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Mandi Mandi .... i have the best luck, apparently.. i may not have been first choice, but i know an opportunity when i get one. it was as though someone bought me a pony that doesn't poop. it may have had some indigestion over the weekend.. but i think its all ironed out now. one must have good balance to walk the tightrope, catch phrase of the week. i wanna do this so bad i can feel it coming to get me.
My DA Profile Hello everyone! Basically, on this site, if you like my work and want to see me finish project after project while still being able to support myself and eat... you can pledge to me. This simply means that you set an amount of $ you want to contribute to me per drawing I complete. If i don't do a drawing, you don't get charged. For instance: if you pledge $1 and I draw 4 drawings a month... you have contributed $4 to me that month. My DA Profile
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