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Tokyo Disney Resort 2015 Trip Planning Guide. Our Tokyo Disney Resort 2016 trip planning guide covers all aspects of visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, including Japan information and Disney specifics like where to stay, how long to visit, where to eat, which attractions to do.

Tokyo Disney Resort 2015 Trip Planning Guide

It also covers a visit to Japan more broadly, including tips on airports, transportation, and phone/internet. We found that there was really no good resource covering all of this when we planned our first visit to Tokyo Disney Resort, so apologies if this guide is overly long. Better to include too much than not enough, we hope. We spend a ton of time planning our trips to Japan, and we’ve updated this almost neurotically as we learn from our travels and research. This Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland Guide has been updated dozens of times since we first wrote it, and more will be added over time as certain parts are clarified or expanded. ) is an incredible experience. You also might want a planning guide in paper form.

Comfort Zone/Language. 1-Day Tokyo DisneySea Itinerary. If you’re visiting Tokyo Disney Resort, it may be part of a greater Japan trip, and you may only have one day for Tokyo DisneySea.

1-Day Tokyo DisneySea Itinerary

This plan covers our “perfect day” at Tokyo DisneySea, focusing on everything we would do in one day if that’s all of the time we had. Note that in our Tokyo Disney Resort Trip Planning Guide we recommend 3 days at Tokyo DisneySea if you have the time (with a Disney fan being able to spend even more time there), so you necessarily will have to skip some things if you only have one day. Since Tokyo DisneySea is so much more than a series of attractions, this post covers how we recommend enjoying the ambiance, restaurants at which you should dine, and of course, attractions you should do.

This post continues our series of single-day itineraries designed to answer the frequently asked question, “what would you do if you only had one day in ____ Disney park?” We call this series our “Daily Trip Blueprints,” or DTBs for short…a corny nod to our website name! Tokyo Disney Resort. Updated April 2015.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Most prices are given in Yen (¥). Because of constant fluctuations in exchange rates, we have not converted the prices to US dollars. You should check a resource like for current exchange rates. As a rule of thumb, you can do a quick conversion by thinking of a single Yen as worth about $0.01, so ¥500 is about $5.00. As of this writing that estimate is slightly high, but it gives you a rough idea of the magnitude of various prices. Tokyo Disney Resort Guide: Access, Transportation and Orientation. How to travel between Tokyo Disney Resort and Shinjuku Station Above fees and schedules are subject to change.

Tokyo Disney Resort Guide: Access, Transportation and Orientation

For the current yen exchange rate, click here. Orientation Tokyo Disney Resort is located next to JR Maihama Station in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, just outside the metropolitan borders of Tokyo. The resort's theme parks, hotels and other attractions are connected with each other and Maihama Station by the Disney Resort Line, a monorail service (260 yen per ride), which circles the resort every few minutes in a counter-clockwise direction. Alternatively, it is possible to walk from Maihama Station to Tokyo Disneyland, the Ikspiari Shopping Mall, the Ambassador Hotel and the Disneyland Hotel, but Tokyo DisneySea, the Hotel MiraCosta and the Official Hotels are more conveniently accessed by monorail.

Free shuttle buses for guests staying at the Ambassador Hotel operate between the hotel and the two parks. Tokyo Disney Resort. There are several different types of Park tickets available to Guests.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Choose the ticket that best fits your needs. » About Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Center - The Passport price includes admission to the Park, its attractions and entertainment. (Some attractions require a separate fee. Please contact a Cast Member for details.) - Ticket prices are the same for Tokyo Disneyland Park and Tokyo DisneySea Park. Note 1: Starlight Passports can be used for Park admission from 3 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays only. (Please see the Park Operation Calendar for available dates.) Annual Passports Note 3: 2-Park Annual Passports cannot be used for Parks under attendance control. (1) To change a ticket's date, type, age category, Park, expiration date, or design, there will be a 200 yen handling fee. . (2) Reducing the days on dated Multi-Day Passports are downgrades with a cancellation fee of 200 yen per day and a handling fee of 200 yen for each ticket.

Tokyo DisneySea Show Schedule. Tokyo Disney Resort. The printed ticket is large and cumbersome.

Tokyo Disney Resort

How should I carry this around? The printed ticket will be about the size of a regular Passport ticket if you fold it into eighths. This size is also perfect for inserting it into the FASTPASS ticketing machines. I'm worried that I might soil it or lose it after printing it out. You can print your ticket as often as you wish if it is within its expiration date. Can I print out the ticket in black and white? How to experience a fabulous Tokyo Disneyland vacation.