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Seven Cool Ways to Use Pinterest. Have you joined Pinterest yet?

Seven Cool Ways to Use Pinterest

I have to admit – I’ve been pretty obsessed with it in the last few weeks as I started pinning things and exploring the community. And some pinners are using this new network in really cool ways. For those who’ve not yet familiar with Pinterest, the concept is pretty simple. When you sign up, you create “boards” – as many or few as you want. Each board has a certain theme. Your homepage is filled with the pins from the people/boards you’re following. The most common boards I see are for recipes, craft projects, fashion, and humor, but more and more, people are starting to get creative, which is super inspiring. Create a gift registry. This list tip comes from Kenna Griffin from Prof KRG. Editor’s Picks: Content Curation Tools. Content curation is the collection of content created by others, then filtered through one’s own point of refer­ence.

Editor’s Picks: Content Curation Tools

The best curated content adds commentary that provides insight into the larger topic. Many tools exist to help you collect relevant content across a variety of online media, ranging from search engine results to up-to-the-minute social media shares. They vary from bare­bones to full of bells and whistles. Remember — if the tool doesn’t automatically cite sources, don’t forget to credit the original sources with proper citation. The fol­lowing five popular content curation tools are either free or have free versions with some limitations on features. 1. A full-featured content curation tool, helps you find items re­lated to your topic, arranging them in a newspaper-like format saved as a URL under the domain. Thoughts on Curation. Content Curation 101: What You Need To Know. One of the things that Social Media peeps battle on a regular basis is content creation, which is the ideal way to extend your brand identity, expand your network and potentially created avenues of opportunity to meet clients.

Content Curation 101: What You Need To Know

This is one of the reasons that content is king! We all know that social media can be very time consuming if done properly and worse if not done properly. Content Curation Is Listening and Engaging. Content curation is the organizing, filtering and “making sense of” information on the web and sharing the very best pieces of content that you’ve cherry picked with your network.

Content Curation Is Listening and Engaging

But finding and organizing the information is only half of the task. As Mari Smith points out in this video about why curation is important and some tools for doing it. By sharing the information and giving credit to the source where you found the link, you build relationships and a network. I used to describe this process as “Listening and Engaging” but really like focusing it the process around a content strategy – makes listening and engaging much more actionable. Last week, I helped launch a peer exchange for Packard Foundation for Children’s Health Insurance grantees with Spitfire Communications (creators of the SMART chart). Content curation: How to master information overload to become a great curator « Interactive marketing, PR and social media services in Northern Virginia. Content curation: How to master information overload to become a great curator Author: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson.

Content curation: How to master information overload to become a great curator « Interactive marketing, PR and social media services in Northern Virginia

On Social Media, curate people, not just information. Let’s take Twitter as an example.

On Social Media, curate people, not just information

Your Twitter account is like a library. The 5 types of stories that make good Storifys. While covering Occupy Wall Street, many news sites have used Storify to capture on-the-ground reports from journalists and protesters.

The 5 types of stories that make good Storifys

Storify, they say, gives them a way to help their audience make sense of the stream of information flowing out of social networks. The social news curation tool also helped news sites thwart last week’s media blackout. Storify CEO and Co-founder Burt Herman said there’s been a surge in the number of people using Storify to capture the protests. But he’s also seen news sites use it in interesting ways for a variety of other stories. I talked with Herman and journalists at Mother Jones, The Washington Post, Daily Beast and elsewhere to learn what stories it captures best. Social movements Several news sites have used Storify to enhance their coverage of Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring.

About two-thirds of the Storifys that Mother Jones has created have been about Occupy Wall Street. Breaking news Internet humor, memes. Curatr allows you to build compelling Social Learning experiences for learners of all ages. How To Curate Learning Paths and Engage Students: Curatr. I’m seeing more Scoopit links in my Twitter stream and I’m not crazy about it.

How To Curate Learning Paths and Engage Students: Curatr

Sure it’s quick and easy to share with Scoopit. But it not quick and easy to consume. For me it's all about the econ... Marty Note (here is comment I wrote on Dr. V's blog) Appreciate Bryan’s and Joseph’s comment, but I rarely use as a pass through. Rich snippets are “blog” posts that fall between Twitter and the 500 to 1,000 words I would write in Scenttrail Marketing. I was taught NOT to pass through links on early on by the great curator @Robin Good . How to curate content to reach your readers. What is Content Curation and How to Curate Web Content?

How To Curate Conversations With Storify › SoMe Information Technology. By admin I want to tell you about one of my favorite things on the Internet.

How To Curate Conversations With Storify › SoMe Information Technology

Storify is the best way to gather tweets, comments, snippets and images from all around the Web and put them into one post. It’s a new way of blogging that lets all your Internet friends participate. You can use Storify to capture a momentous event online, or you can ask a question and curate the best answers. Its uses are almost limitless. Sponsor. How To Be An Effective Content Curator. Social Media – How To Curate Content Well. Over the past 12 months the social media space has been engrossed in the need for brands and organisations to curate content for their audiences.

Social Media – How To Curate Content Well

Curation can be an effective way to build you up as a supplier of filtered content, saving people time when it comes to dredging through the quite frankly bewildering levels of content that is thrown our way on a daily basis. Time is money right? Think you can help people save time? How are you connecting the dots? - Game Changer. Connecting the dots. It’s all about connecting the dots. How to distill content curation for real impact. How to Curate a Blog. How to Curate Like a RockstarScoop. Whether you’ve been curating on for a while or you’re just joining us, we want to provide you with some great ways to reach everyone’s ultimate goal: to be a rockstar curator! Here are some of our best tips: 1. Create a topic that you’re passionate about. 2. Be specific with your topic choice. Content curation: How to master information overload to become a great curator « Interactive marketing, PR and social media services in Northern Virginia.

Curation Nation: How to turn information overload to your advantage. Types of Curation. Part 1 of a two part series… There are several different types of curation. In fact, there are almost as many types of curation as there are definitions of what exactly curation is. But there are only two, count them, TWO types of curation that can be monetized well and used for brand-building. [box type="info" size="large" style="rounded"]Curation is basically a content marketing tactic. Rather than adding to the mountains of “original” content being uploaded every minute to the web, the curator researches, gathers, and picks the best information around a specific topic and shares only the best with their readers or followers.

With that in mind, there are two major types of curation happening today: Real-time curation, andBlog Curation (or Curated Hubs) Real-Time Curation This is the realm of curation that is personified by people like Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki, and Mari Smith.