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ACOP Protection

ACOP is a protective service firm which utilizes a network partnership of local active and retired law-enforcement in advancing our clients protection services with the use of innovative techniques in the protection of life and property.

ACOP Protection: A Reputed Firm to Avail the Crime Prevention Services. To make any place safe around the world, efforts are put in to prevent the crime.

ACOP Protection: A Reputed Firm to Avail the Crime Prevention Services

For this, along with the enforcing country law, many measures are taken by the assigned officials. The regular patrolling, rules and restrictions are imposed such that the possibility of any misconduct can be controlled. But, sometimes undertaking the complete duties and keeping a check at every corner becomes a little difficult for the assigned government officers. Thus, in this case, taking assistance from different sources proves to be advantageous as such services provide support and extra measures to maintain discipline. Fortunately, there are many firms which are offering similar services by utilizing their networks and techniques which eventually provide the safety of life and property.

ACOP - Advanced Coordinating Officer for Protective Services. Reach Out to ‘ACOP Protection’ for Expert Management to Solve Missing Person Investigation. There are numbers of formalities which has to be taken care of in case of any crime committed at the place.

Reach Out to ‘ACOP Protection’ for Expert Management to Solve Missing Person Investigation

However, it is not necessary that a person immediately reaches to the police or can avail their support. Therefore, in such circumstances there comes a need of people who have the requisite knowledge or knows about the procedure to provide assistance to both parties. Clearly, their presence will help in improving the pace of investigation which is the most imperative factor to solve the case.

For this reason, there are now many service provider for the same which with the help of the active or retired law enforcement are providing their support to the clients. Meanwhile, looking for the immediate management solution for a Missing Person Investigation, approach the ACOP Protection a cross-functional team firm. Furthermore, their prepared model is based on the integration of technical expertise and factual information, which eventually proves to show results.

ACOP - Advanced Coordinating Officer for Protective Services. Sexual Misconduct and Abuse Investigations. Expert Witness Testimony ACOP provides law enforcement professionals and investigators who are capable to deliver expert testimony in court.

Sexual Misconduct and Abuse Investigations

We will use our knowledge and experience to analyze results, formulate conclusions, and present findings. Drug & Alcohol Detection Services ACOP can deliver a high impact/expert multidisciplinary team with a strong drug detection acumen. ACOP provides progressive services which target, identify, and develop control protocols which produce an environment free of alcohol and drugs. Transcription Services ACOP personnel possess law enforcement expertise as well as a strong technical acumen. Security&Protective services. ACOP, is a cross functional operations and service firm which focuses on delivery of internal services for critical solution based change management throughout the continental United States and Puerto Rico.

Security&Protective services

ACOP’s primary focus is to oversee and implement proactive strategic plans, direct organizational development, coordinate succession plans, lead expert teams, and guide complex projects from inception to completion. Our model for proven results is based on applying professional expertise gained through substantial applicable technical experience supplemented with analysis of factual information and focus to detail. ACOP identifies both project scope, as well as develops strategic operational plans by identifying client needs married to operational goals, resources, risk, and rewards. Our success stems from providing much needed leadership and continuous client support while building strong professional relationships.

Emergency Disaster Operations management. ACOP delivers progressive and innovative comprehensive protective strategies for today’s collegiate and/or professional athletes.

Emergency Disaster Operations management

These strategies will mitigate against known and perceived risk as well as potential threats that are designed to injure life, family, property, and brand endorsement. ACOP develops our successful strategies through a comprehensive client screening profile. Our client athletes as well their interest are managed confidentially, diplomatically, prudently, and with integrity. Whether individual athlete’s need for sports investigations, or league/team drug program regulatory compliance, the ACOP team, places special emphasis on the successful preparation, planning, and sound best protective services decisions which ensure our clients lives and property. Team building and organizational planning and preparation. {*style:<b>*}About Ivan Reyes Caparros{*style:</b>*}{*style:<br>*} Ivan is a retired Major League Baseball(MLB) player born and raised in Puerto Rico. ACOP - Advanced Coordinating Officer for Protective Services. COVID-19 Work from Home Background Verification and Contact Tracing Consultation.

Legalized Cannabis Regulatory Compliance ACOP brings a deep understanding of Cannabis dispensary operations by fusing a former licensed pharmacist and DEA Special Agents expert knowledge and experience of in-house inspection/audit compliance with industry Best practices.

COVID-19 Work from Home Background Verification and Contact Tracing Consultation

We provide dispensary regulatory consultation within the US and Canada with a comprehensive program of compliance to establish a set of procedures, protocols, and practices that will become the “Gold Standard” for the Cannabis industry. Compliance is a standard of Good Businesses Practices that is the cornerstone of ACOP.