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We manufacture different types of electronic weighing scales to suit a number of requirements. Visit:

How To Weigh A Caravan. Australians are recognized for their affinity for the outdoors.

How To Weigh A Caravan

The majority of Australians grow up having open outdoor spaces, wide backyards around their households and love to enjoy sports and barbeque activities in warmer weather. However, due to rapid urbanization average size of living spaces is reducing with every passing day. Thus rather than having traditional backyards, homeowners are opting to spend their weekends outdoors by camping or other such activities.

Using a caravan for such fun outdoor activities can make your overall experience delightful and comfortable. According to statistics, in 2019 the number of caravan and camping visitor nights exceeded 60 million and 14 million trips for the first time. [Source: Thus when these weekenders plan for their fun weekends, in excitement they tend to overload their caravans with luggage. When a Caravan Weight Check is Recommended? When you are loading your caravan for a new adventure, it is safe to register a tare (empty) weight.

Aluminium Horse Scales. Weighing Scales Melbourne. Commercial & Industrial Weighing Scales Melbourne. Internal Calibration Vs External Calibration. Scientifically weight is a very broad concept apart from just being a unit of measurement.

Internal Calibration Vs External Calibration

Some define weight as scalar quantity while others define it as a vector quantity. Despite different theories about weight and weight measurement, operational weighing instruments have been in practice for ages now even before some of these theories existed. Almost all industries incorporate weighing balances or scales to some degree in their day to day operations. Today, industrial scales are available with different degree of accuracy, weighing capacity, sizes etc. Nevertheless, we find weighing instruments all around us in our everyday life. Whether in an industrial setting or at your regular grocery shop, weighing scales are repeatedly subjected to loading and unloading.

For the purpose, you can determine whether your weighing instrument accuracy by the way of metrologically traceable calibration. First Let’s Understand What Calibration Is, Scout Portable Laboratory Balances Melbourne – Active Scales. Setting New Standards in Laboratory & Industrial Weighing — The Next Generation of Scout Balances Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, the OHAUS Scout comes in a slim, stackable design with large backlit LCD.

Scout Portable Laboratory Balances Melbourne – Active Scales

Features include superior overload protection, multiple weighing units and application modes. Geared for high performance in your facility with fast stabilization time and high resolution weighing results, these portable balances set a new standard in laboratory and industrial weighing. Standard Features Include: Bright Backlit LCD & 4 Button Control Enable Efficient Operation and Ease of Use Combined with a simplified 4 button operation, the Scout’s large backlit display increases readability in low light working conditions, and is easier to view from a distance. Rinstrum Scale Indicators Leading Suppliers - Active Scales. How to Choose The Right Platform Scale. Platform scales are essential part of any successful industry or a warehouse.

How to Choose The Right Platform Scale

These scales are able to weigh a variety of objects right from livestock to heavy industrial parts. Platform weighing scales are most commonly used for weighing large size luggage items, a large amount of food and animals etc. Apart from the functionality, weighing scales must ensure efficient operability, accuracy and most importantly should be versatile enough to be used in various other industries. Manufacturing facilities, warehouses, veterinaries as well as many other businesses prefer functionally versatile weighing scales, as they reduce possible recurring expenses and ultimately saves a huge amount of money for the business. Weighing Scales Melbourne. Batch Indicators - R400 Series Rinstrum Indicators. Weighing Scales & Repairs Services Melbourne – Active Scales.

Bagger Weight Scales Melbourne. Bagger scales are typically used in industries where items are comparatively smaller in size and need to be weighed in bulk quantities.

Bagger Weight Scales Melbourne

These scales are extremely useful as they help in controlling the flow of the items along with weighing them. Accurate weight reading assists in identifying the exact quantity of the items filled, saving you from manual labour work. Bagger weight scales are often used for products like seeds, sugar and non-free flowing products like soaps etc. How To Choose The Best Food Scale. If you are a restaurateur or a fitness geek, then food portioning scales are an inseparable part of your everyday life.

How To Choose The Best Food Scale

However, food-scale functions are not so limited. These scales are often used in commercial settings, baking industry, retail food outlets, food testing laboratories etc. Test Masses & Test Weight Scales Accessories – Active Scales. Batching Scales, Batch Weigh Scales Melbourne – Active Scales. Types of Laboratory Balances. Weighing scales or balances have been part of trade transaction for ages now.

Types of Laboratory Balances

They have been identified by many different names, weight balance, weight scales etc. However, scientifically there is a difference between scales and balances. Weighting Scale Repairs & Maintenance Services - Active Scales Melbourne. Active Scales is a leading scale manufacture in Melbourne.

Weighting Scale Repairs & Maintenance Services - Active Scales Melbourne

Our company specialises in making scales for various types of businesses in the commercial, industrial and medical sectors. If you want made-to-measure scales to suit your specific requirements, you can trust our team. Scale Indicators & Displays Melbourne – Active Scales. Food Portioning Scales Suppliers – Active Scales. The OHAUS FD Food Portioning Scale – Speed, Durability and Cleanliness Designed for Food Service Use The OHAUS Food Portioning Scale is a rugged, multi-use portioning scale designed for use in food service applications.

Food Portioning Scales Suppliers – Active Scales

Ideally suited for food portioning and checkweighing, the FD Food Portioning Scale combines an easily cleaned design, fast display and high precision loadcell. Designed for use in restaurants, bakeries, food manufacturing and other areas requiring fast operation and flexibility, the OHAUS Food Portioning Scale offers durability and cleanliness in one economical design. Standard Features Include: All-stainless steel construction Non-H models feature 1:3,000 NTEP certified and Measurement Canada approved resolutions Checkweighing mode with 3 LED indicators and audible alarm, percentage weighing modeView Detail. Custom Scales for Industrial Weighing Needs – Active Scales. Digital Vs Analog Weighing Scale. Weighing scales are crucial devices for any kind of business, right from the regular grocery shop to large scale commercial industries.

Digital Vs Analog Weighing Scale

Modern weighing scales are able to produce the ultra-precise readings almost instantly. However, this has not been the case always. Weighing scales were born out of necessity. In ancient times, merchants and traders exchanged goods in return for the desired commodity. This barter system gave birth to the need to measure commodities precisely. Many archeological shreds of evidence suggest that weighing scales have been initially discovered in the Indus River valley, near present-day Pakistan, and date back to around 2,000 B.C. Laboratory Scales & Portable Lab Balances Melbourne – Active Scales. How to Calibrate Weighing Scale. Weighing scales are a part of diverse industrial functions. Industrial scales are repeatedly subjected to heavy loading and unloading. Additionally, external factors such as environmental conditions, electricity fluctuations, everyday wear and tear etc. deteriorate the weighing efficiency of the scale.

These factors cause the accuracy and precision of the scale to diminish with time. And in absence of regular maintenance and care, your weighing scale may sustain permanent damage. So, even if you own the most advanced professional-grade weighing scale, regular maintenance and calibration will still be needed to improve scale’s reliability for weight measurement. Why calibration is necessary? Firstly, regular weighing scale calibration ensures consistency of readings.

Jewellery Weighing Scales. A Dynamic Weighing Experience with the Next Generation of OHAUS Carat and Gold Portable Balances Designed for a wide range of regular and trading applications, the Class ll certified SJX Carat and Gold balances are ideal for weighing jewelry, precious metals, gemstones etc. Equipped with superior overload protection, large backlit display, fast stabilization time, multiple weighing units, application modes and connectivity options, these slim balances offer a truly user-friendly weighing experience.

Standard Features Include: Slim Design with LCD & Connectivity Options for a User-Friendly Experience The bright white backlit LCD display of the Scout shows the net weight of precious metals and stones clearly. Industrial Platform Weighing Scales. If you are looking for high-quality industrial platform scales then Active scales has the perfect solution for you. We offer a wide range of heavy-duty platform weighing scales best suited for industrial weighing requirements. With extensive experience in manufacturing and servicing of various types of scales, we have gained expertise in designing custom-designed scales that will perfectly satisfy your business needs.

Our products are water-resistant, durable and are available in an affordable range. Bench Weight Scales. Top 3 Inventory Management Strategies to Improve Efficiency. In Today’s competitive world numerous types of business are adopting a lean approach incarrying out their businesses. This approach focuses on improving the efficiency of theoverall business by continuous monitoring of their stocks. But keeping track of your inventory on a frequent basis is not an easy task.

Many business owners and managers dread this tedious task that may potentially hold them back during busy seasons. But inventory checking is necessary for all types of businesses as it helps businesses to optimize their most valuable assets like time and money. So what do you do? Body Condition Scoring and Weight Estimation of Horses. The ultimate goal of every horse owner is to keep horses healthy and happy.

A horse requires more attention and care than any other animal. Whether you own a horse as a pet or you are a professional breeder or own a horse for competition purposes, you would want to maintain his health at all times. Moreover, it is a long term commitment and you may have to put in extra efforts to keep your horse at his glorious best. There are so many factors that affect a horse’s health and at times it becomes difficult to evaluate the exact cause. A breeder may give close attention to animal nutrition, training, and health care treatments, etc.

Weighing Scale Maintenance Tips. Why Platform Scales are Essential for Warehouses. For various industrial environments, weight is considered as one of the most fundamental parameters. Industrial Scales, Industrial Weighing Scales Melbourne – Active Scales. Types of Weighing Scales in Industries. Horse Weighing Scales.

Factors affecting accuracy of weighing scale. How to Select the Right Weighing Scales for Your Business. As a business owner, whether buyer, seller or a manufacturer you may already know how important weighing scales are for businesses to succeed and thrive. Caravan Weight Scales. Caravan Scale: Do you go on long trips with your family or friends and frequently bring the caravan with you? Industrial & Commercial Scale Repairs.