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Accment provides services so that you do not have to bother about the accounting data. rest assured regarding the issue of security of your data. our specialized service in various areas: payroll to inventory, bookkeeping to document management.

Lotto inventory. Lotto inventory may not form a large chunk of your business activity but it sure is an area that needs consideration when it comes to making profit from its sale.

lotto inventory

Lotto, due to its small size and large quantities, is vulnerable to misappropriation. The accounting app that is employed for the purpose of tracking lotto inventory should be able to control the loss of the items caused due to pilferage by staff. Other means like closed circuit television (CCTV) can be used to limit the theft from customers. Small amount of loss can accumulate to become considerable sum at the end of a fiscal year. Therefore the management should not turn blind eye to this process. Inventory management does the basic of showing the opening balance, adding any purchases done and deducting sales made. Accounting Applications Packages for Business. The change in technology as evidenced in the emergence of cloud computing and the devices like tablets and smartphones has created demand for on-the-go applications.

Accounting Applications Packages for Business

Accounting applications with online storage have therefore come to the fore to help businesses of all scales – large or small. Integrating the accounting aspects which includes invoicing, managing payroll, facilitating payments is what online accounting excels in. It makes possible access to address or phone number, through integration with contact management software. Viewing bank statements, reconciling bank accounts is possible from a single platform. Online Document Management,Systems Solutions. Myriads of documents that are generated as a consequence of the operation of business should be maintained properly.

Online Document Management,Systems Solutions

We facilitate your transition to digital age of today by digitizing your documents-earlier ones as well as current ones. There is also the process of automating the whole process of storing and accessing those papers. The scanned results, when stored in cloud can be accessed and shared without the need to be physically present in some central depository. Bookkeeping document management. All businesses, big or small, generate documents while operating and communicating.

bookkeeping document management

Proposals, contracts, policies, customer related information as well manual, guides, reports are generated on the course of the business. Document Management System (DMS) does the tasks of tracking, managing, and storing them in electronic format. Fax, email, graphs, video files are some of the categories that are included in this process. Controlling of the tracked documents is also important from security point of view. User access can be limited with the establishment of security parameters as per the hierarchy.

Scanners and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software are the prime tools for capturing document into image and changing to machine-readable text. Bookkeeping Document Management helps in complying with auditing procedure as proper documentation helps timely storage and retrieval possible. With the data available electronically, it can be accessed from anywhere – thanks to internet. E-store Applications-Apps-Solutions-Management. Customizable, and web-service enabled, our application has already been coded so that your time is best utilized selling the products and not being involved in the details of accounting process.

E-store Applications-Apps-Solutions-Management

You can choose from among several of features that best suits your business.With our application, notification will be provided to the management once the level of fuel reaches to the preset level. Lotto inventory is managed automatically by the app being in sync with the hardware. Scanner and cash vault which are connected to the electronic cash register (ECR) means that even the need of making journal entries is forgone. Lotto Inventory Online Tracking Accounting Apps Solutions  Bar code scanner and a laptop are the bare essentials that are to be supplied for tracking lotto inventory.

Lotto Inventory Online Tracking Accounting Apps Solutions 

Other optional features like an application as well as a high-speed internet can be used for ease of use and real-time updates. Our application ensures that all the components involved are used optimally. We also make sure that the substance of the application is complemented by the form i.e., on display. Our interactive feature requires few, if none, training. There are icons that speak for themselves, the menu system that works stepwise in aiding your job. Database management is another feature that will help keep tabs in the sales (and therefore the inventory) pattern real time update, automatic backup, cloud, this all without you being present at the office. Online Bookkeeping Document Management Applications Apps. Fuel Inventory Online Tracking Accounting-Apps-Solutions. Managing fuel inventory is a simple process as well as a complex one.

Fuel Inventory Online Tracking Accounting-Apps-Solutions

Because it involves an opening balance, includes purchases and sales as well as a closing balance, it is like any other inventory calculations and therefore simple. For the complexities, we are here to help. A fuel station should handle its inventory so that its stock does not get drained in time of need. This can be ensured by tracking the demand pattern over various time periods; winter period, for example, may mean more demand because heating purpose also requires fuel.

The database we provide is updated and ready for access to the authorized person only. Online Accounting Applications, Lotto-Fuel Inventory, Payroll.