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Conference - Indian Academy of Acupuncture science. Bio-Data - Indian Academy of Acupuncture science. Institutions - Chairman, Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science.Vice chairman, World Association of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China.Visiting Professor, Beijing Meridian Research centre, Beijing, ChinaProfessor Emiritus,The Open International University for complimentary medicines (Medicina Alternativa International), Srilanka.President, Indian Institute of Holistic MedicineDean, Huang Di Neijing Acupuncture Research CentreVisiting Professor International Institute Integrated Medical Sciences.Founder member of commonwealth Institute of Acupuncture and Natural MedicinesFellow of Medicina Alternativa International Srilanka. Member, International Acupuncture Society, Hong Kong. Member, International LASER therapy Association Member, Scandinavian Acupuncture Foundation. Member, International college of Acupuncture. Medals, Awards and Accolades "The Physician of the Century" International Honour By Med, Alt. at Colombo, Srilanka (Jan 2000).

Essentials of Medical Acupuncture. Treatment of Rarecases using Acupuncture including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neuralgia and more - In last 28 years we have treated more than 1.5 million cases including a variety of difficult and so called incurable disorders. Herewith we are quoting few interesting and difficult cases treated at our centres. Myopathy ( Duchenne type of Pseudo- Hypertrophic muscular dystrophy )-A boy 10 years of age R/O Sambalpur diagnosed as a case of "Duchenne" at Medical College, CPK was high, Under treatment for last 2 years. gradually improving. A boy 15 yrs old, R/o Hyderabad, under treatment intermittently for last 3 years, gradually improving. CPK has come down from 18300 to 3650. though incurable, the disease process may be retarded or halted in many such cases.

Some cases improve while further deterioration may be stopped in majority cases. Motor-Neuron Disease ( MND )- Male 55 yrs R/O Pachora could not walk or eat with his hands. Cerebellar Ataxia- A Civil Engineer had imbalance while walking with uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus. Cerebral Palsy- Fruit merchant’s kid could not walk .

Acupuncture Treatment Delhi, Mumbai. Modalities used. Commonly Treated disorders Paralysis, Sequelae of polio, Hemiplegia, Bell’s palsy, Fibro-myalgia, Cervical/Lumbar spondylosis, Disc prolapse, Sciatica, Frozen shoulder, Osteo-arthritis knee, Rheumatoid / Rheumatic Arthritis, Calcaneal spur, Tennis elbow, Writer’s cramps, Hyperacidity, Peptic ulcer, Constipation, Colitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Asthma, Allergy, Rhinitis, Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Acne vulgaris, Black pigmentation on face, Obesity, Impotence, Premature ejaculation, Bed wetting, Menstrual disorders, Leucorrhoea, Sterility, Mental retardation, Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy, Parkinsonism, Cerebellar ataxia, Smoking-drugs-alcohol addictions, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Migraine, Torticollis Hypo/hyperthyroidism, Deafness, Meniere’s syndrome, Myopia, Optic atrophy, Gulliain Barre Syndrome, Varicose veins, Depression, Scizophrenia etc Successfully treated rare and incurable disorders.

Research Work in Progress - Try acupuncture, it will save your life! by Hardik Thomas. By Hardik Thomas acupuncture delhi Yes, that’s true, once you patronize acupuncture; you will start seeing visible improvement in whatever ailment is bothering you. Sometimes by sheer quirk of fate, you may have an injury where in phantom pain refuses to go away or an infection might have become so severe that it is causing recurrent fever and loss of productivity.

Point to note: Prolonged illness of any kind can lead to loss of reputation as the industry frowns upon ill-health and considers it as a ruse for shirking from work. Even though you may be genuinely ill, but office politics, deceptive colleagues will ensure that you are labelled as a shirker and not as a worker. So instead of living your life as an explanation, it’s best to live your live as an exclamation. What is acupuncture? Why acupuncture? No side effects. How much does it cost and whom it is most beneficial? Where it is offered? Read More Info : acupuncture delhi About Hardik Thomas acupuncture delhi Comments. Try a New Approach to Healing! If you are reading this page then there are high chances that you or anyone in your family is suffering from a chronic ailment and is looking at alternative healing therapies in order to get out of the mess that he or she is in.

Prolonged illness can cause depression and it is not always wise to stick to allopathic treatment. Problems with allopathic treatment- The reason is that most allopathic medicines come with side effects and the most common being nausea, vomiting and headache but old people prefer alternative therapies instead of allopathic medication. This is because allopathic medicines have a debilitating effect on old age people whose organs are already degenerating and strong doses of antibiotics and allopathic medicines can cause allergic reactions. Anti-biotics derive their etymology from the word "anti-bio" which means against life and therefore long doses of antibiotics can lead to acidity, heartburn and bloating of the body which can look unhealthy. Adopt the best healing therapies around! by Hardik Thomas.

By Hardik Thomas acupuncture delhi Acupuncture is one of the oldest therapies that mankind has ever known in order to get a grasp over his illnesses. In the olden days, both animal and plant extracts were used to make medicines that cured all the diseases of the nervous, digestive, circulatory, skeletal and other disorders. But slowly with the passage of time, more advancement came in this field and acupuncture was developed. There was a simultaneous school of thought which advocated that the mind controls the body and the body controls the mind but slowly and steadily, other therapies started gaining ground. These advocated the fact that there are certain centres of energy within the body that are the source spring of all energy. By activating these chakras within the body, new energy can be generated which will be useful in curing a lot of diseases. Read about acupuncture In order to gain the maximum from any therapy, you need to read about it very well before hand. About Hardik Thomas.

Achieve better health through acupuncture! Yes. Good health is a blessing that only a very few enjoy. There is an old adage that when money is lost, nothing is lost; health is lost something is lost so in order to avert that possibility you need to reduce your dependence on allopathic medication and get going fast on learning alternative therapies like acupuncture that are taking the world by storm.

Given the economy and effectiveness it offers, acupuncture is really proving to be a viable option for people with long term chronic illness, skeletal injuries that have caused impairment an engendered loss of confidence. Regain your spirits This is one of the biggest advantages that acupuncture offers as it helps in improving the confidence of patients. Multiply your income Once the health of the individual is restored, his family also feels better and can focus on the good aspects of life rather than spending all their hard-earned money on medical consultation, medicines and follow-up.

Stay happy and successful. Imbibe the true spirit of acupuncture! If you have been looking for a painless system of recovery that can deliver guaranteed results for any chronic ailment that you are suffering, then acupuncture is quite rightly the best choice. Millions of people have trusted this system of medicine for the past thousand years and many more are embracing this system as other options are not perfect. However, with the passage of time, acupuncture has underwent huge changes as modern technology has been used to enhance it and in this write-up we will give an insight into the new advancements that have taken place in the field of acupuncture.

But before that, we would like to highlight the fact that acupuncture treatment is a highly personalized treatment therapy and the reputation of the acupuncture specialist plays an important role in treatment outcomes. And you have to be patient in order to see the best results as it does not offer any magical solutions. Retain the blessing of good health through acupuncture! Retain the blessing of good health through acupuncture! Yes, that’s that most patients get when they embrace acupuncture that is fast making inroads into each and every nook and cranny of the globe. No wonder this system of medicine has got global recognition and the list of ailments for which acupuncture has been approved as a system of medicine is now increasing with each passing day. Add to this the fact that there are high number of searches on many search engines for “ acupuncture india” and “acupuncture delhi” which highlights the fact that users know where the best treatment is available. Even acupuncture practitioners have realized that having a footprint in the digital space will help them tap into a large user base of patients who have only heard about acupuncture but are not yet convinced enough to make the transition from allopath to acupuncture.

It is hard to convert but once you convert, you become the best brand ambassador of this system of medicine. Discover a powerful therapy in acupuncture! by Hardik Thomas. By Hardik Thomas acupuncture delhi Since 1979, acupuncture has been approved by the World health organization as the preferred mode of treatment for a number of ailments especially the musco-skeletal complications that cause a lot of pain and anxiety. It has become a much regulated practice in the whole of North America, Europe, Asia and clinicians are enrolled only after they have completed several years of practice. The scope and range of acupuncture is increasing and more people are embracing it day after day as it is seen to offer the maximum bang for the buck, if you consider the return on time, money and energy invested.

Having an acupuncture specialist in Delhi close to your residence will be very beneficial to you as you and your family will be able to get regular treatment close to your home. People of all ages benefit from acupuncture but those who are in the higher age group usually report more skeletal problems and thus acupuncture is a great asset for them. . · Manual massage. Embrace success: embrace acupuncture! – Innovative Information. Yes, you read it right. Success and acupuncture go hand in hand as acupuncture gives you the energy and good health to do the impossible. The results are there for all to see. You first doing the previously impossible things like going for long walks, trekking, half-marathon which you would have avoided otherwise in the normal course of time given your chronic illnesses.

Multiplier effect Correct. Acupuncture has a multiplier effect as it rectifies multiple aspects of your life including, health, wealth, confidence, married life and many other things that had gone wrong. Acupuncture works and there is no doubt about it. Detailed benefits of acupuncture on the human body Here, we have given a snapshot of two of the most common diseases that routinely kill people in developing countries given the contamination in the quality of air, water being made available to citizens and least regard being paid to environmental norms. Asthma Gastro-intestinal problems (Visited 8 times, 1 visits today) Does your line of treatment include acupuncture? – Innovative Information. If the answer to the above question is no, then you need to re-examine your priorities and think twice about the direction in which your time, money and energy is getting expended. If you have been thinking of ayurveda, pranic healing, reiki, neuro-linguistic programming and other alternative therapies for your family, then you should give acupuncture a shot.

No longer for the have-nots Things are much better, hassle-free with acupuncture and this treatment pedagogy is now getting more technology savvy with the best of machines that are being employed to give patients a world class treatment at par with international standards. Gone are the days, when acupuncture was only for the poor and the have-nots who could not afford anything else. Since 1979, it has been recognized internationally by world health organization as a legitimate and effective treatment approach for treatment of skeletal, circulatory, nervous, respiratory and endocrine disorders. How technology makes acupuncture better. Are you open to the thought of using Acupuncture? Are you open to the thought of using Acupuncture? For more than a century, now, acupuncture has been declared as the preferred treatment mechanism for the treatment of lumbago or lower back pain that be pretty excruciating.

Sir William Osler declared it in the nineteenth century only that this system of medicine was perfect and his words carry weight as he was the father of modern medicine. This is a decision that you will never regret If popping a pill has become your habit whenever any sickness strikes you, then you need to rethink your habits and ask yourself as to how long it can continue? · The biggest sufferers are sedentary workers who are almost caught in a spiral that they cannot extricate themselves from. . · Not just this, acupuncture is just great for treating stress, insomnia, digestion problems, menstrual problems, weight management, infertility or not being able to conceive, gastro-intestinal problems, sleep problems and other such lifestyle problems. How women can benefit. Acupuncture Specialists Delhi. Indeed, that is what happens when you move from one therapy to another and take a conscious decision to avoid allopathic medications and put your body on the path of good health.

By relying solely on stainless steel needles and pricking the pressure points within the body that utilize less oxygen and open the storehouse of reserved energy, acupuncture helps patients rejuvenate their bodies the natural way and bring them back on the path of recovery. Unclog the energy that is waiting to be tapped! · Ask any medical practitioner and he will tell you that women are better placed than men, when it comes to handling the extremities of nature. And that is one of the reasons why women outlive men all across the world. No wonder men are more prone to diseases and prefer allopathic medicines that can offer quick-fix solutions and make them return to work. · But by ingesting allopathic medicines, some men make the mistake of relying totally on them and continuing with their cycle of work and sleep. Wake up to good health with acupuncture!: acupuncturedelh. With modern day lifestyles getting increasingly complex, it is important to embrace a system of medicine that is both economical and effective.

Stress is the biggest killer and so is heart disease and both can be cured by The first line of treatment that acupuncture delivers is that it reduces discomfort and pain through the use of stainless steel disposable needles that are totally safe to use and can help the patient get peaceful sleep from day one itself. A good night sleep has the potential to solve a lot of problems both physical and mental and therefore it is highly recommended that patients suffering from any ailment should be disciplined in their daily routines and should sleep properly so that they wake up fully refreshed in mind, body and spirit.

Where to find the best acupuncture specialist? The internet is a good way to find the best acupuncture specialist in Delhi and Mumbai. With acupuncture you are in good hands! Wake up to good health with acupuncture!: acupuncturedelh. Acupuncture Training. Acupuncture Books. Acupuncture Treatment in Delhi & Mumbai. Acupuncture Treatment in Delhi & Mumbai.