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Pribramsky & Co. Pribramsky & Co. Pribramsky & Co. Creating or Advancing Your Accounting Practice in A Shifting World - MoneyThumb. What is Adaptive Learning Technology? In the CPA Review game, we’ve all heard the phrase “adaptive learning technology” but what does that even mean?

What is Adaptive Learning Technology?

It’s become a buzzword thrown out by many CPA Review Courses, but can it even help you? The short answer? Yes it can. Exam Review Courses that utilize adaptive learning software essentially avoid the standard linear learning style of starting at chapter one, and reading through to the last chapter. Another Unfortunate Fallout of Pandemic: Huge Increase in Lending Scams - MoneyThumb. What CPA Candidates Must Remember During This Pandemic. We know how uncertain of a time it currently is, with COVID-19 impacting not only your day-to-day life but your family and the market too – it’s pretty scary.

What CPA Candidates Must Remember During This Pandemic

But that’s not to say that your life (or career ambitions) should be put on hold, in fact, they’re more important now than ever. That’s why we’re cutting through the confusion to remind you of five important things to keep in mind during this pandemic, and ultimately this lockdown. Make Use of Your Downtime – these are unprecedented times and most of us have more downtime than ever before, both at work and in our ‘free time’. But it’s crucial that you use this time wisely, and keep studying. This will pay off in the long run – remember that while a CPA credential isn’t required to work in accounting, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants who earn the CPA have the best job prospects. You’re Safe at Home, not Stuck at Home – we know it’s a strange time, and one that feels more and more uncertain as the days go on. 5 Types of Loans Hard Money Lenders Won't Fund - MoneyThumb. Rebuilding Your Accounting Practice in a Post Lock Down World - MoneyThumb.

Advice From Martha Stewart On Personal Finances During Pandemic - MoneyThumb. Advice From Martha Stewart On Personal Finances During Pandemic - MoneyThumb. How to Study For Your CPA While Working Remote. The novel coronavirus has truly changed the way we go about our everyday lives.

How to Study For Your CPA While Working Remote

Things we never thought about before, like going to the grocery store, going to the gym, and going to work are being changed and restricted at a rapid pace. Many of us are now telecommuting (or working from home) as many businesses, accounting firms included, try to curb the spread of the virus. Working from home on such short notice is likely to throw you for a loop, even though most accounting jobs can easily be done from home.

This is especially true if you’re also trying to study for the CPA Exam. All of a sudden you need to set up a home office, figure out your work hours, figure out your study hours, stay as productive as possible, and maintain some level of sanity. Covid-19 Causes Jitters In Traditional Lending Markets, Opens Doors for Private Lenders - MoneyThumb. What Section of the CPA Exam to Sit for first. Right now, deciding how to study, what to study, or even if you should be studying can seem daunting and difficult to determine.

What Section of the CPA Exam to Sit for first

Given upcoming CPA Exam changes to certain exam sections and Prometric delays, the conditions that the current pool of CPA Candidates face is unprecedented. Because of this, the approach these candidates take to the exam should differ to the typical method and CPA Exam section order to prevent unnecessary confusion as the study material changes. That’s why we recommend that if you haven’t already passed these parts, you study in the following order to limit the amount of disruption you may experience: Why Sit For AUD First?

We know, we typically recommend the most comprehensive of the exams to be the first exam you sit for – which is FAR . In fact, there are no major pronouncements impacting this section of the CPA exam until 2022 because the reporting standards that were supposed to be implemented in 2021 have been delayed. The Best Advice for Accountants Working From Home - MoneyThumb. NASBA Recommends State Boards Extend Testing Windows - What States Have Extended So Far? The CPA Exam is difficult enough at the best of times – but right now, with COVID-19 impacting study journeys and delaying test dates, it’s even tougher.

NASBA Recommends State Boards Extend Testing Windows - What States Have Extended So Far?

Interview With Ralph Mayer, President & Founder of MoneyThumb - MoneyThumb. Changes to the CPA Exam? What Does That Mean For You. The American Institute of CPAs’ Council held their first-ever virtual Council meeting, where they elected a new chair and approved the CPA Evolution model that AICPA and NASBA have been developing with a focus on more technology skills.

Changes to the CPA Exam? What Does That Mean For You

This, along with an updated Exam to reflect the changes, is expected to be available in January 2024. What is the CPA Evolution? The CPA Evolution licensure model approved by the AICPA Council will center around a core in accounting, auditing, tax and technology. CPA candidates are then able to choose a discipline – such as tax compliance and planning, business reporting and analysis, or information systems and controls — where they can demonstrate deeper skills and knowledge to accommodate the changing needs of clients and businesses. Survey Says: Cost of Funding Main Concern of Non-Traditional Lenders - MoneyThumb. How This Candidate Achieved Higher Than 95 on the CPA Exam. Each year, the AICPA awards the Elijah Watt Sells Award to CPA Exam test takers who average a score of 95 or above across all exam sections.

How This Candidate Achieved Higher Than 95 on the CPA Exam

This year, Austin Krug was one of the winners – want to know his secret to passing with such a high score? Look no further – we sat down with Austin to talk through his experience, and how Surgent CPA Review helped him like no other course could. You can watch his video interview here, or read his answers below. 1. Marketing Your Small Businesses During Pandemic: What Has Changed? - MoneyThumb. Top Tips For Virtual Meetings and Interviews. Everybody knows that the face of Accounting (and every other industry) has changed with current events.

Top Tips For Virtual Meetings and Interviews

From Zoom conferences to solely-digital internships, virtual meetings are taking over, and as that happens – the way you approach them must change too. It’s no surprise that a virtual internship, or a virtual meeting, can feel a little different than it would if you were talking to them face-to-face. But your professionalism should not suffer because of it. That includes preventing tech issues, mitigating potential interruptions and bringing your A-game to the meeting. We know it sounds tough. 1. Your virtual interview, or meeting, isn’t going to get very far if you can’t get into the call. 2. 6 Reasons Why Private Equity Firms Are Becoming Lenders - MoneyThumb. Surgent CPA Review. By Elizabeth Kolar, MBA, CPA, CGMA.

Surgent CPA Review

IRS Issues Annual Dirty Dozen Tax Scams Amidst Pandemic - MoneyThumb. Press Release: Surgent Exam Review to Host Roundtable for Finance Professionals Adapting to the Virtual Work Environment. Surgent Exam Review is proud to announce a free virtual roundtable, titled “Professionalism in a Virtual World: Preparing for the New Normal” on July 22, 2020 4-5 p.m.

Press Release: Surgent Exam Review to Host Roundtable for Finance Professionals Adapting to the Virtual Work Environment

EDT. The strategic discussion will feature a panel of esteemed experts who will address the challenges a virtual professional may face. Topics will include recruiting, interviewing, managing one’s time as well as exploring aspects of mental health associated with the virtual work environment. Panelists will include: Accounting Services North Palm Beach FL.