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Hardwood Flooring Installation, Best Floor Installers in Calgary. Installation Installing a solid hardwood floor in your home will always be a good investment because this type of floor never goes out of style and can be repaired, refinished and re-coated multiple times.

Hardwood Flooring Installation, Best Floor Installers in Calgary

Our installation process guarantees your floor will look amazing and last a lifetime. Depending on your choice of flooring, the process may differ slightly. Engineered floors or pre-finished floors will not require a staining process, while hardwood floors will. With that in mind the over arching process remains much the same and will include: Pre-installation walk through with the customer.Floor Preparation – we can do this for you, or you can do it yourself. Bull Tough Flooring typically completes installation projects under 500sqft in under two days and projects averaging 1000sqft in thee to five days. The final cost of your project will depend on a number of factors, so we don’t use a specific dollar per square foot to calculate your quote. Wood Floor Refinishing Company in Calgary.

Solid hardwood floors are specifically designed to be refinished multiple times.

Wood Floor Refinishing Company in Calgary

The process of refinishing an old floor involves aggressively sanding the floor down to bare wood before being polished smooth and having natural or stain coat added. Once finished, a properly maintained hardwood floor should last a lifetime. At Bull Tough flooring we believe in being straight forward and honest. We will not spend time trying to oversell you services you don’t need, and likewise we do not spend time going in circles with clients who are not serious about their hardwood floor refinishing. Hardwood Flooring Installation, Best Floor Installers in Calgary. Best Hardwood Floor Installers in Calgary. Flooring Contractors in Calgary. Is Hardwood Flooring In The Bathroom Really Worth It? Hardwood flooring has remained a household flooring surface covering favorite for many years.

Is Hardwood Flooring In The Bathroom Really Worth It?

Due to its durability, low maintenance, long-lasting, and natural aesthetic, it is often a homeowner’s top choice. Although it is a top pick for most rooms throughout Calgary homes, there are a few places that need to be carefully considered, one being the bathroom. Bathrooms are prone to humidity and moisture which yields a higher level of maintenance. Hardwood Flooring in Calgary. Repairs Hardwood floors take a beating over their lifetime.

Hardwood Flooring in Calgary

It’s very common to require repairs for areas of the floor that have been damaged prior to finishing. The most common type of repairs are pet urine stains, dishwasher/fridge leaks and waterdamage next to external doors or windows. Any type of damage can be repaired. Water Damage Water damage is the number one problem we see (leaks from fridge, dish washers, toilets etc) and it can typically be repaired without issue.

Identifying the source of the leak.Stopping or repairing the source of the leak.Letting the floor dry out.Either re-sand the floor and re-coat it, or remove the existing board and replacing. Scratches Most scratches can be easily repaired using a maintenance coat. Gaps Gaps in your floor are often caused byinproper installation, but they can also be caused by the natural expansion and compression of your home. Should you use hardwood floors in your Basement? Are you starting a new building project or looking to renovate your basement?

Should you use hardwood floors in your Basement?

There are many things to consider and hardwood floors should be top of mind. Although hardwood flooring is aesthetically pleasing in any space, there are many things to consider if hardwood floors are a priority for your Calgary home. Due to the proximity of the basement to the foundation of the home, many maintenance factors pose complications. Most importantly, basements are very susceptible to water damage which could cause cupping, swelling, warping, and splitting of your hardwood floors. When designing a new build or renovating an existing basement, avoiding moisture build-up should be your first concern when discussing flooring options.

Floor Installers Calgary.

What you need to know about hardwood floors in Kitchens

Hardwood Is The Best Flooring for Flipping a House - Bull Tough Flooring. Real Estate Agents Note What Floors Sell Homes The process of selling a house is a stressful one, even for the most organized homeowner.

Hardwood Is The Best Flooring for Flipping a House - Bull Tough Flooring

There are hundreds of aspects to keep track of while ensuring that everything goes according to plan. One of those steps — although it may seem like a small step — involves replacing the flooring throughout your household, which can greatly improve its value with the proper direction. Factors to Consider When Refinishing Floors Before you go ahead and search “hardwood floor refinishing near me,” it would be a good idea to know what to expect when you’re ultimately discussing your options. Installing Wooden Flooring Over Concrete Slab - Bull Tough Flooring. The Process Followed by the Best Hardwood Floor Installers Installing wooden flooring in your home is not only a guaranteed style upgrade but also a smart investment in its resale value.

Installing Wooden Flooring Over Concrete Slab - Bull Tough Flooring

Hardwood flooring remains timeless, with a lifespan that can be extended indefinitely through occasional refinishing and minor repairs. However, not all flooring is the same which is why it is so important to hire only the best, experienced hardwood floor installers for the job. This is especially important when the flooring is going over the concrete slab, which requires special consideration and testing for moisture levels. The Importance of Testing for Moisture Depending on the home’s location, the soil beneath, and other factors, a concrete slab floor will have unique characteristics which impact how a wooden floor can be installed. Rubber Mat TestCalcium Chloride TestPhenolphthalein TestPolyethylene Film Test The Two Types of Floor Installations. Replace, Repair or Refinish Old Hardwood Floors? - Bull Tough Flooring. Professional Hardwood Flooring Specialists Help You Decide One of the biggest advantages of hardwood flooring is that it can last for several decades.

Replace, Repair or Refinish Old Hardwood Floors? - Bull Tough Flooring

When installed correctly, hardwood repair for your Calgary home is not likely to be a frequent expense. Refinishing the floors is not a default option during every upgrade. A quick check online will typically yield several results related to dustless or sandless hardwood refinishing. While this may be a tempting proposition to avoid a costly and time-consuming hardwood replacement project, it may not always offer the desired results for your specific floors. Determining the fate of your old hardwood floors requires careful consideration of numerous critical factors. Defining Elements of Hardwood Flooring Upgrades Before you decide whether to repair, replace, or refinish your old wooden floors, it is important to pinpoint the reason for the upgrade.

Ways to Protect Your Floors When Company Comes Over. Tips from Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Installation Experts Hardwood floors look beautiful and last for many years, especially when you first get them installed.

Ways to Protect Your Floors When Company Comes Over

However, your visitors may not always understand the house rules designed to keep your floors in good condition. How can you avoid coming across as a rude host while protecting your investment in hardwood floors? Before you lay down the law when family and friends come for a visit, get your wood floors in pristine condition. Homeowners looking for “hardware floor refinishing near me” often choose Bull Tough Flooring in Calgary. Once your floors look amazing, show them off proudly without subjecting them to dents and dings from your nephew’s toy trucks and grandma’s metal walker. Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cost in Calgary. Hardwood Flooring Options for Homes with Children or Pets. Insights from Hardwood Flooring Specialists in Calgary An ideal upgrade with a high return on investment, hardwood flooring trumps most other flooring materials, especially in homes with young children or pets.

Hardwood Flooring Options for Homes with Children or Pets

Instead of spending time and effort on scrubbing down carpets or cleaning stains off other types of flooring materials, hardwood floors make for a convenient, easy-cleaning, and low-maintenance option. However, it is important to choose the right types, colors and finishes to ensure that your flooring withstands the heavy usage or unpredictable behaviors of children and pets. Wood Floor Refinishing in Calgary. Replace, Repair or Refinish Old Hardwood Floors? Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Calgary. Cleaning Techniques for Hardwood Floors. Expert Tips from Hardwood Flooring Installation Professionals in Calgary Hardwood flooring has the potential to make any space truly special.

While the rich patterns and warm shades of the wood add beauty and charm to your rooms, the durability and other benefits of hardwood flooring make it an excellent investment for enhancing your home value. Hardwood Flooring Companies Near Me. Protect and Maintain the Wood Flooring in Your Kitchen. Insights from Your Trusted Hardwood Floor Company in Calgary Despite their warmth, charm, timeless elegance, and long lifespan, hardwood floors are not always the preferred choice of flooring option in most kitchens. Unlike other materials, such as laminate, vinyl, or tile, hardwood is an organic material.

Which means, its cellular structure may damage easily due to moisture, direct sunlight or other potential problems that may occur in the kitchen, including spills, food stains, or dropping of utensils and sharp kitchen tools. Whether you already have wooden flooring in your kitchen, or are keen on adding hardwood floors to your cook space, it is important to know how you can protect the wood and maximize its life. Hardwood Flooring Calgary Cost. Hardwood Flooring Options for Homes with Children or Pets. Hardwood Floor Refinishing Contractors Near Me.