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FCRA Compliance in Background Checks. The FCRA or Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act is designed to protect everyday people by promoting fairness and accuracy in the files that are collected by background checks and the companies that run them.

FCRA Compliance in Background Checks

It is intended to ensure privacy for these people, so that only the relevant information is gathered, and isn’t shared with anyone who should not have access to that information. FCRA compliant background checks work hard to make sure that they are following the guidelines of the FCRA so as not to infringe on anyone’s rights. Employment Background Screening. These days a lot of companies and jobs require or request background checks before hiring new people, or accepting them to different positions.

Employment Background Screening

These checks can find out a lot about potential employees and save the companies hassle and money if the person turns out to have had an issue in the past. How to Get a Criminal Record Background Check. Having your background checked is a common experience.

How to Get a Criminal Record Background Check

Most employers will want a check done, and so will many landlords and other rental companies. This is because it can give a fairly accurate picture of things such as liability, dependability and more. What You Need to Know About Pre-Employment Drug Testing. A pre-employment drug test can offer you insight into some of the personal habits of prospective employees which may have a bearing on your business.

What You Need to Know About Pre-Employment Drug Testing

For instance, if a test comes back positive for illicit drugs, then you can know of a possible impairment before you give them a job. Before you look for a service for drug testing, it is a good idea to know what things you want tested and why you want to do the testing. This can help you find the best service in your area before you sign contracts and get started testing potential employees. What Is Being Tested For? Pre-employment drug screen tests will usually look for illicit substances in hair, urine or even on the breath. Why Test for It? Pre-employment drug test can keep chronic drug users from disrupting your productivity or even causing accidents and injury at your business. Who Does the Testing? Why Get a Background Check for Employment?

4 Ways Applicants Lie on Job Applications. It’s sad, but true: Today’s job candidates have to be thoroughly scrutinizeed for accuracy.

4 Ways Applicants Lie on Job Applications

Part of the process has to do with the form I-9 solution your organization implements. Here are four areas to be aware of in regards to application fraud. Vital Statistics While it would be difficult to falsify a field such as gender, some applicants lie about other vital statistics such as their names or dates of birth. Adolescents might take their chances at falsifying age to gain employment at a place where only adults are hired.

Legal Status Some people believe that if they misrepresent their legal status without getting caught, they’re more likely to get hired. Educational Background Over the years, fake colleges and universities have been discovered, investigated and shut down. Employment History Imagine your small company needs an individual with a speciality skill. The screening process takes time, but technologies such as the electronic form I-9 can speed things up. 5 Enhancements International Hires Can Bring. Whether you’re looking to bring staff in from overseas or hoping to open a foreign extension of your company, there are definite benefits to hiring abroad.

5 Enhancements International Hires Can Bring

Here are five such enhancements you can hope to receive when you receive clean international employees background checks. Diversity A diverse workplace has been linked to a number of measurable advantages. Really, such success makes a lot of sense. The world is a diverse place, and the more you model your business after the rest of the world, the better you should be able to offer products and services with wide appeal. Innovation Innovation can come from anywhere. Localization Those who have successfully devised products or services for the English-speaking world may be ready to expand into new waters. Connections Your contacts network is probably comprised of friends, relatives, schoolmates, neighbours and workmates past and present.

Sales All of the above enhancements lead to stronger businesses when they are realized. Why Do You Need Motor Vehicle Reports? Motor vehicle reports are checks of an individual’s driving history spanning from three to five years before the check is made.

Why Do You Need Motor Vehicle Reports?

This can include traffic violations which will not usually show up on a criminal background check; but, can be incredibly useful in assessing the risks and benefits of insuring a specific driver. 5 Features to Look for in an International Criminal Background Check : gspaces. This event is in the past.

5 Features to Look for in an International Criminal Background Check : gspaces

The internet is full of companies offering an insider look at a person’s past. However, before you make a major hiring decision based on the information you may be given, consider the following features of background checks that can be used to screen applicants who reside outside of the U.S.A. Identity Verification Have you ever known of two people who went by the same first and last name? With names that are more common, there could be numerous resultsshowing people with the same basic identity. Sufficient Details. Importance And Role Of Efficient Background Screenings For Your Organization – Rockett Creative. Background checks play a very important role in protecting your company, your clients, and your employees as well.

Importance And Role Of Efficient Background Screenings For Your Organization – Rockett Creative

Some people may think them to be a mere criminal history check. Well, it is actually much more than that. It is the process that will lead you to find the best employees by checking out their criminal records, employment history, education, references, civil records, and many more. Accurate Background.