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Kitchen innovations

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Kitchen Sink by BLANCORONIS. Ultra Utilitarianism BLANCORONIS and its unique accessory concept is utilitarianism at the highest level.

Kitchen Sink by BLANCORONIS

The round bowl with steep bowl wall, base radius and large diameter are suitable for bulky cooking utensils. Instant dishwasher. Not Your Typical Dishwasher Most dishwashers are the size of a washing machine, taking up as much space.

Instant dishwasher

What if you are a small family unit or a singleton? The William. Sink dishwasher. Split-Face Sink, Very Nice!

Sink dishwasher

It’s so natural for us to put all the dirty dishes into the sink and come back later to tackle them. Wouldn’t it be great if our sink got intelligent enough and cleaned up the mess automatically? Smart Fridge. Smart Fridge Is Your New Recipe Card The Smart Fridge here is for those who have shunted cooking to a hobby and rely more on designer microwave meals.

Smart Fridge

The idea is to give you a fridge that is intelligent enough to come up with a healthy recipe, depending on what you stock in it. Not only that, it guides you with vocal instructions, spoon by spoon, till you dish out the perfect-wholesome meal. A touch interface door glams up the appliance, creating the desire to own a piece that’s futuristic but may not be what you’re looking for!

Designer: Ashley Legg.