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89.3 WFPL - Louisville’s NPR News Station. KCRW - Home — KCRW. 89.3 KPCC - Southern California Public Radio. Iowa Public Radio. 90.3 FM NEWTON. Science Friday. Wisconsin Public Radio.

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Atlantic Public Media. A community for independent audio storytellers and producers. Canadian Web Radio. CBC. CKDU 88.1 FM. CKUA Radio Network. Coast to Coast AM. Evanov Radio Group. Fragile Freedoms. Hearing Voices. Here & Now. Homelands Productions. Chris Brookes is an independent radio producer whose programs have been heard in the US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, England, The Netherlands, and Canada.

Homelands Productions

His documentaries have have won more than 30 awards, including the Peabody, Gabriel, Gracie, Armstrong, United Nations, Third Coast Festival/Robert H. Driehaus, and New York Radio Festival Grand awards in the US; Prix Italia, Prix Marulic, and Prix Europa Special Commendations for Documentary in Europe; and Canada's Atlantic Journalism Award, ACTRA Nellie, CAJ Best Investigative Journalism, and CBC President awards.

He is also an author, television writer, and playwright, and has taught documentary feature-making and storytelling at festivals and workshops across North America and Europe. Chris currently directs the production company Battery Radio, with studios at the bottom of the cliff where Marconi received the first trans-Atlantic wireless message in St. Human Media. Ideas. a directory of non-corporate journalism. KEXP. KPFK 90.7 FM. Little Atoms. Mushroom FM - The home of the Fun guys. News 889. Saint John, NB. NCRA. New York Festivals Awards - International Radio Programs and Promotions.

Out of Their Minds. Kuchenbecker / Russo The largest organ on the human body is the skin.

Out of Their Minds

And yet, for some reason, our sense of touch is often overlooked. In this episode we meet two forward-thinking inventors, who are working to make better use of the sensory receptors in our skin Dr. Katherine Kuchenbecker works in the emerging field of haptic technology. Our second guest is Dr. Listen to this episode: Link: Katherine Kuchenbecker's Lab Frank Russo's SMART Lab. Podcast. Public Radio Exchange.

Radiolab. Radio Regent - Home. RadioWest. Seaside FM - Halifax. Story Workshop Fall 2011: Pieces. Intro from Jay Allison: For seven weeks, students from all over the US (plus Canada and Australia) came to Woods Hole to immerse themselves in radio.

Story Workshop Fall 2011: Pieces

They were led by Rob Rosenthal, with help from all of us at Transom, WCAI, and visiting friends—Ira Glass, John Barth, Kelly McEvers, and many others. They were beginners when they arrived, some with no experience at all, but they all left with completed radio pieces good enough for broadcast on our station and nationally. They lived and ate together.

They worked on their stories until dawn. They actually looked different when they left, filled with new energy. Rob Rosenthal I’ve been teaching radio production and storytelling for many, many years. Read more. “The Tail of a Stone Carver’s Dream” by Lori Ann Brass. Studio 360. SOUNDPRINT Media Center, Inc. The Link Africa. Third Coast International Audio Festival. This American Life. Terry David Mulligan. Terry O'Reilly. The Coast 89.7 FM - Home of the VIP. The Takeaway. A radio show by and for people with disabilities. Welcome to our blog! World Cafe. WXPNToday we've got a live performance with the Philadelphia-based band.

World Cafe

We'll also learn about perfectionist Adam Granduciel's creative process and relationship with early band member Kurt Vile. WXPNThe singer-songwriter has come a long way from the shy solo sets of his early career. He's found his voice in outward-looking, confident material. WXPNHe was inspired by The Beatles, but later fell under the spell of Jimi Hendrix. Cray is in the studio today to perform songs from his new album, In My Soul. WXPNThe North Carolina band's new album is quite different from its previous projects. WXPNThe San Diego psych-rock trio is named for Sacco and Vanzetti, the famous Italian anarchists who were executed in 1927. WXPNThe Australian singer-songwriter performs songs from her album The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas. WXPNThe British band returns from a three-year hiatus with a new album named after a Tony Blair quote. You're Tuned to Battery Radio. 95.7FM - THE RIDE.