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Chapecoense air crash: Colombia plane 'ran out of fuel' Colombian authorities say evidence is growing that a plane carrying a Brazilian football team crashed because it ran out of fuel as it tried to land.

Chapecoense air crash: Colombia plane 'ran out of fuel'

The plane had no fuel on impact, an official said, corroborating audio of the pilot asking to land because of a fuel shortage and electric failure. The capital Bogota was mentioned on the flight plan as a possible refuelling stop, but the plane did not land there. The plane plunged into a mountainside near Medellin late on Monday. Darryl Jones: The unknown Stone. Image copyright Reuters As The Rolling Stones prepare to release an album paying homage to the black blues musicians who inspired them, is it time their long-serving black bass player won more recognition?

Darryl Jones: The unknown Stone

Darryl Jones has been with The Rolling Stones for more than two decades now but never appears in official band photographs. Untitled. Untitled. White Helmets backlash after Mannequin Challenge video. It is an achingly familiar scene.

White Helmets backlash after Mannequin Challenge video

An injured man lies in the rubble as two members of the Syria Civil Defence group - known as the White Helmets - come to his aid, another apparent victim of Syria's bloody civil war. But all is not as it seems. The man and the White Helmets appear frozen. The whole scene is in fact posed. The men are performing their version of the Mannequin Challenge in a video released by activists from the Revolutionary Forces of Syria (RFS) "to raise awareness of the suffering of the Syrian people".

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