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Digital Storytelling. NarrativeWorks - Stories that work. Eastgate: Serious Hypertext. Vancouver Riot Apology Wall. Public Apology. Dear Mom (This letter is an excerpt from the new memoir Public Apology, out today!)

Public Apology

Sorry for choosing Hannah and Her Sisters when you asked me to go out and rent some movies for our family to watch to get our minds off the fact that Dad had been diagnosed with cancer. You remember, I'm sure, that this was just a couple weeks before I graduated from high school. It must have been a weekend, because we were all at home in the afternoon. Dad walked in to the TV room with his friend David Landy.

"The doctor just hit me [...] Dear Shrewsbury, New Jersey Board of Education I'm sorry for vandalizing your schoolhouse. This happened in 1985, when I was a freshman at Red Bank Regional High School. Dear Jews Who May Have Been Sitting Near Me And My Friends In Connecticut College’s Harris Dining Hall Fall Semester, 1989 Dear Jews who may have been sitting near me and my friends in Connecticut College’s Harris dining hall fall semester, 1989, Sorry for making anti-Semitic slurs. Dear Jon Bon Jovi Dear Mr. Center for Digital Storytelling.

Digital Storytelling. JOL>Collections>Digital storytelling Collection The process of digital storytelling enables students to tell their stories with a compelling and competitive voice.

Digital Storytelling

On this page, find links to articles and resources about the process of digital storytelling, and how to get the most out of this terrific learning experience for students. TECHFORUM Digital Storytelling Resources This page contains links to visual literacy resources, authentic learning information, storyboards, and 21st Century Skills. Digital Storytelling Blog: A Competitve Voice. ARTICLES @ Foundation for a Digital Storytelling Program | this brief article discusses the importance of a pilot group in establishing a digital storytelling program, or any other technology initative for that matter. All the search tools you will ever need, in one handy place. Capturing Stories, Capturing Lives: An Introduction to Digital Storytelling | David Jakes Telling Tales with Technology| Judy Salpeter Matt Laughing Babies. Soulumination. Where are the Children? Healing the Legacy of the Residential Schools. The Battle We Didn't Choose.

Born This Way: Telling Childhood Photos from Gay and Lesbian Adults -... Over at the blog Born This Way a proud gay Angeleno, identified only as Paul V., publishes childhood photos and stories from gay and lesbian adults.

Born This Way: Telling Childhood Photos from Gay and Lesbian Adults -...

Many of the photos feature young kids innocently flouting heteronormative gender expectations with total abandon (see above). But interspersed among them are pictures of children that give no hint about their eventual sexual identity. As Paul explains: some of the pix here feature gay boys with feminine traits, and some gay girls with masculine traits. And even more gay kids with NONE of those traits. The point of the project, for Paul, is reflecting the truth of growing up with a different orientation and, hopefully, showing today's gay youth that others have had the same experience. Via Eyeteeth. Nieman Storyboard. Nieman Storyboard is a publication of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard and a sister publication of Nieman Reports and Nieman Journalism Lab.

Nieman Storyboard

For more than a decade, the Nieman Foundation has recognized the importance of narrative journalism and explored the craft through a Narrative Writing seminar for fellows, special events at Harvard, and websites, the earliest of which was Nieman Narrative Digest. Storyboard expanded the narrative mission by offering journalists who are not Fellows a parallel opportunity to explore the future of storytelling in every medium. Some of the writers, teachers, and editors who furthered the cause before moving on to other endeavors: Constance Casey, Mark Kramer, Nell Lake, Andrea Pitzer, and Robert Vare, the 1996-97 Fellow and Atlantic editor who, as the inaugural lecturer in narrative, founded the Nieman storytelling initiative.

Paige Williams edits Storyboard and teaches the Nieman seminar in narrative writing. Interactive - Flawed. The Story Behind the Tattoo - Tattoo Confidential. Pen & Ink. Ryeberg Curated Video. Sound Portraits Productions. Hearing Voices. Winnie the Pooh. Although Milne wrote mostly plays and novels, the Pooh stories remain his best known work.

Winnie the Pooh

For those not familiar with the wonderful way of writing of Alan Alexander Milne, I have selected extracts from his Winnie the Pooh stories to give you a quick impression. The first of these is two parts from 'In which Pooh goes visiting and gets into a tight place', the second chapter from 'Winnie-the-Pooh', which was first published on October 14, 1926 by Methuen & Company. Secondly, two parts from 'In which Tigger comes to the Forest and has breakfast' and thirdly, two parts from 'In which it is shown that Tiggers don't climb trees,' chapter two and four from 'The House at Pooh Corner,' published on October 11, 1928.

Pooh Goes Visiting Pooh always liked a little something at eleven o'clock in the morning, and he was very glad to see Rabbit getting out the plates and mugs. Tigger Comes to the Forest Pooh was just going to say 'Hallo! ' Tiggers Don't Climb Trees. Arthur W. Frank. THE LEGACY PROJECT — LESSON FROM WISE AMERICANS.