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SO YOU WORKED ON SKULLGIRLS!? by Hnilmik on deviantART. Sam Hayes Dissertation. Boobs in Video Games - NFGworld! Member since May 2011 · 2465 posts · Location: BrisbaneGroup memberships: Administrators, Members Subject: Boobs in Video Games To hear some people talk about it, video games are a haven of debauchery, pornography and violence run rampant.

Boobs in Video Games - NFGworld!

The truth is sex in games, mainstream games at least, is really impossibly rare. I went looking, and even starting with old, well-known cases of titillation, there just wasn't much to be found. I had originally planned to do a boob-a-day feature, except that I couldn't get enough content for a full year... Stormlord - Sega Genesis & Amiga Stormlord was an Amiga game ported to Sega's Genesis, but Sega's rules saw the background fairies censored a little bit. Character Well:Character and Color Scheme Generator for Artists and Authors. BadKing. HTML color codes and names. HTML color codes are hexadecimal triplets representing the colors red, green, and blue (#RRGGBB).

HTML color codes and names

For example, in the color red, the color code is #FF0000, which is '255' red, '0' green, and '0' blue. These color codes can be used to change the color of the background, text, and tables on a web page. Major hexadecimal color codes Below are some of the common color names and codes. With these colors, you can also use the color name. Color code chart Tip: Use our HTML color picker if you need to choose from an almost infinite variety of colors. Shadertoy BETA. RPG Map Generator. Brief Considerations About Materials. Important: The following tutorial was written back in 2010.

Brief Considerations About Materials

A lot of it still makes sense, but some parts should (and will eventually) be revised to include the concept of PBR materials. Brief Considerations About Materials I originally made this tutorial for a lecture I gave at CCAA, a school in Brazil where I help running the Post-Graduation Course on Game Art. It came from the necessity to explain some elements of the materials that are commonly misunderstood. Especially about Specular Maps that, sometimes, seem to be a bit more obscure for most people. Random thoughts about graphics in game. 3D Modeling & Texturing. Planet Earth Material Shader for UDK - Dave Newson. Preface I'm expecting you to have some experience with UDK already, so this tutorial won't detail how to import textures, models, or the UDK interface.

Planet Earth Material Shader for UDK - Dave Newson

If you haven't already, I would highly recommend watching JavaHawk's original tutorial video for the Earth shader as he covers some useful basics before he covers the shader itself. Find some assets Create your planet The first thing we need to do in UDK is set up our Earth object. Locate the Sphere object in the Content Browser by simply searching for Sphere, then drag it from the Content Browser into your map.

Now right click in the Content Browser and create a new material. Double click the material in the Content Browser to open it for editing. Finally drag and drop the Diffuse texture from the Content Browser into the Material. Save your changes and then *drag-and-drop the material onto your planet sphere* - voila, you have a really basic planet. Custom Lighting Under the “Material” group you should find an entry for “Lighting Model”. Goon StudiosGoon Studios. We had an issue with our website and lost our previous Keipr Online blog. The two blogs shows how we created the Keipr Shader and how we model our character in Keipr Online, and we want to share these two blogs again with you.

Blog from “October 18, 2013: Mount Making of video created by one of our artist, Leo Ogawa Lillrank, and concept by Troy Galluzzi. Our artist notices there were people asking how to create 3D models look 2D. This video is created to show the process in creating that style of art utilizing zbrush, 3D Coat, Photoshop and Maya. – First is sculpting the model. Blog from “Dec 5th, 2013 Blog” There are many great games with a cell shaded look. Like this: Like Loading... Visual Hierarchy for Game Developers: A Practical Guide to Making Important Stuff Seem Important - Purple Pwny Studios. Video games, as the most dynamic and interactive form of creative media, have more variables than a person can wholly comprehend and account for.

Visual Hierarchy for Game Developers: A Practical Guide to Making Important Stuff Seem Important - Purple Pwny Studios

Assets may be reused or may move about, so you often cannot predict every position each object will be in during a playthrough. Inconsistencies and visual anomalies can be avoided by approaching the graphics as if each screen were a singular piece of artwork (this is more reasonable in something like a point-and-click adventure game), but most developers don’t have this luxury.

To ease the burden of myriad variables and increase your chances of ending up with a product that looks good, you have to limit your options and make sure that the choices you do make are smart ones. Art is hard. Make things a little easier for yourself and get a little color palette.