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Acodez is a multiple international award-winning Google partner company. We have the perfect team of designers, programmers and digital marketers who provide unique and customized services to our clients spread across 70+ countries. Our expertise lies in various genres of IT including web designing, web development, and digital marketing industry. Acodez is one of the leading digital marketing agency in India. We are also a renowned web design and web development company offering web development services for you with the latest technologies. The team at Acodez have ample years of experience in the core areas of user experience and provides you the best solutions. For more information on web development, web designing services India and other related queries, dial +91 9544668844 or drop us a mail at Visit:

A Key Comparison Guide on Cryptocurrencies and Digital Dollar. In that article, we shall study the differences between the cryptocurrencies and what is announced as the national central bank-backed digital dollar.

A Key Comparison Guide on Cryptocurrencies and Digital Dollar

Digital dollar – as a digital fiat currency – does not exist yet, nevertheless, there are many hints about the technologies that it may use and how it will be confronted with the actual cryptocurrencies. First, let us recall what are the actual cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), LiteCoin (LTC) and others are all the rage nowadays.

Yet they are very recent, a dozen years ago, the Bitcoin – the root of all known cryptocurrencies – was a confidential “cypherpunk” concept that only a few specialists and tech curious people knew about. There are of course by now many articles on the web about cryptocurrencies. A bit of history To understand these deep concepts, we have to go back to the history of money. What are the Key Differences Between AI and Machine Learning? In this article, we wish to discuss fundamental and even axiomatic questions about the true nature of what is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it differs from its most common representation, Machine Learning (ML).

What are the Key Differences Between AI and Machine Learning?

Check out more about AI and ML. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere now, in every talk shows, in the news, in the program of the most competitive universities, schools or companies. But what is really Artificial Intelligence? For the common people, Artificial Intelligence is “the car that drives itself” (google cars or Uber cars) or the auto-completion in the “smart”-phones or the automatic “real-time” – or shall we say rather on-the-fly – translation from one language to another language (usually American English) by the same “smart”-phones.

Most I.T workers and students will associate Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning, that is to say, Neural Network, Bayesian logic, Support Vector Machines etc… The Non-Human Intelligence. What is Object-Oriented Programming in Java? OOP Concepts. Object-oriented programming is one of the most popular concepts in the programming world.

What is Object-Oriented Programming in Java? OOP Concepts

There are many programming languages that are preferred just because they use this concept. Most notably, Java and C++. Why Should We Prepare for Post Quantum Cryptography? Introduction: With the arrival of the first quantum computers – while still imperfect, cryptologists from all around the world have started to ring the alarm bell: If a quantum computer is built, it has the ability to crack many of the widely used cryptography present in everyday’s life in several industries, including the banking industries.

Why Should We Prepare for Post Quantum Cryptography?

Here we aim at presenting facts regarding whether or not it is realistic to start already preparing for a Post-Quantum cryptographic migration. What are Quantum Computers and What is Quantum Cryptography? Quantum physics study phenomenon, mostly energy phenomena that occur at a very small scale in the matter. The theory was developed in the early 1900s by Max Planck, a German physicist, in order to explain phenomena in a subatomic level that classical physics could not explain. Quantum physics is a hard field, and especially a very active field of research. Quantum physics do not generally use a deterministic approach but rather a probabilistic one.

Complete Guide On Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) In this article, we present the general concepts behind a proactive protection mechanism (sentinel RASP) for mobile banking application development.

Complete Guide On Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

We provide several concrete examples and we offer an insight view, using a C# test project. Here we demonstrate the features of a sentinel system in a mobile context. This system might also be referred to as Runtime Application Self-Protection or simply RASP. All About CSS: History, Features, Advantages & Disadvantages. If you have any experience in web development, you may have heard these three words – HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

All About CSS: History, Features, Advantages & Disadvantages

These are the core technologies of the World Wide Web, commonly known as WWW. HTML is a mark-up language used to design the structure while javascript makes a web page attractive. Cascading Style sheets, commonly known as CSS has a different role. Although a web page works fine with HTML and Javascript only. Have a look at the following image. Top Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Facebook. Facebook ads profit from being one of the cheapest types of ads.

Top Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Facebook

You can spend 5 dollars literally and achieve a thousand. To obtain the same crowd, there is no sense paying more on radio advertising, TV advertising, posters, and other traditional marketing. WHAT IS SEO, SEM, AND SMM? WHAT ARE THE MAIN DIFFERENCES? HISTORY OF ANDROID AND EVOLUTION OF VERSIONS FROM 1.0 TO ANDROID 10. As of 2019, Android has an 86 percent share in the market of the smartphone operating system.


Clearly, Android is the most used operating system in smartphones. Its only competitor in the smartphone operating system market now is Apple’s IOS. But Android is not that old. The first Android smartphone was launched in September 2008 and it did not take much time for Android to suppress all its rivals, except the IOS of course. In these years, a number of Android versions were released with better features that made it the top smartphone operating system. HISTORY OF ANDROID AND EVOLUTION OF VERSIONS FROM 1.0 TO ANDROID 10. ECOMMERCE SEO CHECKLIST AND BEST PRACTICES TO FOLLOW IN 2019. 13 Common On Page SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Your Rankings. On-page SEO is mainly done on the website, that too mainly on each page.

13 Common On Page SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Your Rankings

Every page is must have a search engine, that can have a better understanding of the page. And also it makes a better ranking! So let’s discuss the 13 common On-page SEO mistakes to avoid for your Rankings. A lot of About Content In that content duplication, long stretched content, etc. In fact, when we put the researched contents, that are fresh to the field of the blog, we witnessed that the ranking has boosted a lot. 10 Best Slack Alternatives and Competitors to Watch in 2019. How to Improve WordPress Site With Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) can be thought of the technology with the help of which machines complete their tasks.

How to Improve WordPress Site With Artificial Intelligence?

Usually, these tasks are carried out by humans using their intelligence. Some of these include recommendation services as you can see on shopping sites as well as the self-driving cars that most of the people are addicted to these days. AI technology has been built into systems on the basis of learning (machine learning) along with natural language processing techniques. Machines are now trained to perform tasks that were initially done manually. Thanks to the large amounts of data that are used to help these machines to recognize patterns based on which they perform their actions. WordPress vs Magento: Which eCommerce Platform is Better? WordPress, as well as Magento, comes with a range of features making it easier for us to design our e-commerce stores. Thanks to these features, which make these e-commerce platforms so popular.

With a large number of features, it would become really difficult to choose one over the other. Top 10 Python Features: Popular Programming Language of 2019. According to surveys, python is the second most popular programming language of the year 2018 after javascript. What is actually python? What makes python this popular? Python is a high-level programming language created by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991. Why Flutter is the Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework.

The mobile application community is growing at a rapid pace. The number of applications on google play store surpassed 1 million in 2013, and by July 2019 it was estimated that there are more than 2.7 million applications on Google play store. Similarly, Apple’s app store has more than 1.9 million applications. There are different types of applications with different functionalities, but most of the applications, whether large or small have the same behaviour on Android and IOS platform.

For a developer, this is a problem. Any company that needs a mobile application, wants it working on two most widely used mobile platforms – Android and IOS. Of course, there are benefits of building cross-platform apps that work on both android and IOS. Top Digital Marketing Budget Plans for Your Business in 2019. Marketing and promotion might seem to be similar, but they are really different. People have been adopting a wide number of different ways to promote their products or items across their intended markets.

During the traditional old days, it used to be posters, print, TV or radio commercials, etc. But these days, all marketing and promotions are done via the internet. Limitations and Reasons to Choose. React Native is a framework used for creating cross-platform mobile applications. It is one of the most popular and widely used cross-platform mobile application development framework. But what is a cross-platform mobile application? Today, Android and IOS are the two most widely used mobile platforms. The application building process is completely different on both platforms. IOS applications are built using Swift programming language while the android applications are generally built using java.

The History of Browser Wars: The Mosaic, Netscape, and Microsoft. Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Algorithm - The Natural Evolution. Mobile Search Design: Best Practices for Creating the App UX. These days, people are spending a lot of time searching or browsing the internet, specifically using mobile devices. Nano Server and Containerization: Build Docker Windows Container. In this article, we analyze why the Nano Server Operating System should not be used as a containerization solution. While the topic may look a little too negative, the article aims at presenting facts about the problems involved with Nano Server and containerization. 8 Best Search Engine Marketing Strategies and Practices to Follow.

Digital marketing is one of the ever-changing domains of online advertising sect. It offers a wide range of exposure for a business to grow and expand. Top eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business. What is Javascript Used for? Top Features and Future of Javascript. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the core technologies of the World Wide Web. MongoDB NoSQL Database: Advantages and Disadvantages. Role of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Business Growth. What is the Future and Scope of Web Development Career. For any business, a website matters more than anything, when it comes to reaching out to customers online. A website is the representation of the business online. Evolution of Mobile Apps - History of Mobile Application Development. Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks For Small Business. Top 5 Common Types of Cyber Attacks To Watch Out in 2019.

Major 8 Mobile App Security Issues in Development to Watch Out. SQL and NoSQL Advantages and Disadvantages. 7 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes And How to Avoid Them. Scope of Ecommerce. Smart Content Marketing Strategy Ideas to Grow Your Business.

Scope of web Development

F-pattern Design: Best 10 Patterns for Web. 7 Top Ways Of AI Impact On Marketing. Angular JS vs Vue JS : Which One is The Better Framework? B2B Website Design - Top 7 B2B Web Design. Common Website Design and Web Development Mistakes To Avoid. Top 10 Model View Controller Architecture. Top 13 Awesome Hashtags For Real Estate. WooCommerce Vs Shopify - Top 7 Tips To Choose the Best Platform. Running a Security Check For Your WordPress Site - Web Solutions Blog. How India’s Tier-3 and Tier-4 cities emerging as the next IT destinations- The New Indian Express. The Most Popular Website Design Topics Of 2018. How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. Top Node.js frameworks worth using in 2018. SEO FOR WORDPRESS SITE: A QUICK START GUIDE. Human Centered Design - Overview And Process. Top 20 Industries Which Blockchain Will Disrupt Badly.

10 Awesome Instagram Tools For Marketing In 2018. Top 20 Free Icon Fonts for Web Designers. SKILLS THAT A FRONT-END DEVELOPER SHOULD POSSESS. PPC TRENDS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2018. A COMPLETE GUIDE TO FLAT DESIGNS IN WEBSITE DESIGNING. NODE.JS VS PYTHON COMPARISON. 101 Neatly Organized Marketing Tools For Nearly Any Marketing Task. Acodez Mobile App Market Statistics and Trends. UX design principles and how to proceed with UX design. For more click on:

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