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ACT Sytems is a leading managed IT services provider in Reading that specializes in working with growing businesses through the Best IT solution. We offer services like back up & disaster recovery, PC & server Installations, VOIP phone solutions, and many more. Visit: for more details.

Recommend Us – Act Systems. Cloud lessons learned: four companies that migrated their Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure – Act Systems. IT Support Berkshire. New Enquiry – Act Systems. Subscribe Now – Act Systems. Microsoft Cloud Provider. Contact Us – Act Systems. Why Your Company Should Have an IT support system - ACT Systems. IT support services can make a drastic change in your business.

Why Your Company Should Have an IT support system - ACT Systems

They can back you with professional IT support and keep your business competitive. Yes, you can also streamline your goals with the help of technical support services no matter whether you have in-house experts or you outsource it. Take a look at other reasons why your company should invest in IT support. 1. Increased Return Of Investment Hiring IT experts will lead to investment when you reach the right people for that. 2. In case the data is lost for any reason, then these professionals will help you in recovering it. 3. There are many other benefits too. 4. The Bottom Line IT professionals have all the skills and capabilities that are needed to solve technical connectivity problems, software crashing, on the phone. Expand Collaboration – Act Systems. Antivirus Email Protection. Prices and Packages – Act Systems. Oil & Gas / Mining – Act Systems. International oil and natural gas exploration and production company25 staffTwo locations Sea Dragon Energy (SDX) operate in the established Egyptian market and have been in business since 2006.

Oil & Gas / Mining – Act Systems

Originally, they had offices in Cairo, Paris and Calgary. In 2012 the company took the decision to consolidate its operations and to move its Head Office to London and to expand its operations office Cairo. The closure of the Canadian office was decided upon due to the physical distance between Calgary and Cairo as well as the time difference (8 hours). London was chosen as the best location for its head office due to its proximity to Cairo, its institutional investor base and its proximity to SDX’s partners. “Communication is a vital part of our business and with the eight hour time difference between Calgary and Cairo, the staff in Cairo were just finishing their day when the Calgary staff were starting theirs.” How ACT Helped. Managed IT Solutions. Consumer Services – Act Systems. Opticians50 staff4 location Eyesite is an independent optical company with four optician practices in Reading, Brighton, Winchester and Oxford.

Consumer Services – Act Systems

They sell sunglasses, contact lenses, contact lens solutions and sports eyewear online as well as in their practices. They also offer Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Optomap retinal scanning and laser eye surgery. Spot The Difference: Hacking, Phishing And Spoofing – Act Systems. When it comes to cyber security, there are a lot of different terms to get your head around.

Spot The Difference: Hacking, Phishing And Spoofing – Act Systems

You’re constantly being told to be on the lookout for this new phishing scam, or update this programme to prevent email hacking, and after a while, it can get a bit confusing. To make matters worse, a lot of people use these three words, ‘phishing’, ‘spoofing’ and ‘email hacking’ interchangeably, even though they aren’t the same thing, and you can’t protect against them all in the same way. As a business owner, it’s important that you know the difference, and what’s at stake if you or an employee falls victim to one of these scams.

Phishing Emails. Microsoft Office 365 For Business. Every small business needs a Backup Strategy - Act Systems. Do you have a Backup Strategy or are you one of the almost four million UK businesses that could be at risk of losing their data due to inadequate – or even non-existent backup practices?

Every small business needs a Backup Strategy - Act Systems

Many small business owners do not back up their data at all, and in some cases the only copy of important data is residing solely on the individual system it was created on. Data is the most important aspect of a business. Hardware and software can always be replaced, but the same cannot be said about data. When disaster strikes, complete loss of data is something that business owners will find extremely difficult to recover from.

Lose of data unique to your business, like financial reports, client information or system instructions could result in your business being down for days, face fines or total closure. Why do you need a strong password? - Act Systems. With so much of our real-world life being managed online these days, it seems we have an email and password for just about everything.

Why do you need a strong password? - Act Systems

From social media to utility bills to online banking, it’s understandable to want to use one memorable password across all your accounts – but while a simple password makes life easier for you, it can also make life easier for anyone looking to gain access to your accounts. Why Do I Need a Strong Password? Ultimately hackers are lazy, so they’re going to look for the easiest way into your systems. For many organisations, this is via the user access of the people in the business, since they only need to get passed one password. Cloud Based Phone System. Medical Services - a key sector for IT Support by ACT Systems. Full-service clinical research and resourcing organisation55 staff7 offices in 6 European countries Venn Life Sciences (Venn) is a European CRO with 25 years’ experience in the management & resourcing of clinical trials.

Medical Services - a key sector for IT Support by ACT Systems

Venn’s long history has seen it work with some of the world’s leading Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Medical Devices companies. With unique knowledge of navigating the European Clinical Trials area, Venn’s therapeutic experience is extensive with highly qualified teams across Europe. The business was originally running its data centre out of Canada, which hosted its Navision centralised accounts and management software. In recent years, Venn Life Sciences has expanded its presence throughout European market with offices in the UK (London and Belfast), Ireland (Dublin), France (Paris), the Netherlands (Hoogeveen), Switzerland (Zurich) and Germany (Rheinbach). The Necessity of Email Anti-Spam & Email Antivirus Protection: actsystems — LiveJournal. The business of any type and any size can be exposed to threats that arise in the form of phishing email or ransomware.

The Necessity of Email Anti-Spam & Email Antivirus Protection: actsystems — LiveJournal

Everything from laptops, tablets to cell phones, all IT assets are the main target due to the essential data they include inside. Using unprotected electronic devices never makes good sense and the chances are higher one can face loss in terms of reputation and revenue as well. Moving office? Our top tips to help you have a stress free move. Moving offices can be a stressful event for any company, but with some careful planning the impact on the business can be kept to a minimum.

Moving office? Our top tips to help you have a stress free move.

Having just gone through our own office move, we thought we would share some tips with you. A familiar name in your email inbox isn't always who you think it is. Sadly, it is a fact that today small and medium-sized businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals.

A familiar name in your email inbox isn't always who you think it is

It is the people in these organisations that are being targeted mostly through email. Recent research has shown that 90% of all attacks start with a targeted email using social engineering relying on users to click a malicious link, run malicious code or give up their credentials. Ubiquiti Cloud Controller. Business and Professional Services. International recruitment consultants to the audio visual, video conferencing and IT industries as well as to the teaching profession68 staff5 locations Prospero recruits for the audio visual, video conferencing and wider IT industries. They have the largest database in the world of audio visual & video conferencing candidates from both the UK and overseas.

They work with companies looking to fill a permanent vacancy, long term contract or day to day supply. They also recruit for the education sector as Prospero Teaching, working with thousands of Primary, Secondary, Academy, Special Needs and Further Education Schools & Colleges. ACT first started working with Prospero in June 2010 when they just had one office with about 18 users. Is your business still using Windows 7? Are you planning to upgrade? January 2020 is only 4 months away and alongside heralding the start of a new year, it is also the month that Microsoft will end support for Windows 7. As of the 14th January 2020, free security updates will no longer be provided. Released in October 2009, Windows 7 proved to be a very popular operating system and it is estimated that over 40% of small to medium-sized businesses are still running Windows 7, despite a campaign by Microsoft to get users upgraded to Windows 10.

Is your business still using Windows 7? Cyber Security UK. How To Reduce Your IT Costs And The Role Outsourcing Can Play. Did you know that last year the average business spent around 12% of their total IT budget on outsourcing support? Or that the most popular service businesses look for from a provider is IT security?

More and more businesses are realising the importance of digital transformation, IT security and evolving technology within their business, and are embracing outsourced IT support to achieve that. But that’s not the only thing that outsourcing your IT support can do. Did you know it can also save you money down the line? In this post, we’ll talk you through three areas where outsourcing can cut your costs, while staying productive and secure. Types of Technology Used In The Business World: actsystems — LiveJournal. Techniques, processes, and skills are technology.

Every aspect of life is now evolved with technology. It is a very powerful invention of man to let things done by machines. Cloud Backup For Small Business. How To Avoid A Single Point Of Failure In Your Business IT. If you’ve set up a business and spent years growing it, you probably want to make sure it will be around for a while. You will want to protect it, and make sure that nothing could bring it down – especially from the inside.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses will go under due to poor IT planning, usually because they have not noticed the vulnerabilities within their systems. A single point of failure could be enough to take down a business you have spent years building and nurturing, which is why it’s so important to identify and fix them – or avoid them altogether. What is a Single Point of Failure? In business, a single point of failure is defined as a solitary problem within a system that stops the system from working, leading to the failure of the entire business, usually by completely shutting down its source of revenue. In more complex businesses, these failures are more complex as well. Redundancy, Redundancy, Redundancy. Financial Services IT Support by Act Systems.

Independant Financial Advisors44 StaffMulti-Site Established in 1992, HMT LLP is one of the leading independent financial advisers in the UK, with an exceptional track record of completing transactions and supporting ambitious entrepreneurial businesses. Email Backup. Providing Businesses IT support. Case Studies. Companies Act Systems have worked for. GDPR help guidance by Act Systems. Video Security. GDPR steps to take by Act Systems. IT support to facilitate growing companies. Small Business Phone System Voip. Video Security Surveillance Systems.

Email Anti Spam. Business Challenges To Combat During COVID-19: actsystems — LiveJournal. The effect of COVID-19 can be seen in the entire world and every walk of life. Businesses and economies of almost country have been shaken by the pandemic. It has created a lot more problems for small and micro business owners especially. Many types of research and studies have been conducted to analyze the scale of the loss on certain aspects of businesses.

Let us see them in brief. 1. The impact of the attack by the unseen enemy can be seen in small businesses without any doubt. 2. Cash flow is important for any business to maintain its proper functioning and keeping the supply open. 3. The problems of being away from the office can’t be underrated. 4. Working with the same attitude towards your business seems to be tough for many. The Bottom Line The coronavirus outbreak triggered an economic crash and we all need to perform our best brainstorming the potential solutions. The cloud-based telephone system managed by ACT Systems. Today, many things are stored in the cloud as a matter of course. There we store our data, share our music and edit documents in real time together. Windows Virtual Desktop. Office 365 Plans.

PC and Server Installations. Managed It Solutions. 24-Hour IT Support Services Reading, Berkshire and London. Explaining the Benefits of Having an IT Support: actsystems — LiveJournal. Safety is the utmost priority for businesses all around the world. If one does not focus on it, then the functionality of the business operations affects badly. IT Support Reading. Email Protection Security& Email Encryption and Backup. IT support to facilitate growing companies.