ou "réel" dans un moteur de recherche (qu'est-ce que le Réel ? Demande à Google) On m'a souvent dit (et assez comme un reproche) "tu n'es pas dans la réalité", avec un gloubi-boulga mélangeant "tu es délirante" et "tu n'es pas réaliste". Mais ça doit être de venir d'une famille de soignante, et entourage itou. I don’t have a “real” mental health condition, I’m just weak, and other bad self-talk. To the woman who tutted at me using the disabled toilets…

Dear lady who loudly tutted at me using the disabled loos, I know you saw me running in, with my able bodied legs and all. You saw me opening the door with my two working arms. You saw me without a wheelchair. Without any visible sign of disability. But You Dont Look Sick? support for those with invisible illness or chronic illness The Spoon Theory Around the World – English, Spanish, Hebrew and now French translations now available - But You Dont Look Sick? support for those with invisible illness o. We have been so happy that “The Spoon Theory” has reached an international audience.

It is amazing how the word “spoons” or this website is being used all over the world. Because of this, What a white cane really means — Arie Farnam. I found myself prefacing half of what I said in public with a very uncomfortable, "I'm visually impaired and I can't see very far, please understand... " I was tired of it. The combination of the danger to my kids and the exhaustion of minor conflicts finally beat me into submission and I started using a cane, not just occasionally but all the time. It was awkward. Even my eye specialist was upset because he thought my vision must have degenerated.

23 Things That People In Wheelchairs Have To Cope With. Maysoon Zayid: J'ai 99 problèmes, la paralysie n'est que l'un d'entre eux. 5 Assumptions Behind the 'Fear of Missing Out' That Are Actually Really Ableist. FOMO. 10 Comics That Can Help You Understand Mental Illness. There are times when I feel as though Hyperbole and a Half literally saved my life. My depression never quite reached the depths that she described. But I came close. For many years I lived in denial because when I got divorced, the last words my ex-wife spoke to me was to tell me that I was depressed and I needed help. 5 Things Even the Most Well-Meaning Non-Disabled People Forget. Originally published on The Body Is Not an Apology, and republished here with their permission.

As someone who was born with cerebral palsy – and who has acquired several other disability diagnoses over the years – I’m used to throwing a monkey wrench into everyone else’s plans. That isn’t meant to sound self-pitying. It’s just the way it is. Sometimes, even the most well-meaning of my friends will forget that my disabilities actually have an impact on my daily life. On occasion, even my disabled friends are guilty of this oversight. This Comic Nails What It's Like to Live With Mental Illness – And It's Not Like Most People Think. Panel 1 (A picture of a person wearing eyeglasses looking to the side with a wide eyed, sad expression on the face.

Both hands are raised up. The head and one side to the level of just below the shoulder are surrounded by the word AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! In an arc. Why I Refuse to Say I 'Fight' My Disablity  Recently, I saw a picture on Facebook that said, "I fight cerebral palsy. What's your superpower? " So much about this illustration focusing on cerebral palsy awareness struck me as wrong and uncomfortable, and it left me with a nauseous feeling in my stomach. Immediately images of me at constant battle with myself popped into my head.

Fight cerebral palsy? I thought. Thankfully, times have changed, and I am not that little girl anymore. Mask: Sick Woman Theory. In late 2014, I was sick with a chronic condition that, about every 12 to 18 months, gets bad enough to render me, for about five months each time, unable to walk, drive, do my job, sometimes speak or understand language, take a bath without assistance, and leave the bed. Al Jazeera - What mental illness means to me. Children are everywhere in Gaza. In their striped school uniforms and colourful backpacks, they play in the streets and among the rubble of bombed out houses. They live under siege, and those aged six and over have already experienced three wars in their lifetime. According to UNICEF, during the last one, 539 children were killed, 54,000 became homeless, 2,956 were injured and 1,500 were orphaned. Liberal ableism. I consider myself to be a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, at least in the way that the term is commonly defined in the United States.

Living With Mental Illness. Why We Need Mental Healthcare Without Asexual Erasure – And How to Get There. Hey ca rou(x)le ? : L’accessibilité française ! Moving Disability Out of the Body and Into the World. Ada_25th_anniversary_the_internet_should_be_accessible_for_the_disabled.2. Access. Disability Access and Pre-Peeled Oranges (with images, tweets) · AnaMardoll. How Telling Each Other To ‘Google It’ Hurts Our Movements. How viral feel-good stories about the disabled are condescending. Les chimpanzés face au handicap, une attention surprenante ! - Récits (8387) Nothing pisses me off more than when girls/women... [Paris] Contre la « Mad Pride », organisée par les associations des labos pharmaceutiques - IAATA. People Are Tattooing Semicolons On Their Bodies In A Global Movement For Mental Health.