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EBS in an hour: Build a Vision instance - FAST - in Oracle Virtualbox. Oracle all books. Silver Efex Pro 2. Learn Basic Linux Commands - Linux Command Line Tutorial - Udemy. Partitioning - Unallocated space, how to resize /home partition? Kali Linux NetHunter - Kali NetHunter. Free Linux Books. You are here: Home ▶ Linux Linux Succinctly Posted on December 7th, 2014 Linux Succinctly by Jason Cannon will teach you the basics of interacting with Linux, such as viewing and editing files and directories through the command line, and how to modify permissions.

Free Linux Books

More advanced topics covered include I/O streams, sorting and comparing files and directories, and installing additional software. Linux Kernel Crash Book Posted on October 16th, 2012 “Linux Kernel Crash Book”, by Igor Ljubuncic, starts with crash tools via collection all the way to analysis, plus some extras and general tips.

View Current Job Listings at Boar's Head - Boar's Head Jobs. Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide. Bash Shell Scripting. Currently this book provides an introduction level knowledge of Bash.

Bash Shell Scripting

Go to #External Programs, #External Links, #Using man, info and help for further directions and inspirations. Introduction[edit] What is Bash? Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial - A Beginner's handbook. Formatting SQL*Plus Reports. This chapter explains how to format your query results to produce a finished report.

Formatting SQL*Plus Reports

This chapter does not discuss HTML output, but covers the following topics: Read this chapter while sitting at your computer and try out the examples shown. Before beginning, make sure you have access to the HR sample schema described in SQL*Plus Quick Start. Linux and Unix Basics: What is UNIX? Virtual Training Company (VTC) - Software Training. Veteran VTC instructor Bobby Rogers guides security professionals through an in-depth review of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v8 exam (312-50).

Virtual Training Company (VTC) - Software Training

This course provides step-by-step demonstrations of the different methods and tools needed to master the exam, as well as the concepts and knowledge a professional ethical hacker needs for the real world. The course covers all areas tested on the exam, including system hacking, network attacks, web application hacking, and cryptography. Click on the movie links below to begin learning today. Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration - Exam 1Z0-821. Photoshop Tutorials. SQL (Structured Query Language) in one page : SQL.SU. NTI. Masters (MS) in Computer Science, IT MSCS. Cheat Sheets. COLUMN. Syntax COL[UMN] [{column | expr} [option ...]]


3 مصادر مجانية لتعليم برمجة وتكويد المواقع. 3 مصادر مجانية لتعليم برمجة وتكويد المواقع. What is littleBits? Datamonkey – Learn to analyse data. CBTNuggets - Maintenance. Virus.DOS.Kuku. Professional Ethical Hacker By Eng-Mahmoud Atef. Facebook. 00-Professional Ethical Hacker (Setup Lab) By Eng-Mahmoud Atef. What is DHCP and How DHCP Works? (DHCP Fundamentals Explained) Computer networks can be of any form like a LAN, WAN etc.

What is DHCP and How DHCP Works? (DHCP Fundamentals Explained)

If you are connected to a local LAN or an internet connection, the IP addresses form the basis of communication over computer networks. An IP address is the identity of a host or a computer device while connected to any network. In most of the cases when you connect your computer to a LAN or internet, you’ll notice that the IP address and other information like subnet mask etc are assigned to your computer automatically. Have you ever thought about how this happens? Well, in this article we will understand the concept of DHCP that forms the basis of this functionality. What is DHCP? DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. As the name suggests, DHCP is used to control the network configuration of a host through a remote server. DHCP works on a client-server model. Understanding DHCP helps in debugging many network related problems. In the next section, we will cover the working of this protocol.

مجموعة فيديوهات تشرح مجموعة من انواع Firewall بالعربى. Ahmed Ezat - Timeline Photos. How To Hack Wifi - WPA & WPA2 Network Easily Through Fern Wifi Cracker In Kali Linux Hacking Wifi Through Brute Force Attack In Kali Linux. Fern wifi cracker is a software used to crack wifi passwords, It is very easy to hack WEP password but very difficult to hack WPA OR WPA2, so now I will explain how to hack WPA & WPA2 passwords easily in Linux based operation system.

How To Hack Wifi - WPA & WPA2 Network Easily Through Fern Wifi Cracker In Kali Linux Hacking Wifi Through Brute Force Attack In Kali Linux

By guessing the PIN, the router will actually throw back, whether or not the first four digits (of eight) are correct. Then, the final number is a checking number used to satisfy an algorithm. This can be exploited to brute force the WPS PIN, and allow recovery of the WPA password in an incredibly short amount of time, as opposed to the standard attack on WPA. In thisNull Byte, let's go over how to use both tools to crack WPS. As of yet, no router is safe from this attack, and yet none of the vendors have reacted and released firmware with mitigations in place.

MicroNugget: CAM Table Overflow Attack. GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline. After a short essay on methodology we’re curious to find out whether there are any master-snoops among our audience.

GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline

We present exhibit M, a rare specimen we know nothing about but for the fact that it was compiled from bits of Gentoo. Hence we call publicly for any hints or leads regarding this elusive distribution! Meanwhile, a gentle reader has drawn to our attention the fact that Damn Vulnerable Linux is currently listed as a Slax derivate by the major pundit places, while it certainly boasted a Damn Small Linux pedigree in it’s very beginnings. The switch has happened, but everyone claims not to have seen when it did!

Have you? And just in case anyone needs more material, here’s our current ToDo buffer. While checking out the page DW links to Greenie, Newtoos catches the eye. Mohamed Gamal - [دى من اجمد الماتريال وفيها تجميعة كويسة... جديد حقيبة طالب علم الحاسوب وأمن المعلومات. ‫أسبوع مجاني لتعلم اللغة البولندية. Using Graphics Cards for More Than Just 3D Graphics. The heart of all computer systems lies with the CPU or central processing unit.

Using Graphics Cards for More Than Just 3D Graphics

This general purpose processor can handle just about any task. They are restricted to certain basic mathematical calculations. Complicated tasks may require combinations that result in a longer processing time. Thanks to the speed of processors, most people don't notice any real slowdowns. There are a variety of tasks though that can really bog down a computer's central processor. Graphics cards with their GPU or graphics processor unit are one of the few specialized processors that many people have installed in their computers.

Accelerating Video The first real application outside of 3D graphics that GPUs were designed to deal with was video. ‫Gotcha لقيتها - Timeline Photos. Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry. Last Updated Expert(s) TCP/UDP: Joe Touch; Eliot Lear, Allison Mankin, Markku Kojo, Kumiko Ono, Martin Stiemerling, Lars Eggert, Alexey Melnikov and Wes Eddy; DCCP: Eddie Kohler; SCTP: Allison Mankin Reference.

Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry

Linux Distributions & Installation Methods : Tutorial 2. Introduction to Linux. Cisco Network Information Discussion. Now Any Networking Vendor can apply EIGRP freely as below: Last updated: January 2013 Q. DNS spoofing with a simple DNS server using Dnsmasq ~ DdoS hacking articles. The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the fundamental services of the Internet. By resolving domain names to IP addresses, it makes routing of IP packets possible and thereby lets browsers and other clients connect to remote servers using all kinds of protocols. By blindly connecting to the IP address returned by the DNS server, however, users put a lot of trust into DNS, because by default, DNS responses are not validated or verified.

In this blog post, I’d like to demonstrate how to easily set up a DNS server that allows you to easily forge certain entries manually — thereby allowing you to either block certain domains from your network or to pretend that you are a certain website. Linux Basics: Useful Beginner Information. MicroNugget: DHCP Starvation Attack. شرح الEigrp - عرب هاردوير. You Want to Be a Hacker? The Route to... - Security Training Share. DNS spoofing with a simple DNS server using Dnsmasq ~ DdoS hacking articles. Premium Exam. ROUTE 642-902 Training. Timeline Photos - Security Training Share. NuggetCast: Juniper Basics. The Curious Engineer. MEGA. Vulnerability in World Largest Video Site Turned Million of Visitors into DDoS Zombies - Hacker News. An application layer or 'layer 7' distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks is one of the most complicated web attack that disguised to look like legitimate traffic but targets specific areas of a website, making it even more difficult to detect and mitigate.

Just Yesterday Cloud-based security service provider 'Incapsula' detected a unique application layer DDoS attack, carried out using traffic hijacking techniques. DDoS attack flooded one of their client with over 20 million GET requests, originating from browsers of over 22,000 Internet users. What makes this case especially interesting is the fact that the attack was enabled by persistent XSS vulnerability in one of the world’s largest and most popular site - one of the domains on Alexa’s “Top 50” list.

Anonymity on the Internet « Hacksenkessel's Blog. A hacker’s first and most important rule is Don’t get caught. This is a very difficult task, as hackers’ nature is being eager to work, not giving up on anything and always striving to go forward. This ambition is what can get you caught if you’re not careful. But to be honest you shouldn’t depend on being careful at all, because it’s only a matter of time until you’re not. Sometimes you’re overworked, sometimes you’re tired, sometimes you can’t focus on too many things simultaneously, sometimes you get sloppy. Humans make mistakes, hackers make mistakes. Using weights to influence BGP routing — Evil Routers.

Today I’m expanding on to our previous BGP lab, “Configuring Basic BGP“. BGP Named Community Lists. Features - Cobalt Strike. Cobalt Strike - Penetration Testing Software. Cobalt Strike - Penetration Testing Software. IOS IP Configuration Guide, Release 12.2 - Configuring BGP [Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.2 Mainline] BGP Confederations. BGP Confederations Erick N.Borgard CCNP With iBGP, every router in the BGP autonomous system must be fully meshed. The reason for this is because iBGP updates are not passed to other iBGP neighbors.

IOS Switching Services Command Reference, Release 12.2 - Commands: ip cef accounting through lane fssrp [Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.2 Mainline] RIP static route redistribution. Now, you can leave RIP as Version 1, but network will show as a /24 due to the "auto-summarization" feature of RIPv1. It still works just fine. I noticed you have not yet configured either of the servers with an IP address. was this intentional or just forgot? Redistributing Routing Protocols. Introduction The use of a routing protocol to advertise routes that are learned by some other means, such as by another routing protocol, static routes, or directly connected routes, is called redistribution. An7i Security: Pwn the n00bs - Acunetix 0day. Length is more than 268 Byte’s, ACUNETIX will be crashed , so if we want to cause a crash, all we need to do is to put some kind of external source at our site, which have the length of 268 Byte’s or more, say something like this:

SP Networks and MPLS Evolution. Ciscawy Broadcast on USTREAM: أول راديو لمهندسى الشبكات فى الوطن العربى , انتظرونا كل يوم جمعة من الساعة 8 مساءا للساعة 10 مساءا, كلامنا كله فى الشبكات وه... ISP_part10(ISP teams) IT eBooks - Free Download - Big Library. Domains and Forests Technical Reference: Active Directory. Windows 8 eBooks Collection. Windows 8 eBooks Collection Type: TCP/IP Protocol Sequence Diagrams. Nobody. Offensive Security 2013 - FSU - Lecture19: Metasploit / Social-Engineer Toolkit. 6 Resources And Tutorials On Kali Linux. 1. Courses. PowerShell commands. Student video on switch port securty - Cisco Networking Academy.

Lecture 1 By Eng-Mahmoud Sakr - Arabic. 01-Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) (Lecture 01) By Eng-Mahmoud Sakr. Security Materials(Torrents) Experience the Next Network Evolution with Cisco Network Programmability Training. With the introduction of open network infrastructures, where networks can be programmatically accessed and business applications better integrated, the way IT professionals operate and design architectures will change. The new technologies will bring tremendous benefits in terms of applications and infrastructure integration adding flexibility, simplification and cost-effectiveness. Job Roles As this evolution takes place, it's having a major effect on networking jobs roles. New careers in IT are being built, focusing more on complex services and architectures rather than systems. With this shift, new talent needs arise for IT professionals as industry job roles evolve.

Shellcode Basics. ‫شيخ العمود‬ Learn Pentesting Online. Operating system concepts. Information security. Information Security Attributes: or qualities, i.e., Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA). Information Systems are composed in three main portions, hardware, software and communications with the purpose to help identify and apply information security industry standards, as mechanisms of protection and prevention, at three levels or layers: physical, personal and organizational.

Essentially, procedures or policies are implemented to tell people (administrators, users and operators) how to use products to ensure information security within the organizations. Information security, sometimes shortened to InfoSec, is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction.


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