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What Is The Difference Between A Netbook, Notebook, Ultrabook, Laptop, & Palmtop? What Is...every file format in the world - A through E. The History of Digital Storage [Infographic] Free Technology for Teachers: Google Apps Ceasing Support for Internet Explorer 8. What is a browser? - YouTube. The Evolution of Technology and Education. eLearning Tools-Resources-etc. Differences Between Capacitive & Resistive Touchscreens. Learn the Web's core. How a Hard Drive Works in Slow Motion [Video] TheRevolutionofEmail_4fbbcb7558900_w590. How The Internet Works? Learn To Type Really Fast With The Intelligent Touch Typing Tutor TIPP10 [Cross Platform]

Keyboarding practice has little to do with music and more to do with learning how to type – fast.

Learn To Type Really Fast With The Intelligent Touch Typing Tutor TIPP10 [Cross Platform]

Even as I am writing this article, my eyes are flitting between the computer keys and the screen. It’s not a practice that’s recommended for hitting the accelerator if you want to speed up your typing. Technologies. The Story of Send. The Problem About Being A Programer. The Importance of DNS. Procuring efficient new information and communications technology systems. The issue Efficient ICT systems support high performing institutions which are well-placed to compete nationally and internationally.

Procuring efficient new information and communications technology systems

Universities and colleges need to procure ICT systems to run every aspect of their business. Pen - Simple Online Publishing. Pen.io. Ofcom Maps - Broadband speeds map. Click on a region on the map to see more broadband information Rank Overall performance Each area has been ranked on how they score on four broadband metrics, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 the highest or fastest, and 5 the lowest or slowest.

Ofcom Maps - Broadband speeds map

The individual scores have been combined to provide an overall view of broadband in each area. Average broadband take up. Law, ICT and Independent Specialist Colleges (12/01/12) Microsoft Virtual Academy - Free Microsoft Cloud Technologies Training. Keyboarduse. Technologies. It’s cooler in the cloud. (Cross-posted on Gmail, Green and Enterprise blogs) Cloud computing is secure, simple, keeps you productive and saves you money.

It’s cooler in the cloud

But the cloud can also save energy. A recent report by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Verdantix estimates that cloud computing has the potential to reduce global carbon emissions by millions of metric tons. JISC Elevator. I.T. Agony Bingo [Humorous Image] ICT Self Assessment booklet. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across ICT Teaching & Learning Framework 2011, which was written by Matt Lovegrove and included contributions from Steve Greenfield, David Sheppard & Claire Waite.

ICT Self Assessment booklet

Here is the Framework which can be found on his blog. The beauty of this work was that it was licensed for sharing, remixing and adapting. This is exactly the type of thing we should all be doing in my opinion and I must sincerely thank those who wrote it for saving me a tremendous amount of time by not having to write my own. What I did do, however, was to create a self-assessment booklet that can be used in conjunction with the framework.

I hate assessment, but this book allows the children to assess their learning at the end of the week. Home - Behind the Screen. History-os Infographic. Happy Fun Coding. Good cop, bad cop? How to manage tech change in a BYOD and cloud world. The rise of consumerisation and on-demand services means business relationship managers need to foster IT innovation, not stifle it.

Good cop, bad cop? How to manage tech change in a BYOD and cloud world

The realisation that enterprise IT had to manage relationships actively with the business - a hateful term - was one of the main IT organisational consensus points of the past decade. CIOs everywhere rushed to created CIO Mini-Me's - business relationship managers acting as the interface between business units and IT. I know - I was one for several years. Get your computer.

Everything is a Remix Part IV: System Failure. File extension library with detailed explanation of each file type with links to free or associated software programs downloads. DNS Explained. Digital literacy diagrams « Web n' Circle. December 1, 2011 Jin Concepts, Teaching&Learning Resources e-learning I came across the book chapter “Origins and concepts of digital literacy” written by David Bawden.

Digital literacy diagrams « Web n' Circle

I was thinking to make this concept even more visible. Here are 10 graphic forms of digital literacy. Colour Clock. Cloud Hosting: How Does it Really Work? The Internet has expanded so quickly in just a couple of decades.

Cloud Hosting: How Does it Really Work?

This growth has also accompanied a tremendous uptick in technological advancement allowing Internet speeds to increase while server costs have dramatically fallen. I’m sure by now most of you have heard about hosting your files “within the cloud”. More advanced hosting companies have begun to offer cloud hosting solutions.

But what does this really mean? (Image source: Fotolia) Cloud Online Briefing Series (UK only) Cloud Computing Checkpoints. ChemReference: Periodic Table and Chemistry Reference. Prepared for your impending move to the cloud? Llege saves £500,000 with virtual desktop project - 27 Feb 2012. Hopwood Hall College has made estimated cost savings of £500,000 with a virtual desktop deployment and managed print services solution from IT services firm Ricoh.

llege saves £500,000 with virtual desktop project - 27 Feb 2012

The college, which employs 650 staff and serves 4,000 students, identified a need to replace its antiquated IT estate, including 10 year-old desktops, which in some cases took up to 30 minutes to process student log-ins. Simon Evans, director of technology and innovation at the college, drew up a plan to provide fast and simple access to all the information, applications and communication services that students needed to support their studies. Cloud Computing and the Law (19/01/12, Online) Cut Costs not Corners: Improving Business Efficiency.

Cloud Computing and the Law (19/01/12, Online)

Cloud computing introduces changes that necessitate a re-assessment of the legal risks. Doing things right first time and working together can save your organisation time and money. JISC RSC UK in conjunction with JISC Advance Services, bring you a short series of online events addressing the key theme of Cost Efficiencies. The session will help you to make confident, informed decisions about implementing cloud computing solutions at your institution. It will consider. Calibrate Your Mouse. Browser Wars – The Transportation Edition [Classic Funny Image] Bare bones Raspberry Pi PC gets ready to launch.

23 December 2011Last updated at 12:29 GMT Many developers are keen to get their hands on the bare bones Raspberry Pi computer. The eagerly anticipated Raspberry Pi home computer is about to go into production. The $25 (£16) machine is being created in the hope that it will inspire a new generation of technology whizz kids. The Pi uses an Arm chip similar to that found in mobile phones and is intended to run a version of the Linux open source operating system.

Add calculating rows and columns to a Word table. Excel isn't your only option if you need to evaluate values and your primary need is word processing. Use Word's formula feature to perform simple calculations. If you're not an Excel fan, but you need a few basic calculations, you can use Word. 10 myths of BYOD in the enterprise. The consumerization of IT is upon us -- dragging numerous misconceptions in its wake. See how some recent reports have debunked a few common myths about BYOD. With all the talk about the threat IT faces as the result of the ongoing consumerization of IT, this ought to surprise you: New data is out that shows the switch to consumerization is going more smoothly -- and a lot more quickly -- than most onlookers expected. Here are the top 10 myths of consumerization, debunked. Myth 1: Most big enterprises are pushing back.

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