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Online Presence as Career Growth Strategy | 4 Steps to a Sustainable Personal Brand | CareerBloom. Given that so much of personal and professional brand-building happen online, it is important to actively manage your personal brand as projected online. Here are 4 steps you can take to build your personal brand, in a sustainable way: Manage LinkedIn actively LinkedIn profile is the single most important branding tool online. With 175 million professionals, this is where people start when they want to know about you professionally.

Don’t write it only with a job in mind; write it to showcase you to the world – your strengths, experiences, capabilities, interests and passion, group affiliations, etc. Don’t hoard too many recommendations, it starts losing value if you overdo it. Use Twitter to build your knowledge community Twitter is probably the most confusing social networking tool – it is not very clear how best to use it professionally. Showcase your talent via blogs I can’t emphasize its importance enough. Stay active in your domain and interest areas.