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Think but this and all is mended, Atypical Autism Traits. IT IS WRONG TO MURDER YOUR AUTISTIC CHILD by Judy Endow. Issy Stapleton, 14, remained hospitalized in Grand Rapids, Michigan late Wednesday after her mother, Kelli Stapleton, allegedly attempted to murder her.


State police Lt. What Is Face Blindness? When Lisa Brown was about five, she got into a tiff with two friends who were brothers.

What Is Face Blindness?

It happened at their house after lunch, when she started interchanging their names. “They got very upset with me,” she remembers. But she wasn’t trying to provoke them. Brown has prosopagnosia, commonly called face blindness, which means she has trouble recognizing familiar faces and learning to recognize new ones. Autism and Non-Fluid Speech.

I am a speaking autistic woman.

Autism and Non-Fluid Speech

Even so, I rarely have fluid access to my speech. THINKING PERSON'S GUIDE TO AUTISM: When Autistic Kids and Teens Are Aggressive or Self-Injurious: Overview. Shannon Des Roches Rosa Senior Editor, Thinking Person's Guide to Autism Why do some autistic children and teens become self-injurious or aggressive?

THINKING PERSON'S GUIDE TO AUTISM: When Autistic Kids and Teens Are Aggressive or Self-Injurious: Overview

How can parents and caregivers help the kids in their care get through meltdowns safely, protect the kids themselves as well as family members, and anticipate and avoid future incidents? This was the topic of a recent workshop I moderated at Support for Families of Children With Disabilities, in San Francisco, with speakers Dr. Meltdown Bingo: Autistic Edition. TW/Content note: Abuse of autistic people; demonstrative use of disability slur; self-injury; in-depth descriptions of being in the middle of a meltdown.

Meltdown Bingo: Autistic Edition

UPDATE: The article on The Mighty that led to this post has been taken down. The Bingo Sheet meme has existed as a way for marginalized communities to catalog and make fun of the bad things they experience. This usually takes the form of quoting common hurtful, invalidating or dismissive things they hear from other people.

For instance, there is American Racial Incident Bingo for the ways in which white people respond badly to instances of violence against people of color, and Fat Hatred Bingo for the ways the concern trolls and other people justify bias against fat people. So, given this context, the autistic community was none too happy when an online disability publication called The Mighty published a Meltdown Bingo… as written from the perspective of a parent whose child is experiencing an autistic meltdown. Autistic Hoya: Why do I think I'm autistic . . .

This was actually originally a question on a survey as part of a research study (which asked me why do I consider myself to be autistic, in addition to having once been handed an on-paper diagnosis, which yes is a class privilege to be able to get), but my answer ended up being so long-winded that I'm going to put it here, just in case it's helpful to anyone who might be out there questioning and wondering whether they might be autistic.

Autistic Hoya: Why do I think I'm autistic . . .

(This is totally unscientific and unempirical, but based on anecdotal observations from conversations with hundreds/thousands of other autistic people -- both with formal diagnoses and without them, both speaking and nonspeaking, etc. -- it just seems that all of these characteristics are *more common* in autistic people than they are in nonautistic people, and that the more of these kinds of characteristics someone has, the more likely they are to be autistic. Autisme : l'ocytocine testée en spray nasal. AUTISME.

Autisme : l'ocytocine testée en spray nasal

Un spray nasal d'ocytocine pour réduire les symptômes de l'autisme ? C'est la stratégie thérapeutique testée avec un certain succès par une équipe du Brain and Mind Centre de l'Université de Sydney (Australie) qui publie ses résultats dans la revue Molecular Psychiatry*. Cela fait plusieurs années que les chercheurs considèrent que les troubles comportementaux qui nuisent aux relations sociales des personnes atteintes de troubles du spectre autistique (TSA) sont en partie dus à un déficit d'ocytocine. Appelée aussi "hormone de l'amour" ou "hormone de l'accouchement", cette hormone sécrétée dans le cerveau par l’hypothalamus, est impliquée dans le déclenchement de l’accouchement (et utilisée pour en faciliter certains) ainsi que dans la régulation des émotions.

"Massive reset" needed in how we think about autism, book says. When Steve Silberman was a reporter covering Silicon Valley in the early 2000s, he noticed what seemed like a common thread in the families of many tech executives: children diagnosed with autism.

"Massive reset" needed in how we think about autism, book says

He researched the medical literature and spoke with the families, and recognized he was onto something. Documented rates of autism in children were rapidly rising during the time, particularly in the communities of the Silicon Valley elite. The_neurodiversity_movement_autism_is_a_minority_group_neurotribes_excerpt. Photo illustration by Juliana Jiménez.


Photo by Julia Vetrova/Thinkstock. The first “Autreat” was held at Camp Bristol Hills in Canandaigua, New York, in late July 1996. Quiet and remote, the camp offered community members of Autism Network International, an advocacy group organized for and by autistics, an opportunity to create an environment that was relatively free of the sensory assaults that were unavoidable in most urban conference centers. The theme of the conference was “Celebrating Autistic Culture,” and nearly 60 people came. The group was as diverse as the autism spectrum itself, including nonspeaking adults who used letter boards to communicate, an urban planner who worked at the Los Angeles International Airport, and the late photographer Dan Asher, who chronicled the early days of punk and reggae in New York City while hanging out with novelist William Burroughs in his bunker on the Lower East Side.

ANI launched its online list, ANI-L, in 1994. Expériences incompatibles? Les personnes trans autistes dans les discours médicaux. Five Steps Toward Autism Acceptance. Vous et moi on n’a pas la même résilience. Depuis que mon quotidien s’est stabilisé, depuis que je n’ai plus de soucis à me faire concernant l’argent, depuis que j’ai été en mesure d’instaurer des routines et de m’y tenir, depuis que je peux m’adonner avec joie et sans limites à mes intérêts spécifiques, depuis que je vis SEULE et surtout, surtout, depuis que mon entourage est composé de personnes majoritairement bienveillantes et bien souvent bizarroïdes… On peut dire que les aspects négatifs d’être autiste dans ce monde ont clairement diminué.

Vous et moi on n’a pas la même résilience

Je reste fatigable, comme toujours, mais la différence est qu’à présent je dispose d’un endroit où me ressourcer, de temps (et cela est tellement précieux) pour me plonger dans mon monde à moi, d’une porte qui se ferme le temps que je récupère. Je vois clairement la différence en ce qui concerne mes intérêts spécifiques: je rumine moins, je tourne moins en boucle, les sujets s’élargissent, les idées fusent et d’autres intérêts viennent s’ajouter aux préexistants. Là, à ce moment précis. How autistic adults banded together to start a movement.

Alanna Whitney is an autistic woman who feels empowered by her diagnosis. She sees herself as a “neurodiversity” activist, working to change the public perception of people with autism. (Sandhya Somashekhar and Ashleigh Joplin/The Washington Post) NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. — Alanna Whitney was a weird kid. She had a strange knack for pronouncing long words. Anchovies on pizza could send her cowering under a table. Years later, she found a word that explained it all: Autistic. Crusading Against Hate: Why I #BoycottAutismspeaks. The reason I speak out against Autism Speaks is because I love my Autistic son. I love him so much that he has forced me to love myself too. Ten Things an Autistic Adult Wants You to Know. 1. I remember conversations from when I was two and phone numbers I haven’t seen in two years. But I need direct support in the grocery store and when crossing the street. The first sounds impossible and the second ridiculous to most people, but it’s the only normal I know. 2.

Just because I have the words to type it doesn’t mean I have the words to say it, and when I do say it, it’s rarely as I wish I could. 3. 4. Vaccine Advocates: Please Don't Discriminate Against My Autistic Son. I have a teenage son with autism, and am on the spectrum myself, and it seems like I spend more time telling people that vaccines didn't cause my son's autism than debunking any other myth about autism out there. Part of the reason I think this caught on so strongly and persists is because if you don't have something concrete to "blame", you have to wonder if you caused your child to be autistic. And, indeed, I just barely missed the time frame when mothers were still being blamed for autism for not being loving enough, or holding their kids enough. Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, But That’s Not The Point. Stop Being Ableist. Here are some typical arguments put forward by parents who choose not to vaccinate their otherwise healthy child (by “healthy” I mean there are no medical reasons for the child to be exempted from vaccination).

For this example, I will pull quotes directly from a recent New York Times Article, Vaccine Critics Turn Defensive Over Measles: ‘“It’s the worst shot,” [Missy Foster, mother to an 18 month old daughter] said, with tears in her eyes. “Do you want to wake up one morning and the light is gone from her eyes with autism or something?”’ And ‘Kelly McMenimen, a Lagunitas parent, said she “meditated on it a lot” before deciding not to vaccinate her son Tobias, 8, against even “deadly or deforming diseases.” Autistic Hoya: Ableism/Language. Last updated 4 April 2016. Note that some of the words on this page are actually slurs but many of the words and phrases on this page are not considered slurs. They are simply considered ableist (the way that referring to a woman as emotionally fragile is sexist, but not a slur). You're not automatically a bad or evil person/activist if you have used random language on here, but if you have the cognitive/language privilege to adjust your language, it's definitely worthwhile.For my most recent perspective on linguistic ableism and the reason that this page exists, see this post: Violence in Language: Circling Back to Linguistic Ableism.

Ableism is not a list of bad words. We’re Doing Autism Research All Wrong. John Elder Robison Autism researchers have published thousands of papers in recent years. With those numbers, you’d think we’d all be rejoicing over great progress. Yet many people—especially autistic adults—are frustrated by how little benefit has actually materialized. Why? The simple answer is, we’re studying the wrong things. Le Syndrome Neurotypique (ou comment les autistes décortiquent la norme ^^) Autism and appropriation. Let Me Repeat Myself. In the comments on the Why Talking is Hard post, a few people mentioned that they have a tendency to repeat themselves when speaking and, oh boy, can I relate to that. 'Autism and Processing Social Information' by Judy Endow, MSW. What is Neurodiversity? Neurodiversity: Some Basic Terms & Definitions. New paradigms often require a bit of new language.

This is certainly the case with the neurodiversity paradigm – even the word neurodiversity itself is still relatively new, dating back only to the late 1990s. Neurotypical Privileges. ∞, Neurotypical Study Tips. Autisticliving (Being Around Autistic People - A Guide To...) Autisticality. Inertia inertia: a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force. Autistic inertia is common but little-known and poorly understood. It lies somewhere on the borderline between catatonia and executive dysfunction. Inertia doesn’t mean laziness, or not wanting to do things, or procrastinating – although it can look like all of those things. But sometimes it also looks like mania, obsessiveness, or even a burst of motivation. Causes There are a lot of different possible causes and contributing factors for inertia, and they can be different for everyone.

Energy levels. Neuroqueer: An Introduction. Neuroqueer. Guest post: "We need to stop looking for a 'cause' for autism" Nothing pisses me off more than when girls/women...