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Ghostbustersintern. Nerdy Show Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub. Nerdy Navigation Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub :: Download Index If you’ve read through our How to Play page and just need to quickly grab some resources – we’ve got you covered!

Nerdy Show Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub

Rulebooks, print-your-own cards, personnel files, cheat sheets… the works! Our Updated Cards: Equipment Cards – Deck of 50, enough for 5 playersPersonnel Files (aka Player ID Cards)Support this project and pick up physical versions! Updated Rules & Cheat Sheets: Players Guides: Random Nerdy Show Network Posts Episode 159 :: State of the Empire – These Arndt the Droids You’re Looking ForThe Episode VII saga continues to unfold as the balance …‘History of Magic in North America’ Comes to Pottermore this WeekTime to board the hype train, Potterheads!

Skip to toolbar. Ghostbusters RPG. Rended Press: Ghostbusters RPG - Legit Downloads & GBFans Scanned Modules + Sniderman's Fan Modules. So I'm on a Ghostbusters kick right now.

Rended Press: Ghostbusters RPG - Legit Downloads & GBFans Scanned Modules + Sniderman's Fan Modules

First, you can find scanned PDF copies of the original West End Games Ghostbusters RPG here: Modules for the first edition of the game AND a shitty scan of the second edition of the game (called Ghostbusters International) along with some more supplements can be found here: For alternate scans of the above rulebooks here, along with better scans of the Ghost Toasties and Hot Rods of the Gods modules, check out this link: Also, you can buy Ghost dice and some more GBRPG goodies here: Second, there are some online-only galleries of additional scenarios here: Ghosbusters RPG Ghostbusters International The interface for viewing these online galleries is kinda clunky. Ghostbusters Fans Module Scans Every page is watermarked with the Ghostbusters Fans logo, but they are still readable and useable. Finally, Tim Snider (aka Sniderman) has made three of his fan modules available.

How Dry I Am & Shadows over YonkersRagnarok-A-Bye Baby UPDATE! ANOTHER UPDATE! Savage Ghostbusters. "GHOSTBUSTERS®" and the "GHOST DESIGN®" are registered trademarks of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

Savage Ghostbusters

This fan site has no connection to Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., and any use of imagery and ideas connected to the "GHOSTBUSTERS" setting here does not constitute a challenge to trademark or copyright status. This site references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at SAVAGE WORLDS, the SAVAGE WORLDS LOGO, and the SMILING JACK icon, and all associated logos and images are trademarks of Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Used with permission. Nerdy Show Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub. Ghostbusters™ The Roleplaying Game. If you grew up in the 1980s, repeatedly watched Ghostbusters, (later on The Real Ghostbusters too) and acted like you were really a Ghostbuster, then becoming a Ghostbuster when you grew up was a career choice you considered.

Ghostbusters™ The Roleplaying Game

It was so important to you, you moved becoming a Ghostbuster before being a sports star, fire fighter/police officer or astronaut. Problem was until you were in high school, maybe even college, you didn’t really know how to make Ghostbusting a career. I wish we had a free web site then! With any career, especially one that involves opening a business, it takes time, training, virtues, and huge some’s of money. Its understandable as most people grow older, they need to make decisions that best fit their lives. In 1986 Ghostbusters™ A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game was published by West End Games, Inc. If you didn’t have Ghostbusters™ A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game or its second printing by the very early 90s, you were probably out of luck. Manuals.