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Florence Academy

Florence Academy of World Cuisine is the first culinary educational establishment of its kind at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Florence is Best Cooking School in Ahmedabad and number one in all Cooking classes in Ahmedabad. Call us now on +91 63516 65305 for more information. For more:

What you can learn at Ahmedabad’s renowned cooking classes? Are you passionate about cooking?

What you can learn at Ahmedabad’s renowned cooking classes?

Want to make a career out of it but unsure how to hone your skills? Well, we have help for you! Florence Academy of World Cuisine, Gujarat’s first culinary educational institution of its kind at Ahmedabad entirely focuses on providing the students with the technical and practical expertise to excel in any culinary role; whether they are home cooks or experts. Florence Academy is something for everyone. This academy provides a varied curriculum which varies from one-day class and hobby courses to professional training. The academy provides the two types of courses: Hotel Management Career Scope, and Job Prospects - Florence. The hospitality field covers various verticals.

Hotel Management Career Scope, and Job Prospects - Florence

The hotel industry plays an essential role in helping any tourist to visit, know, see, and understand the whole world. This industry uses both product and service in precisely the right proportion by providing convenience to the people. The hotel management course studies the development of skills that are essential to providing customers with the best experience in the industry. What is Hotel Management? The main objective of the hotel management courses is to bridge the gap between customer expectations and the hotel staff’s services. As a profession, the management of hotel/hospitality needs aspirants to have excellent communication skills and an outstanding personality. Career prospects on pursuing hotel management courses Nowadays, most of the youth are trending towards hotel management courses. Popular Job Profile The jobs offered under each specialization are specific to that domain. Professional Cake Decorating Class - 7 Level Cake Course.

Theory sessionsPractical session 100% hands on:Basic cakeIngredients used for cake decoration.Usage of premixes and their commercial usage.Crumb coating, frosting, and layering.Whip cream, make ganache.Perfect sharp edges and clean finishing.Perfect and trending flavors pairing and color theory.Different piping and decorative techniques.Types of cake: carved cake, doll cake, cartoon cake, photo cake.Types of cake decoration: ombre cake, glaze cake, airbrushing and whip cream painting.Advance cake style: 2 tier cake and gravity cake.Fondant making, gum paste making.Fondant covering.RufflesQuiltingPlunger flower2 to 3 tier cakeLead method for sharp edgesBasic human figurineStencilingSquare Sharp Edges & Fondant Covering.Double barrel method3 tier cakeDifferent types of shapes cakeDifferent textures.Spray work.Painting.RosePeony flowerDesigner cakeWedding cake.gravityColored ganache.

Professional Cake Decorating Class - 7 Level Cake Course

Every think you need to know about Baking art - Florence Academy - Medium. From medieval times to the present hour, baked goodies have always been a fashion.

Every think you need to know about Baking art - Florence Academy - Medium

Since globalization has resulted in ovens at every home and ingredients at the doorsteps, baking has been a luxury all can enjoy. No matter if it is done through heated stones or the latest ovens, art is art; and art has spread to every nook and corner of the world. This globally accepted urbanization has evolved the baking trends as well. Consumers are now prone to healthy eating more than fancy dining, and bakers are putting to work their creative ideas with the demanded ingredients more than ever. How to make a delicious brownie? - Florence. Ingredients: 110 gms maida2 tbsp cocoa powder1/4 tsp baking powder1/4 tsp baking soda200 gms condensed milk100 gms dark chocolate45 gms butter50 ml milk1/4 cup chocolate chips1/4 cup walnuts Method: Take chocolate, butter & water in a bowl & melt it in a microwave for 2 mintsMix well add condensed milk, Maida, cocoa powder, vanilla essence, baking powder & walnut mix well.Grease & dust tin, pre heat the oven at 160°C for 10 mints put the batter in the tin & bake in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes at 160°C.

How to make a delicious brownie? - Florence

Cafe menu and planning Courses. HOW TO LEARN TO COOK? - Florence. First things first, how would you categorize cooking, a talent or skill?


Is this an inborn quality to be called ability or something that you can learn; your capability? The debate is not new, but to answer, I think it is very safe to say that cooking is a skill that can be elevated to the level of art and talented people use this skill so exceptionally that you find yourself paying for the taste they cook. Every one of you can learn how to cook well by opting for the following ideas. You might be wondering about getting a recipe book or watching a video to learn, but no skill is a piece of cake! Everything you need to know about the best cooking and baking courses and classes - Florence.

Are you someone who loves binding human emotions through cooking?

Everything you need to know about the best cooking and baking courses and classes - Florence

Are you passionate about cooking but cannot take it as a full-time profession?? There are many short term cooking courses and professional cooking classes that will not only prepare you as a professional cook but, enhances your confidence level as well. In this context, you can get a close insight into the various cooking and baking courses and pick the correct one for yourself. Cooking is considered a work of fine art. Culinary and Cake Decorating School - Culinary Arts Certificate Programs. Vocational course in Baking art - Cake Cooking Classes.

Basic : White breadBrown breadMarble breadMultigrain breadLoafs/ stuffed loaf/ herb loafsPita breadDinner rollsPavDabeli bunHot dog bunsMaksabunPizza base (soft/thin)Garlic bread (dominos style/loaf style)KulchaFocaccia breadPanini breadPuffKhariCroissantBread sticksMilk toast.

Vocational course in Baking art - Cake Cooking Classes

Which is the sure-fire choice to kick-start your cooking career? Professional kitchen or culinary school! - Florence. Culinary scene in India has a long, glorious history.

Which is the sure-fire choice to kick-start your cooking career? Professional kitchen or culinary school! - Florence

Right from the times of Raja-Rajwada, the kitchens were traditionally functioned by the designated master chefs who knew every secret code and conduct of cooking delectable food verities for any size of audience. Though, the cooking techniques,culinary tools, and ways of presentation have changed significantly, the pressure situations and intense environment are still the same in any modern kitchen. Today, more people than ever are dreaming to jump into in the cooking industry to prepare and serve wow food to their customers.

However, the backstage reality of serving kitchens is nothing but fierce and exhausting. From the second you enter the kitchen, you are expected to handle the knife, fire, and materials like a pro. That’s where culinary schools can contribute and have an influence on your primary phase of career. As easy as it may sound, the high price tag is the worrying face of culinary courses. Foundation Course In Food Production (Level 2) Foundation Course in Food Production. Short Term Cooking Certificate Course in Ahmedabad. Pies & Tarts Tart Cakes.

Short Term Cooking Certificate Course in Ahmedabad

Best Cooking School in Ahmedabad.