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Best WordPress Themes for Architects and Architectural Firms 2016 - colorlib. A comprehensive collection of the best architecture WordPress themes for architect corporate, portfolio and personal websites and blogs. Architecture has always been a niche service due to its specification and high cost. In this business you can get only few leads but there is a high chance that you can make millions of out these leads. Every lead in this business is very important and this is why you must use all marketing and communication changes. Website is the best options among these communication channels.

We have gathered the list of the top WordPress theme for architects to showcase your work, portfolio and promote your services. All these themes awesome and highly customizable to suit your personal and business needs. Massive Dynamic Massive Dynamic is a very sleek and attractive, deliberate and purposeful, intelligent and tech-savvy responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website builder. More info / DownloadDemoGet Hosting Infinite More info / DownloadDemoGet Hosting Throne. Home | Dario Vignali. Dario Vignali Academy | Tutti i Posts | Dario Vignali. I migliori strumenti per fare Web Marketing. Per finire ecco una lista delle migliori utility che utilizzo spesso durante la realizzazione dei miei progetti.

HelloBar è la barra arancione che puoi vedere in alto nel mio blog e che accompagna i lettori durante la navigazione su Hellobar è uno stratagemma promozionale incredibile: la si nota sempre ma non da mai fastidio. Serve per creare delle "call to action" che dirottino i lettori su pagine del blog capaci di generare profitti. Inoltre, dal panello di controllo di hellobar è possibile effettuare controlli statistici e A/B tests. GoogleAnalytics non mi spingo nemmeno a raccontare cos'è. In un sito web deve esserci sempre, sempre! Fakemailgenerator è una manna dal cielo. Reverse IP Lookup è un piccolo tool del web che ti permette, nel caso il tuo sito poggi su uno shared host, di vedere quale altro sito condivide con te il tuo stesso server. Yahoo Smush serve per diminuire il peso di un'immagine senza intaccarne minimamente la qualità.

Tynt è straordinario. A Creative’s Guide to “Growth Hacking” A few years ago, the investor and entrepreneur Paul Graham wrote an essay on the nature of startups. He opened matter-of-factly “a startup is a company designed to grow fast.” Of course, all businesses want to grow quickly. The phrase “grow or die” existed long before Facebook. But a startup is a special kind of company. I would argue that increasingly, we’re all like startups. The question is: what can we all learn from companies that trade incremental growth for exponential and viral adoption? What can we all learn from companies that trade incremental growth for exponential and viral adoption? These questions were ones I ran smack into as the Director of Marketing at American Apparel. Let’s look at some of these lessons and think about how they might change our marketing and growth mindset. 1.

Paul Graham has another piece of marketing advice: Make stuff people want. Make stuff people want. 2. Fred Brumwell’s billboard that got him a job at Google. 3. 4. 20 steps to the perfect website layout. When designing a website layout there are some common mistakes that often pop up, especially with interns and new designers. In this list of steps to the perfect website layout, we cover what every new website builder working within a digital agency should know and do before starting a new project, and what they should pay attention to during the process to avoid making these mistakes. These principles cover not only design aspects but also general workflow tips that will get the job done nicely.

Follow them and you'll soon be on your way to creating professional website layouts. 01. Before starting the work you need to know what is it you are designing for. Good redesigns are not necessarily the most flashy ones but the ones that improve performance over time. 02. This seems very obvious but I've found too often that designers jump straight into their work before giving any thought to the problem they are trying to solve. 03. 04. It's as simple as it sounds. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. Discover the 10 hottest trends in website design. Website layout, meaning the positioning of its different components, is one of the earliest challenges a team faces in a project. It can be one of the hardest or one of the easiest decisions the team will make.

How you lay out your site is directly dictated by the purpose of the content, the needs of the user around that content, and of course the needs of the client who commission the work. These three factors don’t always move in the same direction - so it’s the UX designer and the visual designer’s job to find the harmony between them. Follow the trends In addition to the theoretical aspect of it, the web design industry like any other creative field goes through phases, and these phases are defined by trends. These trends can be driven by new technological advances, new aesthetics or the pure desire of finding more efficient ways of presenting the content to the user, to name a few examples. Inspiring examples 01. Cartelle The Great Discontent Quartz 02.

Volvo Travel Guide 03. USA Today 04. How to make your websites more immersive: 5 pro tips. I was 12 years old when I played an arcade game for the first time. It was the '90s and the game was Capcom Arcade's Final Fight. I remember like it was yesterday the rush I felt when the music started and when the story kicked off. I barely played for five minutes but when I finished I was so excited I could feel my heart beating in my throat. Final Fight was a hell of an experience. Throughout the years working in the interactive industry, I have felt that same excitement several times; when checking out some of the so called 'interactive experiences', checking regular content sites and lately playing GTAV online.

However as time goes by I realized my expectations in the interactive field are getting lower and lower. Claudio Guglieri will be speaking alongside David Navarro at Generate London this September. Failing to inspire Could it be due to the fall of Flash? Many 'interactive music videos' end up being a video with no story where you move your mouse to see a flashy effect. 01. 02. - Strategie di Marketing Made in Internet. Simone Sala, Author at SitePoint. Diego Mulfari Web Designer. La gestione del tempo e della contabilità: un software gratuito. La gestione del tempo. Sembra semplice. Manuali su manuali sull’argomento- utili, se poi si applicano. Alla fine rimane la pratica, e gli strumenti che utilizziamo. Agende, notes, ecc. Non è semplice. Affatto. Una buona gestione degli impegni e delle risorse (sia per i freelance, sia per le aziende) è un nodo quasi sempre centrale.

Fornire indicazioni utili sulla gestione del tempo o su come si controlla la contabilità non è certo il mio mestiere: tuttavia è un problema che mi riguarda e in cui cerco di migliorare. Software di fatturazione online per privati e aziende: Invoice Zoho Quindi ho approfittato di un momento libero per trovare uno strumento- possibilmente gratuito- che mi aiutasse nel tener traccia di: spese (per chi, come, quando)fatture (a chi l’ho già mandata, e quando? Mi bastava questo, fondamentalmente. Sono approdato a Con questo strumento (unicamente on line, quindi raggiungibili da qualsiasi posto dotato di connessione internet) posso: E l’assistenza? Come guadagnare su Internet seriamente. Come ti ho spiegato in diverse guide, tipo quella dedicata a come guadagnare soldi su Internet, bisogna stare alla larga da tutti quei siti e quelle aziende che promettono guadagni faraonici tramite Internet premendo un tasto sulla tastiera del PC, o poco più.

È possibile racimolare qualche soldo sfruttando le proprie abilità (e soprattutto il proprio tempo) su Internet, ma è raro arrivare a qualcosa di superiore a un modesto arrotondamento dello stipendio. Nonostante ciò, continuo a ricevere messaggi di amici che mi chiedono come guadagnare su Internet seriamente, se esiste un modo per provarci e quali strade consiglio di percorrere. Beh, sembrerà banale ma l’unico modo per guadagnare cifre significative in Rete è… lavorare, lavorare sodo. Cominciamo questa guida dedicata a come guadagnare su Internet seriamente dal mondo dei blog. A te la scelta in base alle tue esigenze. Trovi tutte le informazioni che ti possono servire per iniziare nei miei tutorial dedicati a questi temi.