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The Wildlife Trusts sur Twitter : Game-changing response required to tackle State of Nature crisis #naturesintrouble. Game-changing response required to tackle State of Nature crisis. Cpt Zsuzsanna Bird Finding game-changing solutions to the crisis facing nature is the theme of the landmark Conference for Nature today, which features high-profile delegates including Sir David Attenborough, The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, Germaine Greer and key people from business, politics, the utility sector and conservation.

Game-changing response required to tackle State of Nature crisis

From the food we eat to the popular bedtime stories we read to our children, nature touches everyone’s lives more deeply than we can possibly imagine In May last year, the UK’s leading wildlife groups released the State of Nature report, which revealed 60 per cent of our native species are in decline and one in ten are heading for UK extinction. Sur Twitter : Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum, by AnthillArt @anthillart #nature #art. Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043) Sur Twitter : Albino dolphin spotted in the Mediterranean #nature #naturaurbana cc @criptonatura.

Albino dolphin spotted in the Mediterranean could be one of just 20 in the world, say researchers. Marine researchers spotted the incredibly rare dolphin off the coast of ItalyThe mammal, thought to be a male, is good health according to experts There are only believed to be 20 albino dolphins in the wildBottlenose dolphins are normally grey in colour unless there is a mutation By Darren Boyle for MailOnline Published: 19:22 GMT, 27 August 2014 | Updated: 09:47 GMT, 29 August 2014 Marine researchers in Croatia have revealed how they have found a previously unrecorded albino dolphin, one of only 20 in the world.

Albino dolphin spotted in the Mediterranean could be one of just 20 in the world, say researchers

The rare mammal - named Albus by the research team - was found in the Mediterranean swimming between Croatia and Italy. Experts say the dolphin - who they believe to be male - appears to be in good health. Marine scientists from Croatia discovered the rare albino dolphin off the Italian coast near Ravenna. MIDWAY : This film should be seen by the entire world ! Earth-space. Renowned Biologist E O Wilson: Half the World Should be Set Aside for Animals. Come Fly With Me, Let's Fly Let's Fly Away... - ImaGeo. This Is How Bees Make Honey. Image uploaded by @Acrocephalus (Acrocephalus. Instagram. Animals Can Be Giant Jerks. Humanity has a tendency to romanticize the rest of the natural world.

Animals Can Be Giant Jerks

We humans aren't so great - we destroy natural resources, harm the environment, and all around act like jerks. But the rest of nature? Image uploaded by @Acrocephalus (Acrocephalus. Parasites and Fungi That Terrorize Nature [Video] There are many parts of nature, such as parasites and fungi, spreading not just themselves and diseases to animals and bugs but fear to humans.

Parasites and Fungi That Terrorize Nature [Video]

Nothing on the list has been confirmed to affect humans in any way. However there are probably some that would prefer these stay with insects and animals. These parasitic and fungal organisms take advantage of natural behavior to spread millions of spores or just a single egg, continuing to hitch along the circle of life. One of the most recent discoveries in nature involves a parasitic plant called strangleweed that not only attaches, but almost fully changes any food source.

Marmot Adorably Ruins Time Lapse of Glacier National Park. Greenpeace USA started out with really great intentions.

Marmot Adorably Ruins Time Lapse of Glacier National Park

They set out to make a time lapse video at Glacier National Park in order to show the landscape in all of its glory, and to criticize oil drilling on public land. However, the artistic direction of the film was overthrown by a curious little marmot who decided to upstage the mountains. Acrocephalus : A distrustful look #marmot ... Instagram. Dead Zones: Devil in the Deep Blue Sea. Brian Palmer covers daily environmental news for OnEarth.

Dead Zones: Devil in the Deep Blue Sea

His science writing has appeared in Slate, The Washington Post, the New York Times, and many other publications. This article first appeared in the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) publication OnEarth. Acrocephalus : A poplar fossil in a travertin ... Instagram. Inicio de sesión en la Cadena SER. Instagram. Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth. Experiments on Humans Can Save Wildlife. Brian Hare is an associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, and Vanessa Woods is the author of "Bonobo Handshake" (Gotham, 20011).

Experiments on Humans Can Save Wildlife

Woods and Hare are on the board of the nonprofit Lola ya Bonobo, a sanctuary for orphan bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The authors contributed this article to Live Science's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. The only way humanity can save wild animals is to conduct experiments on the humans who decide those animals' futures. All conservation decisions are made by the human mind, but there is almost no research on human psychology as it relates to conservation. Scientists need a much deeper understanding of how people across different socioeconomic and cultural settings think about animals and wild places.

This week's special issue of the journal Science presents overwhelming evidence that humans are causing animals to go extinct faster than ever before. Conservationists usually collect and present facts. Can you show us that again please? For almost thirty years, David Stern has been obsessed with the fact that male fruit flies ‘sing’ to females.

Can you show us that again please?

A World Without Bees — Video. Scientists explain the amazing process by which bees make hexagonal honeycombs. - Seriously, Science? Bats Use Polarized Light As a Nighttime Compass. La web dels Boscos de Catalunya. En defensa de la tintorera - EcoGallego - Blogs de Opinión de LaVanguardia.comEcoGallego – Blogs de Opinión de ¿Qué tiene de noticiable un hecho tan cotidiano como el vuelo de una cigüeña sobre el campanario del pueblo, la presencia de un jabalí en el bosque o el avistamiento de una libélula en un estanque?

En defensa de la tintorera - EcoGallego - Blogs de Opinión de LaVanguardia.comEcoGallego – Blogs de Opinión de

Pues igual de destacable es la observación de una tintorera en nuestro litoral. Sin embargo es sorprendente la forma como se informa de su presencia y todavía más que se llegue a izar la bandera roja en las playas en cuanto asoma su aleta dorsal. Por eso quisiera aportar algunas notas sobre la biología de este fascinante animal y desmitificarlo. Atlas de la Flora de los Pirineos. Fact or Fiction?: Birds (and Other Critters) Abandon Their Young at the Slightest Human Touch. It's a familiar summer scenario: a nest rests in the low crook of a crab apple tree.

Fact or Fiction?: Birds (and Other Critters) Abandon Their Young at the Slightest Human Touch

Inside, a baby oriole stretches its wings, attempting to trill. Acrocephalus : Collared Pratincole, Perdiu ... Instagram. About the Piip-Show - Piipshow.


Avibase – a database system for managing and organizing taxonomic concepts. Acrocephalus : Hey dude! What are you doing ... Instagram. Acrocephalus : Who said birding was easy? ... Instagram. Acrocephalus : Can you see me? Little Bittern. ... Instagram. Acrocephalus : Blauet (Alcedo attis) durant ... Instagram. Acrocephalus : Pensament subalpí, Heartsease ... Acrocephalus : Dunlin #remember #arxiu #birding ... Instagram. Acrocephalus : Pastorel·la (Gentiana verna)... Acrocephalus : Herba fetgera (Anemone hepatica),... Acrocephalus : Pastorel·la (Gentiana verna)... Instagram. Acrocephalus : Herba fetgera (Anemone hepatica),... Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Instagram. Nature Photography: Calendari de natura 2014 / Nature Calendar 2014. The Coolest Things We Saw Exploring The Galápagos Islands In Google Street View. View Photo Gallery Click here to enter the gallery Not everyone can explore the Galápagos Islands. There are a couple of flights and a handful of hotels on the inhabited islands, but you need a guide to take you to the visitor sites.

Foraging. Ancient Forest Thaws From Melting Glacial Tomb. An ancient forest has thawed from under a melting glacier in Alaska and is now exposed to the world for the first time in more than 1,000 years. Stumps and logs have been popping out from under southern Alaska's Mendenhall Glacier — a 36.8-square-mile (95.3 square kilometers) river of ice flowing into a lake near Juneau — for nearly the past 50 years. However, just within the past year or so, researchers based at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau have noticed considerably more trees popping up, many in their original upright position and some still bearing roots and even a bit of bark, the Juneau Empire first reported last week. Transparent Snail, Zospeum tholussum, Discovered In Croatia (PHOTOS) Hawaii Is The Endangered Species Capital Of The World. La "Drosera rotundifolia" torna al Ridaura - ELPOLLTV.

23rd new bird species of 2013 discovered. September 18, 2013 A ground-warbler from the Philippines is the twenty-third species of bird described in 2013. The species, dubbed Robsonius thompsoni, is described in the August issue of the journal The Condor. It was discovered after researchers from the University of Kansas, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, the University of the Philippines Los Baños, and the Philippine National Museum distinguished it from two closely-related ground-warblers. Green News, Energy, Environment, Animals, Climate Change, Extreme Weather - HuffPost Green. This Is What It Feels Like To Be An Eagle. This Is What It Feels Like To Be An Eagle. How Snakes Can 'See Heat' Acrocephalus Nature Photography. Adam Błachowski - moje wyprawy. Com es construeixen els nous boscos de la Península Ibèrica?

9 de setembre 2013 Aquesta és la pregunta a la busquen resposta els investigadors del CREAF que han impulsat el projecte de recerca NOVFOREST, finançat pel Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. Feixes de conreu abandonades Durant el darrer segle, l’abandonament progressiu del conreus i les pastures a la Península Ibèrica ha provocat que aquests espais rurals en desús siguin ocupats progressivament per nous boscos i matollars.

La flora del nostre entorn. How birds got their wings: Fossil data show scaling of limbs altered as birds originated from dinosaurs. Birds originated from a group of small, meat-eating theropod dinosaurs called maniraptorans sometime around 150 million years ago. Recent findings from around the world show that many maniraptorans were very bird-like, with feathers, hollow bones, small body sizes and high metabolic rates. But the question remains, at what point did forelimbs evolve into wings – making it possible to fly? McGill University professor Hans Larsson and a former graduate student, Alexander Dececchi, set out to answer that question by examining fossil data, greatly expanded in recent years, from the period marking the origin of birds.

In a study published in the September issue of Evolution, Larsson and Dececchi find that throughout most of the history of carnivorous dinosaurs, limb lengths showed a relatively stable scaling relationship to body size. Blue Whale's Earwax Tells Its Life Story in Chemicals. A blue whale's buildup of earwax archives its history of stress levels and exposure to chemical pollutants, which could allow researchers to piece together new details about the animal's life, a study shows.

The blue whale is the largest animal on Earth, and an endangered species. Pàgina d'inici d' - Institut Català d'Ornitologia.