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Cardwork stamps. All Free Class Videos. Sewing Stuff - free sewing patterns. Everything Else Nov 2005 curtains, shades, pillows, cushions, etc Waverly Curtains archived mostly extremely strange dolls Doll Maker's Journey clothing, aprons, baby things, crafts, dolls, curtains, bed spreads, toys, etc Sewing.About baby things, bridal, charity, dolls, clothing, sewing organizers, curtains, bedspreads, pillows, purses, kid's stuff, pet stuff, etc a few home decor and personal items under sewing projects Exploring Womanhood.

Sewing Stuff - free sewing patterns

Kael Mijoy. I know I've been promising this tutorial for a couple of weeks now but with one thing and another- it didn't happen.

Kael Mijoy

Part of the problem was all of the trouble I had making this cane. It just didn't want to come together. I was also fighting some really soft clay and, instead of leaching it, I just decided to go with it. That was a mistake. Hmm, maybe my next tutorial needs to be some basic polymer clay vocabulary and techniques for those of you who are new to the medium. PoLEIGH Talking - Skinner Blend 1. The Skinner Blend has become one of the best tools we have for shading our work with Polymer Clay!

PoLEIGH Talking - Skinner Blend 1

It all started out with a very bright lady, Judith Skinner, who is responsible for discovering the Skinner Blend. To those of us who used to cut and mix and measure and cut and mix and measure, we consider her a bit of an angel for all the time she has given back to us for creating instead of mixing! This Skinner Blend is being done with two packages of PREMO. Gratuit Peluche Patron de couture - Mascottes alpaga Kawaii! - Teacup Lion Designs. Hey all!

Gratuit Peluche Patron de couture - Mascottes alpaga Kawaii! - Teacup Lion Designs

I’m pleased to share this free easy plushie sewing pattern with you – it’s great for beginners and sewers at all levels. In this sewing tutorial, I’ll teach you how to make your own cute alpaca cream puff plushie. These alpaca cream puffs are seriously addicting to make~ They’re easy, fun, and a great use of leftover felt scraps :) Plus, they’re travel-sized – I’ve kept been making these in my spare time at the coffee shop and on car rides. You can make each alpaca have a different facial expression. Mon nouveau jouet! If you've been reading my blog for a while now you may remember that back in December /January my sewing machine that I've had for 20 years (yes that makes me feel old!)

Mon nouveau jouet!

Broke down. - Actualités, magazines people & féminin, Outlook et Hotmail. MULTI-POCKET URBAN TOTE. “multi-pocket urban tote” Smart-looking yet functional in commuter bag designs.


An urban carry-all with a variety of pocket compartments for wallet, cellphone and PC notebook makes it the perfect everyday tote. Carry in your hand, on your shoulder or across your chest. Dimensions: 17″ high / 15″ wide / 2″ deep with a 42″ [1.1 m] adjustable shoulder strap and exterior pockets. [43cm X 38cm X 5 cm] Construction Method: Turned finish – this method may be recognized by noting the lack of machine-stitching that is visible at points of assembly on the exterior side of the bag.

Material Used: 100% Olefin sueded automotive upholstery, 54″ [137 cm] wide; trimmed with PVC leatherette vinyl, 60″ [152 cm] wide. You will need: Design Note: Coordinate metal colour and finishes for the zippers and hardware; do the same for dome snaps and rivets. This is a simple block design. ** Add seam allowances to all pattern pieces. Design Note: Use an x-acto knife and metal ruler to cut the leatherette neatly. Moda Marble Swirls (9908-44) Lime. Fabric keychain with embroidered felt flower. Fabric key chain tutorial .

Embroidered flower Materials 2 big flower die cuts 2 small flower die cuts 2 buttons matching stranded cotton Stitch a button to the centre of each flower and embroider each flower individually. Stitch both sides together and stuff with a bit of polyfill. Attach to the keychain as per picture below. Recettes maison gratuit (comment faire) Télécharger. Comment insérer une fermeture éclair et une ligne bourse tutoriel crochet. I just finished this awesome slate gray crochet purse from my original pattern and now I need to add those important finishing touches of a zipper and lining.

Comment insérer une fermeture éclair et une ligne bourse tutoriel crochet

I have created this tutorial to show in detail how I did this! To see more images of purses created with this pattern see my earlier blog post. Purchase this crochet purse pattern here! Inserting the zipper: Purchase a zipper that is an inch or two longer than your opening. Unzip the zipper and start pinning to the top of the purse. Here is a picture looking at it from another angle: Continue pinning the zipper to the purse all the way around: A look at the pinning from a some different angles: Hand or machine sew the zipper in place.

Note how the extra inches of the zipper just float down into the corner of the purse: Congratulations! Next up, I will show you how to line the purse.