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Consolidate retail sales, customers, and products on Acid point of sale omnichannel platform. Scale easily by managing multi retail locations and inventory.

POS System Cash Register - ACID Point of Sale. Stogies World Class is a cigar retailer with a lounge stocking humidors, accessories & premium varieties of product cigar gift sets.

POS System Cash Register - ACID Point of Sale

They also do custom engraving. Stogies has 2 locations in Texas (Houston and Sugar Land). Stogies World Class Cigars decided to integrate full capability of Acid POS system combined with all the website features available. They are operating 2 physical stores in Texas and at the moment both stores and website continue to work seamlessly in regards to warehouses and stock on hand.

With abundance of detailed report features and monitoring of daily sales, Stogies World Class cigars is able to deliver stock products quicker to customer audience in the stores and online. In additional features, Stogies World Class Cigars decided to go with monthly rentals and cash advance accounts for specific customers. Website also shares gift cards in store and online as well as additional information on specific user. Acid POS Software Application Management For Retail Stores - POS System Cash Register. Powerful but flexible and easy to use, ACID has evolved over years of implementation as we have listened to what our customers needed.

Acid POS Software Application Management For Retail Stores - POS System Cash Register

Features like security, speed, reliability and reporting are the hallmark of any excellent system, and ACID delivers on them all. However, we go much further in offering other components to help you better understand your customers and how to maximize positive interactions with them. You can review some of our more popular features, but customized ACID implementation modules are also available. ACID is partnered with First Data, Fiserv, Bridgepay, and Worldpay (formerly Vantiv) in order to provide you with lowest processing fees available.

Additionally, the system is capable of connecting to over 80 different payment processors! You never have to worry about security or compatibility, as the system is always updated to the latest PCI and PA-DSS standards. PADI Dive Courses Online. 4 Reasons Why Your Liquor Store Needs a Multi-location POS System. Evaluate Footwear Point of Sale. You already know that selling shoes is unlike any other retail business.

Evaluate Footwear Point of Sale

You have to be ready with every shoe, in every size, and always have all the accessories a customer wants. And keeping track of a shoestore inventory is challenging with just one location. But managing all of those dress shoes, boots, slippers, pumps, sneakers, and running shoes becomes harder if you have multiple shops and an eCommerce store. You already have to deal with customers who have a size 8 foot that they want you to fit into a size 6 boot. Let us help you take a load off your mind and your feet! ACID POS — Looking Pos System For Small Business? We believe...

Tobacco Point of Sale for Your Cigar Shop and Lounge - Acid Point of Sale. We know your patrons are your number one commodity, and the ACID POS system has a built-in customer relationship manager with all the best features you need.

Tobacco Point of Sale for Your Cigar Shop and Lounge - Acid Point of Sale

Our tobacco point of sale system can track customer details and history for monitoring loyalty rewards, offering VIP discounts, or even handling subscriptions for your “cigars of the month club” and other recurring services. Our system was designed by retailers to include the features you need! Some of your customers may come in frequently to buy individual cigars, while others may prefer to buy a bundle or sales by the box. ACID POS lets you create multiple barcodes for the same product so you can sell it in various quantities, depending on your needs.

ACID POS can easily calculate taxes for multiple categories of cigars. If you have an eCommerce store or plan to add one in the future, ACID POS has you covered for online sales! Acid Point of Sale - Designed For Retail. POS Solutions - ACID POS. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='POS Solutions - ACID POS' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_1832454'></script><p> From <a href=' For

POS Solutions - ACID POS

Point Of Sale Software - ACID POS. Acid Point of Sale - Designed For Retail. Why Should I Get A POS System For My Business? Why should I get a POS system for my business when I’m managing it just fine?

Why Should I Get A POS System For My Business?

It’s a good question! And if you’re managing your business efficiently then you have our respect. Managing a business is not easy, especially when you have to look after every side of it yourself. But there’s no harm in getting some help and that too with major advantages and fewer downsides. So, why does your business need a POS system? The major advantages of having a POS system: Keep Records of Your Sales History If you have a POS system installed, you will be able to keep track of all the transactions. Managing Your Inventory If you’ve been running your business for a while now, you understand that inventory management is not an easy task. Tobacco Point of Sale - ACID POS. Retail Pos System - ACID POS.