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Blog Archive » e-Rewards, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire Conversition Strategies. E-Rewards, Inc.

Blog Archive » e-Rewards, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire Conversition Strategies

Announces Agreement to Acquire Conversition Strategies May 10, 2011 | Plano, TX – May 10, 2011 – e-Rewards, Inc., a global leader in digital data collection and reporting, today announced it has reached an agreement to acquire Conversition Strategies. Founded in February 2009 by former IPSOS executives, Conversition is a pioneer in the Social Media Research industry, and was formed to capitalize on the emerging trend to perform market research within the social media channel. The primary product offered by Conversition is EvoListen®.

“With over half a billion consumers worldwide engaging in social media platforms today, we believe social media listening will continue to become an increasingly important way for businesses to collect valuable insights around the needs and wants of their customers,” said Chris Havemann, President and Chief Executive Officer of e-Rewards. . E-Rewards, Inc. is a global leader in permission based digital data collection and reporting. Trends in Consumers’ Time Spent with Media. There are only so many hours per day that consumers can spend watching TV, reading newspapers and surfing the internet.

Trends in Consumers’ Time Spent with Media

But as marketers may suspect, the time devoted to media is undergoing some not-so-subtle changes. eMarketer recently conducted a meta-analysis of data from dozens of research firms using a variety of methodologies. The result is a series of estimates of how much time consumers spend with all major media, regardless of multitasking or simultaneous usage, from 2008 to 2010. The estimates apply to average media usage of the general public, not solely to the users of each medium.

The average time spent with all major media combined increased from about 10.6 hours in 2008 to 11 hours in 2010, according to eMarketer. To account for multitasking, an hour spent watching TV and surfing the internet was counted as 1 hour for TV plus 1 hour for internet use. In fact, time spent with mobile devices is rising faster than all other media. Debuts Real-Time Social Search Platform, Plus 3 Years of Twitter's Archive.

There's a new tool that online marketers, brand managers and social media experts should be aware of:, a new social search platform for researching Twitter conversations and tracking the associated analytics. Debuts Real-Time Social Search Platform, Plus 3 Years of Twitter's Archive

But this is not your average Twitter analytics tool. uses parent company PeopleBrowsr's proprietary server technology to surface a historical analysis of Tweets, going back three years, thanks to its access to Twitter's full feed, a data stream often referred to as the "Twitter firehose. " Not only that, but has built custom indexes on top of this database of Tweets, including indexes for things like gender, sentiment, location, degrees of separation and more.'s technology breakthrough are these custom indexes on top of Twitter's firehose. As noted above, they include gender, ? What that means for the service's end users is that you have the ability to parse Twitter analytics in a number of different ways. Qualitative Research Consultants Association. Products. Dub’s software is currently being put to work by the world’s online leading MR, brand strategy, innovation and advertising agencies and brands including TNS, Ipsos, Added Value, Flamingo, Decision Analyst and Buzzback.


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