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Analysing Media Content

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AMCNotes. Active Audience / Reception Theory (with images) · Mike_OD42. The scene can convey two different types of messages, one to each of the targeted active audiences.

Active Audience / Reception Theory (with images) · Mike_OD42

Toy Story Textual Analysis. Enigma codes How do the toys not get caught when they come alive?

Toy Story Textual Analysis

How characters are established and represtented Andy is playing in his room with his toys, like children doThe first toy you see is Mr. Potato Head pretending to rob a bankHam is first seen pretending to be the bank because he is a money boxBow Peep cries out for help, then Woody appears and saves the daySlinky is shown to be protecting Ham so Woody cannot harm him, but Woody has his own weaponWoody brings out Rex which scares Slinky leaving Ham with no protectionMolly appears with Ham is put into Jail, like any other baby, she picks the toy up and puts him in her mouth Locations Andy’s bedroomAndy’s house Camera techniques and their effects.

Horror. Critics be damned – here's why The Big Bang Theory is an unstoppable force with fans. To call The Big Bang Theory popular is an understatement.

Critics be damned – here's why The Big Bang Theory is an unstoppable force with fans

The show’s season premiere saw over 18 million viewers tune in, continuing its run as the most watched show on American television. While Jim Parsons has won four Emmy awards for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper, the show itself is not particularly critically acclaimed. While it has been nominated for best comedy series at the Emmys, the award has consistently gone to Modern Family. The show’s writing and directing have never even been nominated and, in general, critics don’t watch it, much less write about it.

“I think what keeps me away are two things: one, the multi-cam laugh-track comedy feels inferior in this day and age, and two, no one I know watches it, so there’s no one to talk to about it,” said Joe Reid, a writer for The Atlantic. While critics may not watch, the show is seemingly critic-proof. How can showrunners replicate this recipe for success? Find a subculture that is becoming mainstream Avoid complex plots. Glossary of Media Terminology. Anchorage – how meaning is fixed, as in how a caption fixes the meaning of a picture Archetype – A universal type or model of character that is found in many different texts, e.g. ingenue, anti-hero, wise old woman, hero-as-lover, hero-as-warrior, shadow trickster, mentor, loyal friend, temptress Audience – viewers, listeners and readers of a media text.

Glossary of Media Terminology

A lot of media studies is concerned with how audience use texts and the effects a text may have on them. Also identified in demographic socio-economic categories. Binary Opposites – the way opposites are used to create interest in media texts, such as good/bad, coward/hero, youth/age, black/white. Catharsis – the idea that violent and and sexual content in media texts serves the function of releasing ‘pent up’ tension aggression/desire in audiences. Censorship – Control over the content of a media text – sometimes by the government, but usually by a regulatory body like the British Board of Film censors. Media text – see above. The Boy Theatrical Trailer. What 'The Simpsons' can teach us about life. ‘Many people have criticised The Simpsons for its portrayal of the father as dumb, uneducated, weak in character and morally unprincipled, but at least he is there,’ he says.

What 'The Simpsons' can teach us about life

This reflects Matt Groening’s scepticism towards the idea of the perfect patriarch who makes everything right, as seen on series like The Cosby Show. The Simpsons represents a much more nuanced and more realistic view of life. No matter how much grief they cause one another, they always end up affirming their love for one another. In one cautionary episode, the Simpson children are taken away by the Child Welfare Board. The ghastliness of the morally upright Flanders family (‘I don’t judge Homer and Marge – that’s for a vengeful God to do,’ says Maude Flanders) and trendy social workers are contrasted with the cosy imperfections of their real parents.

Pop Culture: Politics of Media Literacy. Ay, Caramba!

Pop Culture: Politics of Media Literacy

The Simpsons in Our Daily Lives (c) 2006, Allisa Rahaman The Simpsons is not just another animated television show; it is the animated television show. And never has a North American cartoon had such an impact on daily living then The Simpsons. The Simpsons is now credited as the longest running American show having debuted on December 17, 1989 , with 384 episodes forming eighteen glorious seasons. Commenting on social issues is one of the most interesting aspects to The Simpsons as it comments directly on our North American society. Simpsons character profiles — Simpsons Crazy. The Critical Media Project. The following activities can be used in conjunction with specific media examples on this website or more generally used to elicit class discussion and critical thinking.

The Critical Media Project

It may be useful to review the section that overviews key concepts tied to identity and consider how we understand our identities and the ways our identities are shaped by media. Many of these exercises can be adapted for one-time use or extended for use over the course of a unit or series of units. Feel free to transform and manipulate them to fit your lesson plans.

Media - GCSE study guide. Introduction This guide has been written to help you study the media.

Media - GCSE study guide

It is specifically written for students in England and Wales, studying media for assessed work in English in Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum (Level 2 or GCSE). It may be of interest to students of media generally. 60840 examiners reports june. Revisionpack2012 120701154226 phpapp02. GCSE Media Studies Revision Pack. Exploring Satire with The Simpsons. Lesson Plan Preview.

Exploring Satire with The Simpsons

L.A. Confidential - Trailer - HQ. Youtube. Trailer Project: Apocalypse Now.