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ONLINE FASHION SHOPPING TURNING SWEET 16s TRENDY. Born between 1980 and 2000 are the Millennials who are 20th century’s last generation and indeed its first digital one.


The tech-savvy generation of the quickly evolving technological world comprises of ⅓ of the total population. The young generation is surging constantly and is highly indulged with social media and mobile phones. Look Your Best Wearing an Off-Shoulder Dress For Every Event. Like a flower in an off shoulder dress Making everyone elated Not a way to escape from you Thus falling once again for your look The single dress, yet so versatile…

Look Your Best Wearing an Off-Shoulder Dress For Every Event.

Shop The Perfect Arm Piece The Easier Way. There is no denying of the fact that women share an indispensable relationship with bags.

Shop The Perfect Arm Piece The Easier Way

At first carrying handbags was more to do with style and glamour but over the course of time handbags have become a necessity. Nowadays a woman cannot think of surviving without carrying a bag. However, no matter how much utilitarian the arm piece has become today, it will never lose its charm. How to find the most flattering jeans? Stilettos Diary: Stilettos Diary Tips to beat Summer Heat in Style. I never thought there will come a day when I will have to tolerate 41 deg in Bangalore.

Stilettos Diary: Stilettos Diary Tips to beat Summer Heat in Style

Born and brought up in the streets of central Bangalore, surrounded with Magnolia (Sampige) and Margosa trees, the plight of Bangalore weather makes me feel sad and nostalgic about the good old Bangalore days. I literally am re-jigging my entire wardrobe to simple cottons to beat the heat. One item which has been a saviour are my jumpsuits. If I am feeling the heat, then definitely so are other Bangaloreans. Therefore, I decided to put up a blog post of basic outfits one can wear this summer. 10 of the worst global fashion trends (by consensus) in recent times! - Vin's Look Book. [A guest post by:] There’s nothing like a mess when it comes to enjoyable consternation (yes we enjoy it).

10 of the worst global fashion trends (by consensus) in recent times! - Vin's Look Book

We women enjoy picking out the worst things in food, fashion and life so that we can learn and have fun at the same time. Well, this piece is no different. We’ll take you through the ten worst global fashion trends which have dominated the latest fashion for women at some point and this does not involve oddly shaped bags online or even crop tops for that matter. In fact, online shopping for girls has evolved hugely in recent times but even you will agree that trends play a big role in fuelling the latest fashion for women. JUMPSUITS- THE MEAL TICKET TO FASHION WORLD. Tops-For-Summer 2016. This summer, get ready to sport a variety of tops – move over halters & tanks because these styles are really hitting the market BIG this season.

Tops-For-Summer 2016

And guess what, a number of these are available online as well (so saves you the trouble of going out in the heat?). But yeah, that’s what I really like about online shopping. With complete disclosure of fabrics, styles, there are a number of blouses, tube tops, dresses, skirts all available online. What would I do without online shopping? Seriously, the process of selecting something is so much more smoother and easier now. When it comes to their girls tops section, a slim fit blouse in white is all that you need when you wish to go for a formal meeting in this hot summer season. The next piece of collection from the girls tops section is this brooding top in red.

Raveling top is is the next big thing this season. The Travel Face-Off: Jeggings vs. Jeans. Well we've heard a lot about fashion experts tearing their hair on both sides of debates (it's not as exaggerated as it sounds!)

The Travel Face-Off: Jeggings vs. Jeans

Revolving around the efficacy of jeggings as compared to jeans while traveling. Now, for many of us women, this traverses upon scared territory since our beloved denims are untouchable when it comes to all those vacations and excursions with our gal pals and buddies since time immemorial. Our pairs of jeans have always enjoyed complete monopoly over our travel wardrobe for years not to mention the kind of reliable, hardy and rugged mental images they inspire (yes, we all love to gloat at times :P).

However, we'd like to present the other side of the travel fashion coin, namely jeggings (hopefully without any brickbats on your part! :D). Here's presenting the argument in favor of jeggings when it comes to heavy duty traveling- Get the best of styles with dresses online. SHOP SUPER SEXY BANDAGE SKIRT. The quintessesential tight fitting Bodycon skirt or Bandage skirt as it is popularly called, is flattering indeed.


No matter what body type you have, it’s easy to grow fond of these comfortable, smart looking pieces. When shopping online for women, you do come across long skirts and navigate towards pleats, flare and flow – it’s natural because these fantastic long skirts don’t reveal every bump and bulge like the bandage skirt might. The good news is that bandage skirts can be paired with almost everything. We’ll show you how shopping for these long skirts online can be a solid investment: Pair them with Tees – Not only is it comfortable, but you can choose tees to create looks that fit different occasions. Dress your wardrobe this season. Ladies dresses are definitely etched into the annals of fashion history.

Dress your wardrobe this season

Let’s not even go into the umpteen princesses, celebrities, First Ladies, actresses, performers and icons who have sizzled in some of the finest dresses for women ever made down the ages. Just like skirts add a feminine touch to proceedings (the girly kind), ladies dresses reek of well the feminine ardor and grace that only women can bring to the table (make sure your boyfriend is reading this!).

Dresses for women have dominated mood boards of the finest designers and artistes from time immemorial and the scenario is no different. There are umpteen options available today as far as ladies dresses are concerned but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the needle in the haystack (read quite a few needles).