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: Pretty Faux Fur DIY Boot Shapers from Water Bottles Fashion + DIY + Lifestyle. Let me first start by saying that this may be one of my all-time favorite DIYs EVER… and I think my best DIYs come from pure necessity and/or a real desire to have something fabulous that I can’t find elsewhere.

: Pretty Faux Fur DIY Boot Shapers from Water Bottles Fashion + DIY + Lifestyle

For instance, I can NEVER find really great boot shapers… thus, some of my boots are lying flat in their original boxes & others are standing with their original paper boards & tissue paper that came with them {very unchic!}. Really, when it comes down to it, I don’t want to spend money on boot shapers but I also don’t want to look in my closet and see a bunch of wine bottles or plastic bottles sticking out of my shoes.

So this is my solution… and as soon as I finish more SmartWater bottles, I’ll be making sets for all my boots in my closet. NOTE: Though this DIY is not complicated, there are a lot of steps. What You’ll Need… * SmartWater bottles {two 33.8 fl.oz.bottles per each boot stay}* Scissors* Duct Tape* Hot Glue Gun {I started with Mod Podge – big mistake! Steps… Voila! Plain Jane Canvas Shoes Restyle. Hi, Skunkboy friends!

Plain Jane Canvas Shoes Restyle

I'm Jodie, crafter and stitcher of Lova Revolutionary and author of Happy Stitch. Summer time is just my favorite and I love a simple pair of canvas shoes to slip on for some quick outings to the park, to take to the beach, and to play with the pooch in! I picked up a pair recently but decided they needed a little something-something to make them extra cute.

I thought I'd share this little restyle DIY with you, so you can stitch up a cute pair or perk up a pair you have already! Supplies: canvas shoes, several colors of embroidery floss, thick hand sewing needle, needle gripper (optional), pencil Step 1: Simply sketch out your design on your shoes with a regular pencil, careful to leave some space around the edge. Step 2: Begin filling in your design using some easy embroidery stitches. Step 3: When you are finished with each floss color, tie a knot on the inside to secure your thread. Stitch How-To: Thanks, Jodie, for this adorable DIY! Canvas shoe makeover tutorial. Hello lovelies Have you been enjoying your weekend?

canvas shoe makeover tutorial

Have you made anything? I've been making lots of things. Lots of things which are not for sale. It makes me happy to have time to make things for myself and my loved ones. I've been engaging in some back to school shopping this past week as my 5 year old starts school this year. They turned out so well, that I thought I'd share this tutorial with you in case you feel the urge to transform some plain canvas shoes in works of art for your (or your kids) feet. What you need:plain white canvas shoesFaber-Castell Big Brush artist pens (they're colour markers with pigment ink which means they are water proof once they dry)pencil with eraser endSketches or rough design for your shoesLet's get started: My son is into the grungy kind of design... lots of skulls, splats, stars and that kind of thing. Once you've finished this part, take a black Pitt Artist pen and go over all of your pencilled-in sketches.

Canvas shoe makeover tutorial. DIY Miu Miu Sneakers. Do you remember the last time you Sharpie-d or embellished a pair of sneakers?

DIY Miu Miu Sneakers

For us, it had been far too long so when we saw Miu Miu‘s latest glittery sneakers for fall, we were anxious to bling out our own pair using a pair of classic Vans as our canvas. But honestly, what fun is it unless you can DIY a pair too? Leave a comment and we’ll select a reader, at random, to choose their own pair of DIYable Vans. DIY: Glitter Shoes. DIY Christian Louboutin glitter pumps! Tutorial. I know what you're thinking: Uh, glitter shoes are for strippers and Wizard of Oz costumes... but actually, apparently they are back in!

DIY Christian Louboutin glitter pumps! Tutorial

And I know I don't need them, but I am very proud of how I replicated these $595 Christian Louboutin pumps with some $6 Target heels, some Mod Podge, glitter, and red spray paint (for the signature red sole!!). Yeah, they also come in fuchsia, but I'm not that funky... They also have an open-toed version for $745: And Jimmy Choo has one for $595: They also have flats for (only) $365: So, take a look at my tutorial for these babies.

How to make glitter shoes! Floral Boots DIY. We're just a little too excited about spring around here!

Floral Boots DIY

This season we're feeling all things floral. Here's a cute and do-able DIY that made our plain-jane pair of boots feel fancy... Supplies Needed: Plain boots with laces (we got ours a K-Mart!) , pretty fabric (emma is doing her pair with striped fabric... i'll share them soon!) Note: use lightweight cotton- nothing too bulky or stiff, Glue, Mod Podge + an exacto knife.