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I am Rana. I am live in Canada and I am a businessman and I show to good things all my Canadian people. I am mentions my products, in link

Lessons from Yabut. Body. Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More. You go to the gym to train your muscles.

Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More

You run outside or go for hikes to train your endurance. Questions to Ask Yourself When Making Big Decisions. Success & Inspiration. Online Business Opportunities. Voicethread slides. Hollywood Halloweens before the Twitter selfie: Vintage photos catch celebr. By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 20:10 GMT, 31 October 2013 | Updated: 13:40 GMT, 1 November 2013.

Hollywood Halloweens before the Twitter selfie: Vintage photos catch celebr

Spark Ventures (SparkVentures) Twitter's Video Hashtags Automatically Add Media To Text. The biggest players in the social media industry monetize people’s shares and views of community-created content.

Twitter's Video Hashtags Automatically Add Media To Text

Now a content platform fronted by pop star Lady Gaga is getting a makeover and aims to put the money you generate back in your pocket. The team at Backplane have decided to move the brand forward from creating community sites for big names and brands (including Lady Gaga’s user generated platform, the fan network) to become a user generated social network builder that will generate profit for all those involved, including the consumer. Their model is an open platform where anyone from the public can build their own social networks and do business by selling merchandise, charging subscriptions, crowdfunding projects and, if their community increases enough, selling ads. The aim is to put money back in the hands of organizers, whether that be sports teams, musician fan clubs or volunteering groups. 5 Tools For Creating Your Own Infographics. Five years ago, almost nobody knew what the heck an infographic was.

5 Tools For Creating Your Own Infographics

(I sure didn’t, and I was a graphic design major in college at the time.) Now that the infographic craze has saturated us with new visual knowledge (and marketing gimmicks), something interesting has happened: The creation of infographics has become democratized. No longer is the act of creating a visual data story confined to professional designers using professional tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Now anyone with a data set can build an infographic. (See also 5 Business & Design Tools Every Tech Freelancer Should Learn.) Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light. By Sayer Ji, Increasingly science agrees with the poetry of direct human experience: we are more than the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies, but beings of light as well.

Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light

The Cosmic Dance Of Shiva: Hindu Buddha Christ. Help in a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand. If everybody makes a difference, the world will be different - Owen Geiger Our Project is located in a in a little forest in the northeast of thailand in a buddhist monastary.

Help in a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand

Well off the beaten track of tourism we offer an oportunity for everybody to join in a fascinating project where we combine vipassana meditation, yoga, body detox, nutritional guidance, natural building and ecological gardening (especially permaculture) to a system of personal growth and care for nature. We want to show that the path inside and sustainable living can be very lively, joyfull and fun. We rock the garden! Omega_institute: Discussing new strategies & evolution in human conscio. The Astral Pulse - Index. Only Cash Surveys - Register Now & Get $5, Join Today. Earn Reward Points and Redeem Them For Free Stuff at Earn Reward Points and Redeem Them For Free Stuff at

Sell Your Cell Phone and Electronics Trade In. 10 Urban Projects That Could Change City Landscapes. Open public space in cities doesn’t have to sit unused; just take a look at San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks project, which turns wasted space in streets into "parklets" where people can sit and relax.

10 Urban Projects That Could Change City Landscapes

A group of San Francisco organizations have teamed up to enliven public spaces with Urban Prototyping: San Francisco--a project that aims to spawn a number of small-scale, replicable projects for public areas that can improve cities in some way. The project, which is being put on by organizations including the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA), the SF Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, and 5M Placeworks, recently held an open call for projects.

NYC’s digital policy should be an inspiration to cities all over the world. If there was ever any doubt that your city should hire a Chief Digital Officer, today’s talk by Rachel Haot, who holds that role in New York City, at The Next Web Conference USA would have erased it. In an inspiring opening session at our first American conference, she discussed all the ways that NYC’s mayor and his team have embraced technology in recent years. NYC really is a model for a modern, tech-literate city. It’s got connectivity covered (a program to roll out WiFi in public parks, payphone kiosks and subway stations around the city); a real drive on education (the new Cornell Tech campus, and 22 high schools teaching computer science, for example), and world-class open government (city-run APIs and hackathons). Beyond that, it’s got digital engagement licked.

According to Haot, the City reaches 7.5 million individuals digitally each month through its website, plus ten smartphone apps, three SMS programs, 315 social media channels and more. Urban Outfitters Replaces All Cash Registers With iPads.