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Stand for Trees - Homepage. Individual Volunteers. Individual Volunteers Mentor One positive adult relationship is sometimes the missing link for at-risk youth to become successful.

Individual Volunteers

Mentoring is an opportunity for you to develop a long-term, one-on-one relationship with a youth who is in need of a role model, friend and caring adult. Open up new worlds for a young person by taking him/her to a baseball game or museum, helping to write a poem or knit a hat, or taking him/her fishing for the first time. No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project. Femsplain. Untitled. Impact Investing for Social Good. At last.

Impact Investing for Social Good

Investing that makes sense — for me and my community. How the Ours to Own Initiative works Learn more about how the initiative works here. Win - Breaking the cycle of homelessness for women and their children. Eco-friendly gifts that do the world good. For Rising Women Leaders. For Rising Women Leaders Imagine a world in which thousands more women leaders in companies, government, and the social sector drive economic growth and stability.

For Rising Women Leaders

These women lead from a core of strengths and purpose, adaptability and resilience, hope and community. Research underscores that women leaders who achieve high levels of success bring these core strengths to bear in their leadership. But formidable barriers stand in the way of many women who desire to lead, not the least of which are personal courage, confidence and capacity. Women Up’s Rising Women Leaders program aims to reduce these barriers by providing promising women leaders training in transformational leadership. Programs are currently being implemented in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa and the Philippines.

Share Your Story With Us - AdoptUSKids. Victories - Alliance for Quality Education of New York. MillionTrees NYC - Event Registration. Bay Area Project. CHIPS. Accelerating the Future. Citizens Committee For New York City. The Representation Project. ROWW: Home. MUST READ: 20 things the poor do every day. 5.

MUST READ: 20 things the poor do every day

Work longer and harder than most of us. While it’s popular to think people are poor because they’re lazy (which seems to be the whole point of Ramsey’s post), the poor actually work longer and harder than the rest of us. More than 80 percent of impoverished children have at least one parent who works; 60 percent have at least one parent who works full-time. Overall, the poor work longer hours than the so-called “job creators.” (Source: Poverty and Learning, April 2008) Probably my second biggest beef with the poor hating TeaPublicans. 9.

My Biggest beef with TeaPublicans. 18. I went off on a coworker about this last week. Please read the rest of it and send people the link. The Lower Eastside Girls Club. Citizens Committee For New York City. Faith Community. Program Details Faith Community offers a unique yearlong opportunity for college graduates to serve homeless youth full time at Covenant House, live with other program volunteers, and share in daily prayer and reflection.

Faith Community

Participants serve for 12 months at a Covenant House located in one of our four fantastic cities: New York, NY; Atlantic City, NJ; Anchorage, AK; and Fort Lauderdale, FL. Most volunteers serve at Covenant House as Resident Advisors, Youth Advisors, or Case Managers on one of our youth residential floors. In addition to the service, community, and prayer aspects of our program, Faith Community provides many benefits to our volunteers, including health insurance and ample living stipends. Apply for 2014-15 Interested in joining Faith Community this year? We encourage you to explore our Faith Community website to learn how you can be part of Faith Community's legacy of service to Covenant House!

NYC Service - Volunteer in New York City and help make a difference in the greatest city in the world! - Holiday Volunteer Opportunities with Brooklyn Community Services! Volunteer opportunity description Help BCS bring holiday cheer to people in need at holiday client parties.

NYC Service - Volunteer in New York City and help make a difference in the greatest city in the world! - Holiday Volunteer Opportunities with Brooklyn Community Services!

Volunteers are needed to prep and serve food, lead games and activities, and decorate. Volunteers are needed to gift-wrap books at Barnes & Noble, on behalf of BCS. Holiday gift-wrapping helps holiday shoppers, spreads the word about BCS, and collects donations for BCS programs. Short on time? TimeBanksNYC. GIFTS BY PRICE: $25 and under. Global Democracy. Frame by Frame by Alexandria Bombach & Mo Scarpelli. In 1996, the Taliban banned photography in Afghanistan.

Frame by Frame by Alexandria Bombach & Mo Scarpelli

Taking a photo was considered a crime. When the regime was removed from Kabul in 2001, their suppression of free speech and press disappeared. Since then, photography has become an outlet for Afghans determined to show the hidden stories of their country. In this coming year, as foreign troops pull out of the country, international media will inevitably follow. The Taliban is poised to gain influence, if not fully return to power. The need for local photojournalism here couldn’t be more important in documenting the country’s issues both now, and in the future. Frame by Frame is a character-driven feature-length documentary that follows the story of four Afghan photographers to explore the recent revolution in local photojournalism.

These Afghan photojournalists are the storytellers, the truth-seekers, the voice of their own people. Join Kiva.