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Ward Off Senior Depression This Month of Love. Seniors go through so many changes in their lives that they have become more vulnerable to loneliness and depression.

Ward Off Senior Depression This Month of Love

According to surveys, more than 6.5 million Americans, aged 65 and older, suffer from depression. Fortunately, helping them cope is possible, and this month of love provides a perfect opportunity for that. Easing Your Parents Into the Idea of Assisted Living. Talking to your parents about getting assisted living services in Conroe, Texas, is never easy.

Easing Your Parents Into the Idea of Assisted Living

Usually, seniors resist the transition because they feel like they are leaving everything they know behind: the comfort of their home, their friends, and their independence. These, of course, aren’t true. However, their concerns and anxiety are also valid. So when you think it’s time for your aging parents to get senior care services in Texas, take time to plan. Learn as much as you can about assisted living so that you can clear up any misconceptions they may have. Talk in person and gradually introduce them to assisted livingInvolve your parents in the discussion and respect their decisionLearn about the reasons why they don’t want to moveExpect to have the discussion over and over againEmpathize with your parent and don’t rush things.

Fun Activities Seniors with Limited Mobility Can Enjoy. Wouldn’t you say that your mind is a powerful machine?

Fun Activities Seniors with Limited Mobility Can Enjoy

Even with limited mobility, there are so many things you can still enjoy. Above & Beyond Assisted Living invites you to try: Reading Do you want to go on an adventure? Then this option is for you. Reading books and novels open new worlds to your mind’s eye. Call us to learn more about our recreational activities. Assisted Living Isn’t as Bad as You Think It Is. People often have a negative notion when it comes to assisted living.

Assisted Living Isn’t as Bad as You Think It Is

But, in reality, there is no truth to this stigma. Here are some reasons why you should consider assisted living: There’s constant social interaction. How to Keep Bathrooms Safe for Seniors. Bathroom safety is one of our priorities as providers of assisted living services in Conroe, Texas.

How to Keep Bathrooms Safe for Seniors

For the seniors whom we are caring for, we ensure that the bathrooms they use are equipped with safety devices. Why do we highlight the bathroom and not other parts at home? Bathrooms are the riskiest areas in a house, leading to about 80% of falls each year. The most common patients are older adults age 65 and up.

There are many factors and causes of falls inside the bathrooms. With that, here are important recommendations to promote senior safety in bathrooms: Install Safety DevicesTo ensure that our aging loved ones are safe when they use the bathrooms, install the following devices or items in place:Grab Bars The elderly person can hold on to these bars whenever they get into the shower and leave out of it. How Exercises Benefit Seniors with Arthritis. Does your senior loved one have arthritis?

How Exercises Benefit Seniors with Arthritis

This chronic condition can affect their quality of life. As the leading cause of disability in American adults, arthritis makes it difficult for our elderly loved ones to do the things they want to do. Yet, it’s not all bad news for arthritis patients. They can still manage their arthritis so that they can pursue their hobbies, interests, and errands. 5 Simple Tips to Get a Senior Walking. 5 Ways that Assisted Living Can Boost a Person’s Memory. Do you have a senior loved one who is becoming more forgetful by the day?

5 Ways that Assisted Living Can Boost a Person’s Memory

This is a common experience for many seniors. For some elderly persons, they could even forget about personal care. This is the reason why our elderly loved ones will need our help and some supervision. Yet, these forms of assistance should still not overstep their sense of independence and dignity. One of our aims as a provider of assisted living services in Conroe, Texas, is to care for older adults with memory problems. Here are some of the ways we help reduce memory decline in the elderly years. Is it Time to Move Your Loved One to Assisted Living? A time will come when we need to weigh the options about the care needs of our senior loved ones.

Is it Time to Move Your Loved One to Assisted Living?

Should we relocate them to a home that provides assisted living services in Conroe, Texas? More importantly, how do we know that it is the best time to make the move? Care professionals are supervising assisted living centers. They are licensed care providers and managers who are both skilled and compassionate. As family members, it will give us peace of mind to know that our loved ones are in the hands of professionals. Tips: Helping a Senior with Swallowing Difficulties. Dysphagia is the medical term attributed to swallowing difficulty.

Tips: Helping a Senior with Swallowing Difficulties

For both the senior loved one and their caregiver, this condition can be worrisome. It prevents the senior from eating and drinking well, so their health and wellbeing are at stake. Is it Time to Update Your Loved One’s Care Plan? For our elderly loved ones who are receiving long-term care, their needs are addressed using a carefully evaluated care plan.

Is it Time to Update Your Loved One’s Care Plan?

This plan is created by their team of care providers to ensure that their specific needs are addressed. As we provide assisted living services in Conroe, Texas, we also abide by these care plans. However, the plans need to be periodically reviewed to ascertain whether the care steps provided are still applicable for the patient or not. 4 Ways You Can Make the Move to Assisted Living Easier. Have you been contemplating transferring your residence into a care home in order to gain assisted living services in Conroe, Texas? If so, that’s a great choice. At an assisted living facility, you will be able to enjoy supportive services, great amenities, fun activities, and even meet new friends.

Visiting a Loved One in Assisted Living: 4 Tips. How do you feel about coming to visit? Are you excited? Nervous? Or a combination of both? Either way, you will need to prepare for your upcoming trip. To make the visit a lot easier and comfortable for you and your loved one, Above & Beyond Assisted Living has compiled a list of suggestions you might want to consider: Call aheadTalk to the staff. Elderly Care: Lesser Known Concerns from Seniors. As we provide quality elderly care at home, we know that we need to take charge of their safety, meals, medications, and activities of daily living. We want to ensure that the care needs of our senior loved ones are properly addressed so they can continue to have quality life as the elderly years continue.

However, we can possibly overlook some of the concerns of our aging loved ones. And yet, these factors are equally essential in ensuring that they are receiving quality care. Tips to Support Your Loved One During Checkups. Regular visits to their doctor is an essential step to ensure that your aging loved one’s health and wellbeing are in good shape. However, some seniors are no longer confident to visit their doctors by themselves. This can be due to their inability to travel safely, remember their appointment, or take note of their doctor’s instructions.

As a loved one, you can best provide support to your aging family member during their regular checkups. By carefully monitoring their progress during checkups, you can also have the peace of mind regarding your loved one’s welfare. 5 Enhancing Activities for Seniors. Reaching the senior years can be filled with many different exciting and self-enhancing activities. That’s correct. Aging doesn’t mean that your life will be spent indoors, being stagnant, and withdrawing from your friends. In fact, these are activities that seniors should overcome because these are not going to be healthy for them, both in the body and mind. As your trusted source of assisted living services in Conroe, Texas, we encourage you to focus on providing and endorsing activities that are beneficial for an aging family member. We’ve compiled the following recommended activities that seniors can do: Regular Exercises Maintaining the active lifestyle is beneficial not only for seniors but for all ages.

The Essentials of a Senior’s Living Arrangements. To a senior person, the living arrangement is as important as their physical and mental health. How Serving Meals to Seniors Can Be Made Easier. We all recognize that eating is part of our basic needs, along with clothing and shelter. The food we eat is the source of our nutrients and vitamins, which can be very helpful for our daily strength and protection from infection. In this same way, our senior loved ones also need the life-giving support that good nutrition brings. However, some seniors go through appetite challenges, which make eating difficult. Tips: Keep Your Senior Loved One Safe at Home. Senior safety is very essential, especially for your homebound seniors. Working Out with Your Elderly Parents. You will truly be amazed at how seniors can benefit from exercising or lifting weights. Heart Disease and Its Causes. It’s no secret that heart disease causes millions of deaths each year.

And it’s even sadder to note that 8 out of 10 of these deaths could have been prevented. What makes heart disease particularly dangerous is that it tends to creep up on you, and you won’t really know you’re at risk until it’s too late.