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This project seeks to establish a new cultural and socio-political confederation among autonomous Cascadians of the Pacific Northwest Bio-region. We believe it is our responsibility to our local communities, to ourselves, and to the greater community at large. That, we ought to and of right be recognized when we stand and seek a peaceful resolution and settlement to international claims and disputes regarding our own cultural and socioeconomic international affairs and foreign policy. Oct 6

About Co-ops - National Cooperative Business Association About Co-ops - National Cooperative Business Association Association Services Pat Brownell Sterner, Chief Operating Officer Click Here To Email Pat 202-638-6222 Bryan Munson, Director, Membership Click Here To Email Bryan 202.442.2318 Tom Decker, Director, Cooperative Development Click Here To Email Tom 202.442.2318 The National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA (NCBA CLUSA) represents a cross-sector co-op community of 29,000 businesses that control over $3 trillion in assets. We unite co-ops by promoting the cooperative business model, driving cross-sector collaboration, and being the national ‘voice’ for cooperatives to raise the profile of co-ops everywhere.
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Real estate investment trust Real estate investment trust A real estate investment trust (REIT) /ˈriːt/ is a company that owns, and in most cases, operates income-producing real estate. REITs own many types of commercial real estate, ranging from office and apartment buildings to warehouses, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels and even timberlands. Some REITs also engage in financing real estate.
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A White House petition gathering force calls for citizenship to be stripped and exile for anyone who signs a petition in favor of a state's secession. "Mr. President, please sign an executive order such that each American citizen who signed a petition from any state to secede from the USA shall have their citizenship stripped and be peacefully deported," the full petition reads. The title of the petition is, "WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Strip the Citizenship from Everyone who Signed a Petition to Secede and Exile Them." W.H. Petition Calls for Stripping Citizenship and Exile for Anyone Who Signs Petition to Secede W.H. Petition Calls for Stripping Citizenship and Exile for Anyone Who Signs Petition to Secede
About Compassionate Seattle - Compassionate Seattle In 2008, the City of Seattle welcomed His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and other luminaries to an event called Seeds of Compassion. The purpose of the five-day gathering was to nurture kindness and compassion in children and all those who touch their lives. One outcome of the event is the Compassionate Action Network (CAN) that makes it easier for you to make a difference! How did Compassionate Seattle come into existence? About Compassionate Seattle - Compassionate Seattle
For the Land and its People: Celebrating 150 Years of Land Grant Universities
The Land Grant Idea and the Evolving Outreach University The Land Grant Idea and the Evolving Outreach University January 1998 To be published as Chapter 2 in University-Community Collaborations for the Twenty-First Century: Outreach to Scholarship for Youth and Families, eds. Richard M. Lerner and Lou Anna K. Simon, New York: Garland, 1998.
US Housing Crisis - Negative Equity Infographic Copy and paste the code to your site: Designed by Stamen — Bing, © 2013 Nokia, © 2013 Microsoft Corporation About the map: Negative equity is calculated by matching the estimated value of a home to all outstanding mortgage debt and lines of credit associated with the home, including home equity lines of credit and home equity loans, supplied by TransUnion, a global leader in credit and information management. All personally identifying information ("PII") is removed from the data by TransUnion before delivery to Zillow. The counties and ZIP codes in the highest percentiles (1st, 5th, 10th and 20th percentiles) of negative equity are marked with a badge. Negative equity is calculated for owner-occupied homes with mortgages for more than 870 metros, 2,500 counties, and 24,700 ZIP codes. US Housing Crisis - Negative Equity Infographic
Jevons paradox

Jevons paradox

The Jevons paradox has been used to argue that energy conservation may be futile, as increased efficiency may increase fuel use. Nevertheless, increased efficiency can improve material living standards. Further, fuel use declines if increased efficiency is coupled with a green tax or other conservation policies that keep the cost of use the same (or higher).[3] As the Jevons paradox applies only to technological improvements that increase fuel efficiency, policies that impose conservation standards and increase costs do not display the paradox.
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The Big Six energy companies control 99 percent of the UK market, but energy cooperatives -- democratically run community renewable energy programmes -- are springing up in the fight against the "fossil fuel economy" When we think of community energy projects, we often look to the developing world. From Brazil to Indonesia, local schemes bring energy by the people, for the people, often to areas that have never had access to electricity before. These projects bring jobs in construction, operation and maintenance, often with caveats that say any surplus is shared or invested in local business or schools. But surely, the same thing isn't necessary or possible in the UK? Community energy cooperatives take on the 'Big Six' Community energy cooperatives take on the 'Big Six'
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Welcome to the Home page of the Indigenous Native Americans website providing an Internet presence for theInternational Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom ICSAW is an organization that is dedicated to preserving ancients wisdoms and traditions of indigenous cultures throughout the world. ICSAW works on behalf of indigenous communities of North, Central, and South America and stands as the central organization by which all of the following international projects are supported under. Indigenous Native Americans | Building Alliances of Indigenous Nations Indigenous Native Americans | Building Alliances of Indigenous Nations
The Nations of Turtle Island

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The Icelandic Revolution

Theodore Roosevelt - Jamestown Exposition
Sixty-seventh General Assembly Third Committee 30th & 31st Meeting (AM & PM) Hears from Some 35 Speakers in Day-Long Debate, With Focus on Eliminating Racism, Self-Determination, Human Rights Protections Universal Recognition of Inalienable Right to Self-Determination Most Effective Way of Guaranteeing Fundamental Freedoms Universal Recognition of Inalienable Right to Self-Determination Most Effective Way of Guaranteeing Fundamental Freedoms
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“Should I hire an attorney?” is a question that each one must answer for themselves. To make a quality decision, consider the following: Why I believe one should not hire an attorney
Immunities of Prosecutors & Judges Evolves We hear and see the same scenario all too often. A prosecutor and/or judge tamper with or completely disregard the evidence of a criminal proceeding where an innocent person facing charges could be fully exonerated, but at a moment's notice court officials sign a life away to prison at the command of a gavel with little to no concern for the defendant. An expression in the legal field is that "law is ever evolving." It has been known for decades that prosecutors and judges alike enjoy the full immunities their occupations provide. Per Ashelman v.
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Patrick Henry - "The Powers of a King" (Argument VII against direct federal taxation)
America: Civilization of Crisis

The theme for the Department of the Treasury's 2007-2012 Strategic Plan is E Pluribus Unum - Out of many, one. Just as the 13 colonies came together to form our Union, the many Treasury departmental offices and bureaus operate in unity to serve the American people. The Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum is found in the Journals of the Continental Congress, June 20, 1782, where it was used to describe the Great Seal adopted that day (1). E Pluribus Unum

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