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Christmas feeling - Mariannan. Going through old pictures really gives me the Christmas feeling, with all the good warm memories.

christmas feeling - Mariannan

Sometimes the feeling is lost, there’s no snow and I might feel exhausted and tired of everything for no reason. But then I remember, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Hahah kidding, but really, it’s probably my favorite time of the year. After seeing pretty lights on a window or being offered a hot mulled wine on the street, or hearing people wish Merry Christmas, that’s when I remember it is almost Christmas. So now let’s enjoy these days, time goes by so fast. A Trip To Ile de Ré — 8 rue Caffarelli. Dusty grey skies have made their home in Paris these days, so it's hard to believe that just last month I was on a sunny island, slathering on sunscreen and picnicking by the sea.

A Trip To Ile de Ré — 8 rue Caffarelli

When my parents came to visit in October, we decided to stretch our legs and get out of town for a few days. After a speedy three hour trip by train, we landed on Ile de Ré, a tiny island tucked away on the Atlantic coast of France. Its sun-bleached buildings, endless supply of salted butter caramels (the island is famous for their salt), and winding cobblestone streets lined with hollyhocks make Ile de Ré the perfect weekend escape.

In the off-season, the sleepy island moves at a snail's pace, encouraging you to appreciate the simpler things in life - a scoop of ice cream, the salty ocean air, and a breezy bike ride. Life, lately // no.6. Hey everyone!

Life, lately // no.6

Sorry I've been so MIA lately. I had hoped to schedule more blog posts in advance while I was away, but I didn't get a chance to with all the things I had to finish up before my trip. Hope you got a chance to check out my Northern Lights travel mini though, and my Travel Tuesday blog series will resume next week! Paris in Four MonthsParis in Four Months.

I’m slowly realising how wonderful the last couple of weeks have been and how incredibly stressful the coming ones will be.

Paris in Four MonthsParis in Four Months

Paris Fashion Week is just around the corner and there’s already so many things filling up my calendar that I’m worried I’m not going to handle it all. Stressful for sure, but it’s fun stress after all! Follow along on Instagram for more updates and photos. Lisa Olsson. TACK för alla fina gratulationer igår!!

Lisa Olsson

Insta-life lately. 1.

insta-life lately

Sunny streets of Helsinki 2. Ibiza insta diary - Lovely Pepa by Alexandra. 89 Flares 89 Flares × Today I wanna share with you one of those insta-diaries in which I show some of the best moments of my trips.

Ibiza insta diary - Lovely Pepa by Alexandra

This time we head back to Ibiza… only two weeks ago, where I spent a long weekend at the Me Ibiza Hotel with one of my friends. We enjoyed a great stay there, we drunk daiquiris (many), we ate really well, we did snorkel, we sail to Formenetera, we partied… we did everything you can do in the amazing Ibiza. I hope you enjoy the pics! Hoy quiero compartir con vosotros uno de esos insta-diarios en los cuales os enseño algunos de los mejores momentos de mis viajes. Madrid —-> Ibiza Perfect welcome at the Me Ibiza Hotel We spent our first day between the beach and the amazing infinity pool of our Hotel. The perfect way to start our day Visit to Santa Eularia to have lunch with a friend of mine Could you imagine a best way to start the night?

Summerhouse trip with girls. Yesterday early in the morning we headed off to the countryside with Alexa and Sofia.

summerhouse trip with girls

First we stopped at a grocery store, made some quick plans about the food, and then continued to Sofia’s summerhouse. The place was simply perfect! It was right in front of a lake, with a beautiful terrace, and all white interior inside. So calming and cozy! This was exactly what I needed, a relaxing day with these girls, sauna and swimming, summer food and drinking wine (in these views!) Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Instagram Diary. Breanna rose / touring europe on instagram. I woke up unusually early this past Sunday and instead of crawling out of bed, I trolled instagram for awhile.

breanna rose / touring europe on instagram

Michael was sound asleep and really, I just felt too lazy to get up. Since we’ve started planning our honeymoon more and more recently, my mind has been in Europe … often. I finally had this “DUH” moment where I thought it would be beneficial to find some instagram accounts to follow overseas! To see their daily grind, gather ideas, etc. Paris Photo Diary (Instabac 81) Life via iphone. 1.

life via iphone

Walking in beautiful streets of Helsinki 2. Coffee time 3. Been wearing this parka a lot lately 4. That favorite toast (And probably my most liked picture on Instagram?! Haha!) Insta-life. 1. Sunny Sunday 2. Some girly essentials: favorite perfume, watch, lipstick and nail polish! Almost all of these are in daily use right now. 3. That new closet from Ikea 4. Salads at Cafe Carusel near the seaside. 1.